Nokia Lumia 610NFC – first ever Windows Phone is real (demo with Play 360NFC)

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On St Patrick’s Day there was a post hinting at the the possibility of NFC on the Nokia Lumia 610.

NFC on Windows Phone – it’s one of the things some use as ammunition against Lumia. I get it, NFC is pretty useful. Something I’ve been saying over and over again is that it is one of those new geeky features that actually, would make life easier for the non geek too.

Simple quick and easy bluetooth pairing. Perhaps cash transfer. Unlocking new levels in games. Business card transfer. Switching a profile. Opening an app. Going to a website. Ordering a taxi. Voucher promotion. Being a ticket. Pretty much anything you can set your mind to do that would add a new layer of interaction for your device. NFC was one of the things Nokia said they would address about Windows Phone, with Elop hinting that those devices are soon coming in interviews last year.

Nokia uploaded a video about Nokia Lumia 610 and NFC. That’s currently private right now, but you can watch an alternative video here. Yes, it is not your computer, it is choppy.

Whilst that’s private, there’s an alternative video here:

Play 360 shown off with the Nokia Lumia 610NFC. Finally. Perhaps those Lumia 900S that will have this as a free accessory could potentially have NFC?

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