UPDATE: Messaging Update Details: Windows Phone software (OS version 7.10.8773.98) “Tango”

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To all WP users,

We currently know that Messaging, whether it is SMS or MMS (Picture, Video, Audio) is lacking on the current versions of WP that powers our devices. Messaging is currently lacking in 3 crucial areas:

-Not being able to send more than 1 picture at a time

-Not able to send Videos AT ALL

-Not able to send Audio (more on this later)

Now, many of us have heard that WP’s messaging capabilities will be expanded with the Tango update and this is true. The reason I am posting this is to provide a clear version number for Tango, set the expectation for the Messaging update and also link to instructions “From the horse’s mouth” as some say.

Which brings me to this:


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    To attach multiple pictures to a text message or to attach a video, voice note, or custom ringtone to a message, your phone must be running the latest version of Windows Phone software (OS version 7.10.8773.98). If your phone is running an earlier version of Windows Phone software, you can only attach one picture to a text or instant message. For information about software updates, see Phone updates FAQ.

Microsoft has a support page that details HOW to send messages via the updated Messaging portion of the latest WP version “Tango”/8773. I figured it would be useful to share the guide as some of us may soon have Tango on our devices officially OR some of us my grab the update in unofficial ways by installing various .cab files onto our device (See here).

But wait, there’s more!!!!

I ran into a situation where I needed to send an audio file to my wife this morning. Knowing that the version of WP on my Lumia (8107) DOES NOT support the sending of Audio via MMS/Messaging, I recorded the audio with my N8 and sent it from there as I have 2 active SIMs.

Sitting around pretty upset that MS didn’t include full MMS support (iPhone started out with NO MMS, not even pictures), I decided to send the MMS from my N8 to my Lumia 710 just to see what would happen…….

Well, to all the surprises in the world, not only did my Lumia 710 receive the Audio MMS but it was able to play it, even with a simple interface!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Not only that, I was able to SEND the MMS from the 710 back to the N8 and the file was still playable in the original format!

Audio MMS received on the Lumia 710, 2 of 3 Success Rate!


So I tested a few recordings from the default Symbian Recorder and here are the results.

1. AMR file – Received on Lumia, played, sent back to N8, played on N8. SUCCESSFUL

2. WAV file - Received on Lumia, played, sent back to N8, played on N8.  SUCCESSFUL

3. MP3 file – NOT Received due to file size restriction. Failed (need smaller file size?)


MMS Audio playback on the Lumia 710.


MMS received on the Nokia N8.

Now, there ISN’T a way to CREATE a MMS Audio/Video message in the current WP 7.5 Mango OS, which brings us back to the Tango update. It appears that Mango has had some form of advanced MMS (I haven’t tried video yet, but I’m guessing it would be 3GPP or lower quality) over what MS has announced.

My question is: What has been the hold up, if the OS is capable of sending and receiving MMS AND playing the files? I am seriously asking. Does anyone out there know what is the current limitation? Is it UI related, as in Microsoft was waiting to complete the MMS UI? Is it codec/API based?

Have any of you ever sent Audio or Video via MMS with your WP beyond what Mango is specified as capable of doing? Is there a MMS app that offers the sending of Audio, Video or multiple pictures?

Either way, it was fun reading up on the future Tango updates and sending the MMS and being totally surprised. Now I know, without Tango, I can at least get audio from my wife and kids, and that means a lot to me.

Let us know what you think in the Comments Section.

As always, thank you for choosing MyNokiaBlog.

UPDATE: Video Messaging works as well!

I sent a 3gp video from my N8 to my Lumia 710 and it was received, it played in the standard WP video player and I was able to send it and play it back on the N8!

MMS 3gp Video received and sent on Lumia 710.

MMS 3gp Video playback on Lumia 710.

MMS 3gp video received and playback on the Nokia N8.

Yes, I like Fruit Loops…

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