Nokia RM-714/Nokia 311 appears at FCC, full touch S40/meltemi with swipe, multitouch and 3 homescreens?!

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The above is the RM-714, whatever that is. Oddly, unlike the more recent secret FCC documents where the phone is unknown, I expected Nokia to put a generic block shape for the label. But what we can see is actually the phone’s borders with everything else edited out.

The tests show nothing of much significance.

Contents look like they are part of a basic phone.

Phone RM-714 / Battery BL-4U / AC charger AC-11E / Headset WH-102


The EUT is a 9-band mobile phone:

Could it be this? Well, no. NokiaPort says the designation is RM-768 for the 316. However, they do have very very similar specs.

Anyway check out the FCC documents over at

This Link!

I was just about to add the final source links when another tip indicates this is the Nokia 311. And you can see the image of that without all the bits blurred out, matching the FCC documents.

And there’s more. The manual indicates – wait for it. Swipe gestures. Now Asha had some basic swipe.

This seems to continue on, as well as the drop down notifications and multitouch (if we are looking at manuals for these and not some already present Symbian phone)

But the handset with the swiping looks like the previously seen 306.


3 homescreens. One for apps, one for shortcuts and one for a most used app. e.g. a dialler.. Swipe between each one.

This looks like a different manual.

Finally, confirmation from Nokia themselves of the two devices.

Source: FCC  via Engadget, + baidu, + nokiaport

Thanks Reptile, aikon171 and prashant for the tip!


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  • swipeons40

    anything related to n9 swipe is interesting and intriguing! i may get meltemi phone and ipad combination

  • Bharat Justa

    Got something to replace my old and busted 5233…

  • Raj

    Does it have multitasking?

    • I want this thing to multi-task too. I need a simple smartphone-like handset. It would be wonderful if one of these can come in 303-like form.

  • Giggle

    No swipe to return to home screen! Try harder nokia!

    • Annethe

      You should know from Nokia N9 that in MeeGo it is unneeded, simply in this subject Nokia has made perfect. Try MeeGo or Meltemi and you will understand. Before MeeGo mobiles were just less userfriendly.

      And if this will be Meltemi, then it ought to be based on MeeGo code so multitasking will be included by linux kernel design.

      This mobile can be for Symbian users a valuable replacement. Whatsmore all software from N9 will run on this, of course if lack of N9 specific hardware will not be a limitation. So all social networks, utilities, games, and so on. Anyway seems this can be the hit mobile.

      For me this still lack of dual sim which is standard, also missed in Nokia N9.

      At last something for users not only for marketing purposes or gadgets for restricted markets. I willing to bet with you: it will not be sell in USA, UK, Germany, India and other countries restricted by WP as there will focus on 0.5% market of WP only, and mysterious Mr E will not allow Nokia to sell to Symbian/MeeGo/Meltemi/SXX users anything else but WP device, and any efforts or cries will not be hear.
      “…We are windows you will be assimilated, any efforts to buy anything else are futile…” – that was intended sarcastic irony.

      • alboooz

        Do you have any idea of what you are talking about….meego, s40,s60 are to diferent OS from each-other….but anyway, sounds like your trying to make hellicopter from donkey heheh lol

        • Annethe

          They say “In human the hope dies the last”. There was a movie based on true story when brave American soldiers fulfilled their promise and has delivered promised the elephant to village (in not quite friendly territory) for celebration. They did it, then why not to believe in good scenarios? Perhaps you are right, if this will be S40, not MeeGo, then will be no multitasking. Button does not fit, but why not? But if this would follow market trends and would be social networks Meltemi and cheap one – that would be something great. And really wanted, just as Nokia N9 is demanded and hot staff. (of course windows market of 0.5% of worldwide mobiles don’t want it, at all, but who cares?)

  • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

    So is the 311 one of the 2 Meltemi phones in the news during the last couple of weeks? Hope so..

    Looks good.. So there is finally a Nokia which will have Nokia’s own OS and one which I can buy after they stop Symbian\Harmattan devices…

    • they are s40

      • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

        Does it say S40 or is it just speculation?? I haven’t seen any docs regarding this..

  • Rustyknight

    Hmmmmm , Meltemi ??? :))) One ofthe low end Meego phones ? Way cooln , will have to get !!

  • rueaka


    it might worth noting that it was sended from Germany/Ulm (which was announced as the home of the meltemi project).
    Nokia Corporation
    Lise Meitner Strasse 10
    89081 ULM
    (cf )

    • as well as S40

    • rueaka

      On the other side, if it is meltemi
      I’m a little bit disappointed by what has been kept from Harmattan : the swipe between home-screens looks more like a marketing argument than the well thought 3 screens of Harmattan. Why no notifications screens ? Why no multitasking if it is linux-based (it comes at no cost in that case) ?

      • Raj

        Stupid Elop is probably holding it back.

        • Jay Montano
          • Annethe

            Yes s/he should mention Elop’s infinite wisdom. And mysterious one. One could say “wise differently” and that perhaps would sound better. Elop should go and let Nokia to live and grow. And plenty of people think so, anybody agree with this thesis? Always parasites should be eliminated to maintain healthy balance and equilibrium. Also malsystems.

            • Jay Montano

              “Always parasites should be eliminated to maintain healthy balance and equilibrium. ”

              Go on then, take the hint you’ve made for yourself. Even other N9 fans have voiced their dislike your constant harping.

              • Shilow

                Me being one of them.

      • viipottaja

        This is likely still S40 and multitasking might not work on it too well? when Meltemi is ready, multitasking could return? bear in mind these are cheap devices too so specs may not allow for it anyway in a smooth manner; btw, hope the screen resolution is not lower than on Symbian… but I am afraid it might be.

