Nokia Downfall, Who to blame, what to do, Nokia down but not out!

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Here are a few very good reads for you guys, the first three are in Finnish. You’ll have to push it through your translator of preference (which will most likely mangle it a bit) but will give you the overall message. Mine is failing at certain paragraphs so I’m just skim reading them.

I thought I might as well put them together since they all seem to be talking about similar points and each flows from one to another. Well at least to me:

1) Downfall of Nokia

2) Who to blame

3) What to do.

4) Hope. Nokia is down but not out.

First up, Downfall of Nokia. Apparently this was on TV. They mention how actions that made Nokia super popular in 2006 cemented Nokia’s future demise. Victim of its own success.

“Nokia’s fall is a ten-year long process and started well before OPK took over as CEO. The company has been a victim of its success and became arrogant and ignorant owing to continued, strong performance over its traditional rivals”

The easy person to blame, at least if you look at some of our readers, is of course, Stephen Elop. Now the above already somewhat indicates Nokia’s demise started before Elop but here’s another piece saying that Nokia’s demise also began many years ago. I’m afraid I found the translated version a little too taxing to decipher (or perhaps I’m just impatient as I’m meant to be meeting a friend now).


This blog post talks about things that Nokia should do, written by an ex Nokian. This is NOT necessarily what I would want but I don’t have time to come up with my own suggestions. I’d say of course just to follow through on the execution of this strategy. Don’t falter again.

Now an English source: TechCrunch who writes that Nokia is down but not out. Things may look bleak but there’s still a chance for Nokia to turn things around with their current strategy. It takes time to reverse a decade of ills and things seem to be on a trajectory of looking worse before they look better.

Cheers Janne, DKM, meh and EagleEye for the tips!


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