N9 Apps Video: Whatsapp for Nokia N9 with Wazzap!

| April 19, 2012 | 52 Replies


Well, well, what do we have here? Fruits of some community effort to bring Whatsapp functionality to the legendary Nokia N9. It has been much anticipated. Whatsapp’s refusal to bring the app officially is not going to stop the community from getting whatsapp for the N9 :).

Well done Wazzap!

First look on Wazapp Client for Nokia N9. Wazapp is a community port of the famous Whatsapp client. This is still in development so please ignore any glitches you see in the demoed version :)


The application website http://www.wazapp.im

Developer Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tgalal/




Via N9Suomi

Thanks Timo for the tip!

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  1. Ali Abdulla says:

    i like this name better, actually something that make sense, lol

  2. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    The sound in the video is unbareable!

  3. fff says:

    he did not show us the push notifications alert.

    • Blue787 says:

      I was looking for the notification ticks myself, maybe that’s part or the complete app when it’s done, but i kinda like the icon appearing for now, it can get monotonous though.Other than that, this is the nod i need to order my black 64 gig N9. Great job. cheers ! !

  4. StefanP says:

    Thank you, whatsup, for not distributing an “official” version. I read that it contains a lot of spyware. The community edition should be spyware-free and thus better than any original whatsapp client! Thanks!

    • MoritzJT says:

      Also it should be togglable and integrate as an IM lateron :-) With all the filetransfer options.

      Also an option to work without a SIM inserted and freely creating accounts :D Or at least using an existing one without the SIM in.

      If that get’s done I’m totally sold, though I’ll use this anyway once I can get hold of it.

      I only hope to have the sources ported over to Symbian to do a proper QML based version with all the tricks the current Whatsapp denies us!


    • Nik Rolls says:

      You really shouldn’t believe what you read on the internet sometimes.

  5. Ibrahim says:

    anything to do with usb plug-in at nokia N9?

    • Saul says:

      Huh, do you mean USB host-mode? (uncertified USB-OTG)
      That’s been stalled for some time…
      Hard to say if it’ll ever gain momentum again :(

  6. TheN9-Beast says:

    there is no way i install this? That website just says that MeeGo isn’t dead? Help please

  7. zack says:

    Will it support emoji?

  8. fff says:

    i dont care about the feature, i only care if it is stable and bug-free. it to release it now as alpha version.

  9. fff says:

    need more work on the looks of wazapp. and this part of work can be assigned to another person in maemo talk. many people in tmo will be more than happy to take this job without being paid:)

  10. flyingbathtub says:

    following that thread on TMO…it’s just frustrating to see that people these days just don’t have patience…a thing of the super fast evolving internet i guess…ppl just expect to see things NOW and don’t have patience anymore…

  11. incognito says:

    Kudos to the community for filling the gaps. I, personally, won’t be using it – partly because I think it’s pointless (to put it mildly) to use a proprietary IM system not available on all platforms when there is a ton of XMPP services available everywhere, like gTalk; partly because I don’t care to participate in a network and user base growth of a system who’s developers don’t care for the platforms I use – but I guess this at least solves a problem for users somehow convinced that they need it.

  12. wazapp says:

    very smart coder! wazapp should be maded into a teamwork.

  13. wazapp says:

    cutetube and wazapp are the top two apps made by maemo community

  14. Stephens_Eloped says:

    I have mixed feelings. One the one hand I’m very happy that the Maemo/MeeGo community continues to surprise everyone with just how talented and committed they are. Users have to be very pleased to be part of a community that really cares about the platform, and comes up with real gems like CuteTube, and not 100 different fart apps. However, on the other hand, this kind of news makes me angry: both the Whataspp developers refusing, just refusing to port over to the ever-popular N9, and Nokia themselves just blatantly NOT pushing developers to port apps. Come on Nokia, don’t starve your own kids!!

  15. flopjoke says:

    Evidence! Finally! Looks like it works just fine. I’ll be very glad to work on the UI part.. to make it “look” more like WhatsApp. It would be cool if it’s integrated into contacts just like all other IM’s are in N9.

    Good work! Can’t wait to try it :D

  16. The Game says:

    great news!! Please keep on forward MeeGo developers

  17. lmiked says:

    Great work!!!
    where and when can we get it :p???

  18. D_R_D says:

    hey guys are you kidding me, do you realy think and sure that phone is a Nokia N9, N9 doesn’t have a front camera on the top ,its in the bottom and the NOKIA logo appear under the phone speaker, whereas in the video don’t, and the charger port isn’t in the middle, it’s on the left a little bit.
    Don’t play with people needs
    We all need whatsapp…IN REAL…

    • Saul says:


      It sure as hell looks like the Maemo6x UI…
      Upon quickly looking, it’s probably the N950.
      You clearly haven’t been following the wazzap thread at TMO.
      The project is real & it’s working on the N9/950.

  19. zoro06 says:

    where is wazzap? Today is 2nd of may! !!

  20. did says:

    help i dont have a credit card so i cannot donate and thus i cant get the whatsapp :(

    • Saul says:

      Why are you posting here, post at TMO.
      Plus it’s always been free….
      It just relies on you being decent enough to pay if you use it.
      That’s why it’s called a DONATION…
      You can’t d’load it for free yet because it’s not ready.

  21. kadioko says:

    Yo so how do you register it coz it isnt rgistering on mine and which web is trust worthy?

  22. kadioko says:

    SO how do you Register it and what web is trustworthy to get it from?

  23. shabira says:

    why this nokia n9 is so complicated copared to other nokia phone please up date noia n9 at least we get whattup

  24. MoritzJT says:

    That the hell are those comments?! Do they only post as a reference for the source?


  25. ksg91 says:

    They are pingbacks, posted Automatically when someone reference the post on their post!

  26. Jay Montano says:

    Many sites are pretty nice and link back to us if they find a Nokia story through us which is cool of them to do and very much appreciated :). When they do so, links like this happen.

    At the end of our own posts, there are credit links which would most likely leave similar pingbacks to our own sources :).

  27. ksg91 says:

    We always put source at the end of post if we came to know it via some blog. :)

  28. Jay Montano says:

    Kudos to you and everyone that does this.

    I know there’s some that don’t, or actively pick out stories that our readers have shared with us and t hen he goes all out not to credit us (to the point he will credit no one or some other blog). He does it with other people too. Quite an ass.

    IDK, I just have a thing about crediting sources :).

  29. ksg91 says:

    I know how it feels. I have faced such situation many times, when I spent few hours writing a post, searching and researching for a unique post and some people just copy->paste it without even mentioning the credit or reference! :/

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