Analyst predicts at least 1M Nokia Lumia 900s from AT&T sold for Q2?

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In Q4, AT&T sold 9.4 Million smartphones. 7.6M were staggeringly all iPhones. That’s what 4-5 years of excellent brand recognition and sturdy progress gets you. That left about 1.8M combined sales for Androids/BlackBerries and what ever devices they had. I can’t seem to find AT&T’s Q1 2012 results, but I’d expect them to be slightly lower given Q4 2011 being the holiday period. Nevertheless, except of iPhone, 1M of anything on AT&T is quite an ambitious target. But it’s one Nokia needs to aim for.

I don’t know quite know the precise the basis of this is, but an ‘analyst’, Jamie Townsend from Town Hall Investment Research reckons Nokia Lumia may have sold in excess of 1M. I’m not sure that’s possible. One network from one country, even if it is USA? I thought it was only supposed to be several hundred thousands based on the last analyst predictions?

AT&T did comment before that the Lumia 900 would have exceeded expectations, but I would not have expected it to reach this much. It would be great if it did, but I’m a little sceptical. Forbes also posted before that the launch of the 900 was pretty indicative of some decent sales, but we must see this be a consistent trend, not just a burst at the start.

An extrapolation of game data, Taptide, suggests possibly in excess of 1M Nokia Lumia 900s from AT&T for Q2. Whilst these aren’t hard data, we should be aware that they have proven themselves in the past, i.e. predicting that Nokia had already sold the most second gen WP devices.

The faintest sign of some recovery? The Nokia Lumia 900 is excellently priced at AT&T for what it offers. I hope the worldwide variants receive the same treatment and that Nokia can at least hold on long enough to release their WP8 devices.

Source: Barrons  via WMPU

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