Will Smith on the Nokia Lumia 900?

| April 11, 2012 | 10 Replies

No wait, no not that Will Smith.

This is Will Smith from, fronted by the guys from Mythbusters, Will covers the Consumer Electronics stuff. He’s on the Techzilla show talking about the Lumia 900.


Will says it’s his favourite Windows Phone though with WP8 looming, he’s unsure whether it will get supported. Based on that, Ars Technica wrote an article saying you probably shouldn’t get this phone if it might not get updates. They’re really liking the blue, which the girl says she thought was a case until she remembered they’re actually that colour. Will prefers the Black himself though thinks the stand out cyan looks better on camera.

I want to reiterate then this comment by one of our readers. Is the phone good at the time? Does it do what you want? Or are you buying it expecting it to be something else a few months down the line?

To be completely fair, I don’t get this obsession with OS “updates” which essentially change the OS from the ground up and make it more difficult to run on old hardware.

If you buy a phone, it’s best to do so going by what it can do right now, at this very moment, than by what a company promised or hasn’t promised for the future. Who knows, a company might go bankrupt in a matter of months and you’d be cheated of that kind of investment.




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