Bigger Picture:the leaked Nokia 305, 306, 311 (S40 full touch)

| May 13, 2012 | 68 Replies

Literally just bigger pictures of the leaked images we saw here:

This time from:

Aikon171 mentions the following:

  • 305 dual-SIM, 2MP
  • 306 single-SIM, 2MP
  • 311 WCDMA/WIFI, 3.2MP
Click on the link above for the pictures. Sometimes it doesn’t work so you can also try the gallery below:

More info on the touch S40. There are some screenshots here that show what the UI might look like:×412-display/

Source: baidu

Cheers Aikon171 for the tip!


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  1. Diogo says:

    Please Nokia, no WP based UI.

    • stylinred says:

      there’s a picture of the UI (a mockup) @ the link

    • Waqas Ahmad Khan says:

      Nokia has pushed its customers back to the age of ninetees by again introducing thick and ugly phones. Don’t worry, it won’t be WP based UI.

  2. Doug says:

    A lot of people are switching to smartphones nowadays. S40 doesn’t have multitasking. Android UI is better.

    Nokia aren’t listening to what people want/need.

    These won’t compete against the Galaxy Y and Galaxy Ace 2.

    Nokia should just sell the N9 with removeable battery at dumbphone prices to compete.

    As a Nokia fan, it’s sad a lot of people are switching to Samsung. You see a lot of people especially old people using Samsungs and iPhones nowadays. Even retailers are advertising Android more.

    • DM says:

      S40 isn’t suppose to go up against the big Android names.

      “Nokia should just sell the N9 with removeable battery at dumbphone prices to compete.” No, just no.

      • Doug says:

        I’m not comparing these phones to the Galaxy S III.

        S40 phones have similar prices to low/mid end Samsung Android phones such as the Galaxy Y.

        • stylinred says:

          no s40 is actually cheaper than the low end

        • Reonhato says:

          these are competing against Samsung Champ series and LG cookie series not to any galaxy or optimus series in other markets.

          LG,SAM,ChineseOEMs and Nokia are the only ones left that are making featurephones. It seems that there is still a market for it and less competition at that.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      These full touch phones have a largely redesigned UI compared to earlier versions of Series 40. They might even come with some sort of multitasking. We’ll see, but Series 40 is certainly capable of multitasking and already does it for example with the music player, notifications, bluetooth transfers and latest version of Nokia Browser.

      As for Android phones, I think the Galaxy Ace 2 is more expensive than these phones are going to be and considerably so compared to the 305/306. The Galaxy Y is in the same price range, but has some shortcomings like lower resolution 4:3 screen and slower OS. Series 40 is really light compared to Android and will remain so even if Nokia has added more multitasking features. Even if the 305/306 lack 3G like Aikon171 suggested, it’s not going to be a big problem in the primary markets for these phones, since 3G is still very expensive there and most people would opt for using EDGE in any case.

      • Viipottaja says:

        Let’s just hope the lure of Google and Android are not too strong.

        • Marc Aurel says:

          The success of these devices is in no way guaranteed, but if the UI and UX are good enough, I believe that they will have a fighting chance — which is more than Elop gave the second generation Symbian^3 devices (500, 603, 700 & 701)…

          • Pr@$h@nt says:

            Yeah , they won’t be successful if they come with same s40 UI , no matter what features they have , how cheap they are priced.
            A refreshed UI wud make them to compete with the cheap droids like galaxy y , galaxy pocket , cheap chinese droids , from micromax, spice etc.
            Multitasking is needed badly even lite multitasking wud be enough(at most up to 10 or 15 apps) but it shud be true(symbian like) multitasking.

            And nokia , don’t skip on features like accelerometer , wifi etc. to lower the price. Samsung is providing them in phones starting from 4.7k/5k INR.

          • Viipottaja says:

            Yeah, let’s hope we don’t need to wait for a decent on screan qwerty and a browser for years on end on these ones…

            • jiipee says:

              I wish they have learned from the mistakea done in the Boston unit who failed yhe Symbian browser big time

              • Viipottaja says:

                They were working on it in UK too at least, if not other locations as well – one of the core team members told me some horrific stories about the difficulties and mismanagement.

              • Marc Aurel says:

                I don’t know where the proxy-based Series 40 Nokia browser is developed, but at least until now it has progressed much better than the Symbian browser ever did. I don’t think they will be providing a fully native browser for Series 40 at all any more; after all the old Webkit-based one was even more badly behind the times than the Symbian browser.

                Before the Ovi/Nokia browser was launched the only way to browse acceptably with a S40 phone was Opera Mini and Nokia acknowledged that by bundling it with many phones. However, the Nokia browser has potential to become better than Opera Mini, since it’s native app and uses a more modern rendering engine on the server side. It still lacks some features like tabbed browsing, but the speed and rendering is already quite good even on the Asha 200 series phones.

