Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T arrives for pre-order customers.

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We’ve been getting updates from folks regarding their pre-orders of the Lumia 900 for AT&T. Yesterday a few mentioned that their orders were finally being processed, to getting shipping notifications. Over at WPCentral forum, one kaskin2_6.0 says they have received their Nokia Lumia 900. There’s more. gtbuzz also reports receiving the Lumia 900.

Some first impressions about the device (moving from a 1st gen Samsung Focus)
– It’s definitely much bigger in the hand, but not so noticable in the pants, thicknesses are about the same
– Screen-wise I’m glad I didn’t go with the Titan. this reminds me of when I moved from a Tilt 2 to the HD2. Same screen resolution but 3.6″ to 4.3″. The difference in sharpness of the screen is noticable, but it’s not bad. I suspect as with the HD2, I won’t notice it after a while. Pixels aren’t visible unless you really stare, it’s just softer
– Color temperature of the screen is different from the Focus. Not sure if its a good difference or bad difference
– Blacks are slightly deeper (it is noticable though) on the L900. That’s impressive. 
– Build quality of the L900 is worlds beyond the Focus. No random rattles, which leads me to…
– The vibration on the L900. As the WPCentral review pointed out, it’s this horrid metallic sound. I guess I can get used to it, but it sounds awful and cheap
– I don’t mind the band around the screen. It’s barely there.
– This screen is brighter than the Focus, both at the high end and at the low end. Not thrilled about the latter part for night-time reading
– Camera on the L900 seems snappier than on the Focus
– The scrolling thing isn’t bad. Like many people have already pointed out, there is no lag (none). It’s just slower (read:different)
– In setting up my live account on the L900, twitter and linkedin automatically came over. I had to set up Gmail and Facebook manually

These technically aren’t due till April 8th, but that’s Easter Sunday. We have had another email saying AT&T might be closed.

Thanks Janne and everyone for the update!


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