Opinion: Rumors/Leaks Interpretation- No Lumia 800 For MEA/Gulf L900 Gets Special Treatment

| April 27, 2012 | 16 Replies

Okay, so after the goldmine of rumors that came from Nokia KSA’a twitter account I decided to scour every tweet looking for other precious gems; it turns out that the tweet we pointed out earlier today regarding the Lumia 900’s arrival to the Gulf wasn’t the first time they’ve released that info; although it was the first confirmation of Windows 8 in October. The tweet above translates into the following:

“When will the Lumia 800 be available in KSA?”
“It won’t be launched in Saudi Arabia, we will however bring the Lumia 900 and better phones in October– god willing”

Leading to the following question, why wouldn’t the L800 be launched if the L900 will? Keep in mind that the main issue holding back the current line of WPs in the Arab world is the lack of Arabic support on WP 7.5/Mango (and even Tango/7.5 refresh); The only reasonable explanation for the discrimination between the two devices is that  one of them will be privy to more updates/support than the other (meaning the L900 will get special treatment); I did consider the fact that maybe they didn’t want two similar devices in the market confusing people- but lets be honest that was never a concern of Nokia’s, and the release of a second Lumia 610 with NFC support proves that nothing has changed from that aspect.

The fact that the Lumia 900 will be coming in October alongside other Windows 8 devices would make no sense (why release a phone with outdated software alongside the latest brand new spanking software) unless the Lumia 900 would be privy to the same software.

And of course all that is ignoring the elephant in the tweet which is obviously “The better phones to come” which can only leave our minds wandering, could it be the Lumia Pureview we’ve been dying for? Hopefully it is, but only time will tell.

Of course these are only MY PERSONAL opinions and have no solid backing; just hopes and speculations- check out a couple more questions at the source.



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