Video: Nokia Glasses – Augmented Reality Glasses. Project Glass.

| April 5, 2012 | 32 Replies

You might have seen a video recently about some augmented reality glasses. Cool huh?

Perhaps you might also be familiar with the fact that Nokia has been looking into this for quite some time now (though we are actually yet to see anything). It goes beyond merely having glasses that are also screens. Those are actually real now.

The special thing about the glasses is more to do with it having an element of intuition – a sixth sense perhaps in knowing and anticipating what you’re doing.

This video was from 2009. It should not be a surprise to us that Nokia thinks up of concepts way ahead of their time.

I’m not sure about wearing glasses, but if they could somehow jump into the future where these could be in contact lenses, I’m game.


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  1. Aliqudsi says:

    Gotta say, Tom is a freaky-ass stalker.

  2. jeroenhuismast says:

    I wonder what if Nokia will make this a reality in 2015

  3. Rebbe says:

    I don’t know about the glasses but the haptic wrist feedback is a interesting concept, you could pair it (NFC) with a device phone or tablet. Hope there is a easy way of turning it off when you are not using it.

  4. Tim.L says:

    One of the things i most hope for Elop to change is that we actually see these R&D projects coming to fruition.

    What’s the use of industry highest R&D aimed totally towards phones if there is no finished products.
    Elop did talk about this when he came in lead, i really hope Apollo devices start showing fruits of these projects.

  5. deep space bar says:

    google and apple are a bunch of hosers since Nokia had this out from years and now apple and google are taking the spotlight like they are the first ones to do this -______- ridiculous

    • incognito says:

      They are the first ones to offer all those things in a usable manner, so they more than deserve the spotlight. It’s not their fault Nokia is moving slowly and doesn’t trust their own products and research…

    • Hary says:

      I won’t be surprised, if Google got their idea and inspiration from Nokia videos. It’s been already 3 years since Nokia’s concept video, and Google has far better programmers than Nokia, who can turn concepts in reality faster than Nokia.

    • twinklestar1792 says:


    • twinklestar1792 says:

      Apple has started implementing Cloud system for their customers. I knew this as i was worked for apple cloud project.

  6. stylinred says:

    sigh nokia…. great ideas but they’re always stowed away

  7. joex2 says:

    Google has hired several researchers from Nokia Research. They should have revealed several secrets of Nokia.

  8. twig says:

    Googles glasses are on drudge right now. I think I like Nokia’s look better, but its up to who brings it to the public.

  9. Yemi says:

    According to, Google will have a form of this out by Q4 this year as beta. Nokia needs to hurry up. Maybe this is what Ari meant by heads up no hands type of smart phone.
    I think there was a post on MNB two months ago on how Ari has been spending majority of his time on this “secret super phone”

  10. Livedotcom says:

    What patents do Nokia have on this? I would like to see them in order to use them against Google trolls.

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