12072 Firmware rolling out in some regions for Nokia Lumia 800

| April 30, 2012 | 27 Replies

Quick heads up as I’m still in a meeting, the 12072 update for Nokia Lumia 800 is rolling out. I hate the naming of the update as I frankly can’t tell one from another.


I just got this email from Nokia to let me know about a new software update for the Lumia 800. I’ve not had a chance to do the update or even connect to Zune, but the email promises improved WiFi connectivity and better battery life. I’ve had the phone for a month and no updates have been available since then, but this still doesn’t seem to be the elusive internet sharing update. When I’ve had a chance, I’ll let you know what happens.


Xavier Voigt-Hill

Looking at the tips, this seems to be the 12072 update

– Prashant

MobileTechWorld has more info about what’s changed. This is not quite yet the WiFi tethering update:

BTW, what battery life are you guys getting? Last check, mine gets between 1.5D normal use, 3-4d standby.



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  • No update showing up for my phone sadly. It’s locked to 3 though so we might still have to wait a bit. I want tethering though!

  • no update in Slovakia, yet.
    battery life is still pretty poor with 12070

    • Esa Peltola

      Update 12070 improved battery life dramatically, but with it I got a bigger problem: voice calls do not work. I cannot hear the other person at all. Nokia Care told me that I must bring the phone to an authorized service, which I did. Apparently I was not the only one who had problems with it.

  • dunno

    I get 1d 6hours tops (3g and wifi on) with one network, with another network and the exact same settings 15 hours. My carrier allows me to switch between two different networks (in Spain). I guess the draining is something related to the radio software. Before the 12070 it didn’t matter which network I used I would only get 13 hours on both networks.

    • virobloc

      I’m from Spain too and I’m on Movistar. Can you tell me what carrier you are talking about?

      • dunno

        Yoigo, puedo elegir entre la red de Movistar y la de Yoigo. Con yoigo va peor la batería.

  • DesR85

    “BTW, what battery life are you guys getting? Last check, mine gets between 1.5D normal use, 3-4d standby.”

    Same here on my side.

    I first read about it on WP Central yesterday which mentioned Vodafone Australia releasing that update for their phones (link:

    So far, I haven’t encountered that volume bug when listening to music, watching videos, receiving calls and playing games. Even calls turn out fine.

    The extra improvement to the camera is welcome but have no clue what does auto detection of 50/60 Hz in Flicker Resolution does (and up till now, I have no idea what is its use). Only one way to find out if it does make it to Malaysia. 😉

  • James


  • rorro

    is the freeze bug gone too? (freezes while listening music and doing something else like web browsing)

  • jamesg23

    hey, what case is that on the lumia? looks good.

  • dsadsa

    i pushed the update.
    Epic battery life (:

  • Paul

    Can’t get more than 11 hours with minimal usage, running 12070. How you get 1.5 days is a mystery Jay. Do you have any live tiles at all, 3G etc?

    • senshi

      11 hours sounds like you are using it too much.

      I have 3 push mail accounts (2 google, 1 hotmail), about 4 Live Tiles and I’m constantly connected to MSN and I get the same 3-4 days stand by. Even if I do a lot of Kindle reading and RSS reading during lunch time my battery would still be at 70% by night (unplug at 7:30am in the morning).

    • Chris_abr

      It seems to be an issue with the carrier.
      I used my lumia on 3G on TalkMobile UK (they’re using Vodafone antennas), and my phone lasts about 11-15 hours. Whereas with 3G off it’s well over 2 days.
      But after changing the simcard to a different carrier (Orange UK), the phone lasts about 1.5-2 days with 3G on, 2-3 days with 3G off.

  • Anuj

    i think problem is Zune, nokia center did the update for me and the phone is working better..but i need to check that battery life again

  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    I had the update last week, my handset came pre-loaded with it, I thought it was just a carrier variant. Obviously not

  • Where did you get the mesh case and what is its name?

  • Aliqudsi

    Still no update on mine; might be related to the fact that I forced the previous (camera fix) update.

  • Sachin

    Hello guys… 12072 update has surely resolved the volume bug.. But there is another bug related to volume its still not resolved… I donno whether I am the oly one experiencing this . If there is any one else facing same issue please let me know.. Here is the bug description ” Connect Nokia ear peace or any headsets to your Lumia 800 and play zune music on your lumia 800 . reduce the volume to random volume under 20 or less .. make a call to your lumia 800 and receive the call in your lumia 800.. and check that you cannot adjust the call volume which ranges from 1 to 10. even though volume is reduced to zero, Volume remains loud this is one BUG and the 2nd BUG is after receiving the call cut the cal and once the music resumes playing . it will play with the maximum volume (30) even though volume is set to low (below 20 or so). Kindly share if any one of you are facing this issue,
    Thank you.

  • Sunrazor

    I just want to get rid of the Zune bug that freeze the phone while playing music and the volume bug. It’s fairly annoying to restart the phone because Zune locks up. No other apps, navigation or browsing freeze it so it must be Zune.

    • James

      that nice thanks for spamming an old story, prick.

  • Sunrazor

    Ok…. troll much?

    • James

      no, your necropost was very poor nettiquette, get some.