Unofficial Whatsapp client, Wazzap, coming to N9/N950 on May 1

| April 25, 2012 | 28 Replies

A date has been set for the public  beta version of the Whatsapp client, Wazzap.

We saw that demoed here:

Cheers Morpog and Timo for the tip.


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  1. Silthice says:

    Great news for us the N9 owners

  2. zymesh says:

    whataspp for N8 is bad. It keeps on finding mobile connection even if you quit the app. It still runs on the background and results to poor battery performance. You are forced to install it in C: and no way of killing the “whatsapp process” even if you quit the app. Maybe if you have 24/7 data plan this is ok, but for a casual whatsapp user primarily using wifi and sometimes mobile data, the annoying “no mobile data found” pop-up is way too annoying.

    • Shashank says:

      Kill it in app stop.

      Ps app stop is an app

      • zymesh says:

        it comes back up as a hidden proccess. App stop wont see it, you need to use Taskman or something similar to see background proccesses. even if you kill it from there it comes back. Just like how Nokia Maps eat up memory due to background proccess not closing when you close the app itself. But for Whatsapp it reopens.

        • dxrk says:

          Ya I know that feeling. I hate that, too. It just reopens itself after being forced to close. And after a few time being forced terminated, it just won’t showing in running list any more, though I know it was still running and seeking for connection.

          However, you can grab the version which is modified to be able to install on any drive. There are advantage of not installing it on C

          1. It won’t run after start-up. You can choose to run it whenever you want (well, after it runs, you still won’t be able to kill it completely, unless you restart the phone)
          2. It won’t take up precious space in C

  3. Stinger says:

    This is VERY much appreciated.

  4. lala says:

    ..anybody knows, which features are in this beta?

    only 1to1 chat, or group messaging too file transfers…?

    • Anon says:

      Does it really matter?
      I am only glad that it works, more functions will surely be added later on.
      Initial release often has initial support.
      Big thumbs up for the guys that made this happen.

  5. nokia destroys itself says:

    i am fine with only basic features of wazapp. I hope the dev implement push technology well in this app, so that n9 does not drain much battery power.

  6. Nokia n9 die hard fan says:

    There has a java port on n900 which has been released.
    though it is relatively difficult to use.

  7. Chen Zhe says:

    So lucky that mobile messengers here in China have much better experience than WhatsApp. But so unlucky that none of them has N9/N950 version.

    • lala says:

      mhh what u dont like@whats app?

      • Chen Zhe says:

        For example, I cannot get offline, that’s the most serious problem for me. I am a Symbian user, not a stupid iPhone user who doesn’t know that a running application can be closed. I want to control my phone as I wish. Also, I cannot delete one single message in WhatsApp, which sometimes make me mad when someone send me or trying to send me a password. The feature is a must-have in Chinese mobile messengers and hybrid messengers. Moreover, it is not user-friendly to change your own number. In the FAQ it says you have to delete and re-install the WhatsApp to finish changing your number. The last thing I have noticed before deleting it was its UI is too ugly…I mean Symbian version.

    • Saul says:

      There’s at least 2 popular Chinese mobile messenger apps available for the N9.
      Do some searching over at, or ask the question over there.

      • Chen Zhe says:

        I couldn’t find any Weixin (now WeChat), Q-xin (part of QQ Contacts), Youxin (part of Youlu Contacts), Youni Messenger or Gexin Messenger clients on MeeGo before. At least as far as I know there is no official clients yet. QQ has MeeGo version but it is an instant messenger, which works based on its own user network like GTalk and MSN, but not based on mobile number like WhatsApp, eBuddy XMS and iMessage. Thank you for your information and I’ll try to find them there.

        • Saul says:

          @Chen Zhe

          There’s a regular user @TMO called tmavica.
          She’s Chinese (HK) & may know about other clients.
          YouMeeGo may be another user who I “think” is Chinese.
          I’m quite sure there’s at least one other client.
          But I’m not sure if it’s like Whatsapp…

  8. kan says:

    I hope its better than whatsapp on windows phone which is utterly crap.

    As WP does not support true multi tasking but a background push agent – messages are delivered or received late upto hours late for me.

    I’t an awful app on WP.

  9. venusingri says:

    what bout Nokia n900 .

  10. The Game says:

    excellent go head up

  11. nokia destroys itself says:

    can some turn this chinese site into an app,

  12. John Francis says:

    since downloading this app i am being innundated with crap email offers, despite the promise that my address would not be published. please remove my address from your published lists!

    • Jeff says:

      and why would you be so dumb to think that necro-posting here (a 2.5mth+ old thread) would make any difference.

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