Nokia ProTip: Bring Nokia 808 PureView everywhere!

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Just a quick suggestion before I go to bed. Nokia, why not bring the Nokia 808 PureView everywhere? I completely understand your direction to go with Lumia. PureView is groundbreaking mobile imaging. Right now it’s on the Nokia 808. Based on current information, there is no possibility of PureView or anything remotely close reaching Lumia until 2013.

Why not treat the world to PureView on the 808 until then? Belle FP1 is certainly nice enough in demoes to handle everyday usage – in all areas perhaps except apps but it covers the major bases. Make it clear if you have to that this is NOT Lumia. Consumers seem excited about the PureView. Some are hesitant due to Symbian but at least let them try. If they need to criticise that portion, let them. Perhaps they might find redeeming qualities there too. Certainly one thing I have no doubt everyone will fall in love with is the camera.

Isn’t this what you want to drive to future products, including the Lumia range? Why not give a taster of that. Show off how good your PureView really is by getting it into people’s hands. Like CBD. Let it be known by getting it in the hands of more consumers the merits of your work.

Could it cannibalise Lumia sales? Perhaps. So what? If the sales inevitably go to Nokia and reputation build on both Nokia and PureView. It might make some marketing direction difficult as you seem all about tiles, but so what? Marketing people need to think up of something creative. In the long term, sales to Nokia gives more breathing room for Nokia to execute their Lumia strategy (as well as the other things they have lined up for us but can’t don’t talk about).

I can understand that it might seem more difficult to keep people in the Nokia system long term – after 808, nothing ties these people to your ‘ecosystem’ unlike the Lumia’s one. Well PureView might. Once you’re used to that level of mobile photography, you just can’t go back to using anything less, and anytime you do you feel pangs of regret and shame for your crappy non-PureView photos. The non-PureView photo might actually be potato level crappy or perhaps decent but the 808 makes it look like a potato took the shot. Let consumers experience this.

I really don’t want to hear news that Nokia 808 PureView not coming to such and such. Perhaps even in the US they should see PureView too? Both the Lumia range and 808 PureView have DISTINCT redeeming qualities.

Would there be some major logistics problem? Would you lose money in the long run? What is the rationale for not bringing PureView in the shape of the 808 to consumers when PureView on your other platforms is too far away? Can you get the carriers to approve of the 808 too? Unless there’s still some deep rooted Symbian problem that would be detrimental to the users experience of the Nokia 808 (and hence why you might want to limit its availability) I can’t quite see why users shouldn’t have the option. At the very least, be transparent about the shortcomings so consumers make a full informed decision when buying it.

808 everywhere gives time for the other Nokia strategies to mature properly, and in time when Lumia gets many of the features users have been wanting from Symbian, then perhaps they would actively choose the Lumia instead of being forced it as the only option.  Clearly we’re still having difficulty bringing Lumia everywhere. Either way, sales go to Nokia.



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