        • Annethe

          Remember MeeGo/Meltemi is linux, and linux can run smoothly on really poor specs, this is advantage of linux.

      • j

        nobody needs multitasking on a low end phone.

        • KF


        • rueaka

          The last one who have been credited with a “nobody needs” talked about “more than 640KB” of RAM …

          • j

            nobody is something else than stating that people who buy low end phones don’t need multitasking. For this kind of users multitasking is confusing and stress to manage different numbers of apps opened.

            I need multitasking and i have the most multitasking capable phone in the market – the n9.

  • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

    And what is 605?? Symbian based on WP???

    • KF

      I bet it is a Symbian slider

      • lordstar

        oh another midrange symbian? Or it could also be another windows phone since the lumia series could also go with the numbering since 610 was launched.

        Nokia 605? Well I hope they’ll push through with the loudspeaker thing previously found on the cancelled Nokia 600.

  • Paul Grenfell

    I still think Nokia make way too many different models.. I would rather see them concentrate more on several well designed models.

  • Vikas Patidar

    hold your breaths, a new lower end device is coming with new OS.

    • viipottaja

      well we all know Meltemi is coming so you are not saying much.. 😉 the question is how and when and whether this device is S40 (my guess) or Meltemi already.

      • Vikas Patidar

        Don’t know that much info for the time being but it’s sure that we are going to try hands on a new low end devices.

  • mike7b4

    No eventscreen? How stupid is that?

    I really hope it has NFC support.

    • Annethe

      Hmm indeed, lack of event screen is worse then stupid. I didn’t noticed this at first as it was so obvious for me there is eventscreen… ehhhhh Nokia as usual again…

      • Tim.L

        Event screen is most probably too heavy for constant operations and for battery drain.

        With 3xx phones we are talking about the very bottom end.

  • nokia destroys itself

    it is swipe lite version, redyce the homescreen pages to two, no swiping app to go to homescreen, i doubt there is swipe to unlock locked screen or even a double tapping to activate the screen.

    It is made much more like wp7 ui

  • Windows Phone

    Do you guys reckon Nokia is making a mistake with this tactic?

    If they continue selling dumb phones and feature phones such as this Nokia 311 they’ll get beaten by cheap/medium priced Androids.

    They should drop feature phones and dumbphones because smartphones are the future and smartphone market share is increasing.

    Nokia should concentrate on smartphones with multitasking such as Windows Phone and MeeGo/Meltemi. Maybe a cheap 610 with multitasking and the rumoured Meltemi with multitasking.

    • Tim.L

      Isn’t that exactly what they are doing?

      Windows Phone is now clearly in mid end with 610 and Meltemi is set to take low end.

    • manu

      yep, 610 is not the answer for low end smartphone but a meltemi or belle based device will do it.
      Nokia pls bring a phone to compete with galaxy y.

  • nokia destroys itself

    i hope it is not resistive screen!

    • Anonymous

      no its not. you can see the last picture it shows the pinch zooming. it must be capacitive.

  • Grendell

    A notifications screen would have just nailed it! Still I’m more inclined to think of this as S40 as I can’t find any of the Smarterphone elements in this. Though to be fair, Smarterphone WAS reported to be more of a talent grab then anything else.

    Still, its exciting to see as people who purchase this phone will need to graduate to something better somewhere down the line. Windows is too much of wolf in different clothing for these consumers to migrate to, methinks. Hopefully Nokia will have something in the mid to high market waiting for them. And hopefully N9 users like me will also be factored into this convergence.

  • Saul


  • lordstar

    Yep I hope that Nokia makes meltemi devices that cater to the mid and mid high market just in time before the company discontinues support for Symbian come 2016.

    That seems likely right since meltemi is supposedly compatible with the qt strategy for creating apps. Hopefully Nokia realizes that they really cannot capture the whole smartphone market with a pure windows phone strategy.

  • npo4

    I hope Meltemi comes in the Mid-end too, kinda like a Symbian replacement, because WP doesn’t work on some form factors like the 500/700/E6…

    But I’m not sure if Meltemi will ever have a comparable number of apps to Symbian :/

  • manu

    meltemi is really needed for countries like india where windows phone strategy wont work,so nokia should bring in it fast before asian market of nokia is eaten away by samsung’s low end droids.

  • Prasenjit Bist

    If u remeber there are 2 progras clipper and meltemi.
    this is outcome of clipper.

    • Tim.L

      No, Elop said Meltemi is part of clipper.

      Clipper isn’t another OS. Clipper could mean the whole Qt ecosystem Nokia has or S40 plus Meltemi.

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  • dsmobile

    Clipper is a code name for device.

    These devices you have seen are S40 touch phones. 2 models other actually looks nice and is OK to use. Other one is crap (that one in the pictures) to use as the screen is not sensitive enough for touch.

    btw. there are no real home screens. they are just apps that opens when you swipe. Fake home screens in S40 touch phones.

    • et3rnal

      So this is not meltime, any only S40 with new UI ummm!!!

      any time to expect meltime on ? or?

    • Saul


      can your give us a rough idea on when we might finally get a full picture of what’s happening w/the damn meltemi project!?
      It’s been shrouded in “total secrecy” for way too freaking long now!


  • et3rnal

    ummm so this is kind of mix between belle/harmaten,

    shortcut(widget!)/apps draw/(dialler/music/radio)

    The first 2 are awesome, I like them but the third one :\, does that mean there is no multitasking! I would love to get the first screen on my N9 instead of the feed view!, but I prefer the 3rd screen to be the multitasking one

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  • whether to multitasking?