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Here’s a really good video by Michael from PocketNow comparing the Nokia Lumia 900 vs the HTC OneX. This is presented as the two best alternatives to the iPhone. I found the comparison to be very fair. He’s also got an excellent speaking tone, no?

Michael says that even though on paper the Lumia seems less capable, on day to day usage his experience is more fluid. However, Androids by the day are getting stronger, with more power to cut the obvious lags. One of the main things that you can say about WP/Lumia is that the experience is of a high standard across the board. The 710 is snappy like the 800 and the 900. Different price tags, but all fluid. BTW, it is hard to notice lags if you’re not used to a very fast device. Until then, they seem fine (and that’s ok) but once you get used to the responsiveness, the lags do become annoying.

Windows Phone is pretty elementary at first. But don’t make the mistake of conflicting simplicity with stupidity

900’s Camera concerns me as these aren’t carrying off what is expected of Nokia/CarlZeiss. It looks great based on the samples we’ve seen but it has to be at Nokia’s standards, no? It is in part something WP related, but even N9 is of course no where near what we have come to expect from N8. The only thing that can redeem Nokia in the camera world again is letting the 808’s reputation speak for Nokia. The N8 did this for a while and that’s why for a long time, we heard tech bloggers praise the CZ Nokia cameras before ever using it.

BTW, I just wanted to add that WP works wonderfully with google mail and google calendar. They work amazingly well. Sign in and instant sync with mail/contacts/calendar. It’s not just for people who use hotmail. (I have that too. My sister and mum have Live and Yahoo accounts – all work fine).



The HTC has stepped up in design as it takes cues from the N9/900 with a polycarbonate body and a moulded screen with curved edges. Clearly, a winning design by Nokia which is ‘inspiring’ others and not the cheap, nothing special plastic it is accused to be (ElMu). Michael’s point that 900 ‘also’ has polycarbonate made me want to shout ‘noooo, HTC is the ‘Also’ haha’



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