                As for the Symbian browser past troubles: one minor version improvement per a freaking year is really slow and for example the 7.2 was only a minor update with marginal improvements. So it really was a clusterf*** of the worst kind.

                I am still disappointed by the fact that Nokia did not bring the 7.4 version to recent S60 3rd and 5th edition devices. The E5 and the C5-xx are still shipping (well, except the C5-03, apparently)! I don’t think there is any technical reason not to port it to the same devices which received the 7.3 update, but I guess Nokia concluded that it wasn’t worth the effort.

    • Pdexter says:

      Meh could not care the least myself.
      Good riddance for Symbian, MeeGo and S40. Was about time.

      Just waiting for those sweet Apollo phones and especially that tablet.

      • Giacomo Di Giacomo says:

        I guess you’ll get them for cheap at the bankruptcy auction.

      • krustylicious says:

        if nokia doesn’t go away from wp, Nokia’s share will nose dive even further.

        if windows 8 bombs and people start wanting windows 7 downgrade diss. What then happens to its wp strategy…

        Thats why theres shifting of focus today away from wp

    • steelicon says:

      Agreed. Why reinvent the wheel, Nokia?

      • KeiZka says:

        So they just should bucker up and give in and use Android, that’s what you mean?

        • steelicon says:

          Go back to the Nokia feature, their own co-developed OS. Read between the lines on what I said. Communication = it’s not what is being said, it is what is being perceived.

          Nokia should go back to its smartphone roots and re-release Symbian (Belle and UIQ).

          That is the wheel that made Nokia’s world go round.

    • lalaland says:

      i really hope its a meltemi or smarterphone! because S40 cant compete on android!

    • nilux says:

      S40 is about as capable as iOs. No multitasking. With the s40 you can send files over bluetooth and use standard a2dp for any bluetooth headset. I’m not sure if the newest iPhone is capable of that.

  3. Mate says:

    Please don’t make a separate page for every pic, it’s really annoying.

    • Jay Montano says:

      As mentioned in the post, all the pictures can be viewed at the link:

      The gallery is there just as a backup (as the source intermittently doesn’t open), but I would prefer if you guys checked out the original source.

      • $ says:

        And because posting it one per page makes you more ad money, even if it annoys your viewers…

        • Muneeb says:

          Its his blog he can manage it anyway, if you are disturbed then move on. Who says you to see that pics, just click on link and watch it.
          Think before you post dude.

  4. JGrove303 says:

    They really don’t look all that bad.

  5. torcida says:

    hope they will work on the design!!!!
    to fat and the fringe is too big…

  6. Josh says:

    The phone in the first picture, is it the one featured in the NFC videos? Remb back then when they released the video, ppl were interested in knowing if the phone was an actual product.

  7. gokul says:

    even though these phones are excellent there is no apps compared to galaxy y

  8. RVM says:

    dualSIM, nHD resolution, capacitive touch, Swipe light UI and cheap price… and they will be successful.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      At least the 305/306 will have WQVGA (400×240) resolution. Don’t know about the 311, but I would guess it has the same. Support for higher resolution will probably have to wait for Meltemi.

      Lower resolution screen is actually a good thing, since it allows for much lower manufacturing costs. One of the reasons why low end Symbian is not able to compete with cheap Androids is the fact that Symbian is locked to nHD resolution, whereas Android can be easily made to work with lower QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA resolutions. For example the Samsung Galaxy Y uses a large (but terribly coarse low DPI) QVGA screen. The display is the most expensive single component in a full touch phone.

      • steelicon says:

        Samsung Galaxy Y

        DISPLAY Type TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
        Size 240 x 320 pixels, 3.0 inches (~133 ppi pixel density)
        Multitouch Yes
        - TouchWiz UI
        - Touch sensitive controls

        Samsung Galaxy Ace

        DISPLAY Type TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
        Size 320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches (~165 ppi pixel density)
        Multitouch Yes
        Protection Corning Gorilla Glass
        - TouchWiz v3.0 UI

        Symbian Belle proposed resolutions:

        Low End nHD 640×360

        Mid Range 960×540

        High End 1280X720

        Surely they can manage to imitate and improve on Samsung Galaxy Series / Family.

        • Marc Aurel says:

          Where did you get those resolutions for Symbian? My impression was that Symbian was later supposed to run on FWVGA (854×480, the same as N9) screens, but I have never heard of any plans for higher resolutions. In any case, Elop has very likely scrapped all plans for higher than 600 series Symbian phones after the 808. (We know 605 exists, but whether it will be launched is another matter. Nokia already killed the 600 AFTER the launch.)

  9. manu says:

    if priced below 5k in india it can be sucessful.but nokia has stupid pricing policy,s60 like c5-05 and 5230 are cheaper than new asha

  10. steelicon says:

    I hope they are seriously reconsidering putting something a bit useful than a rehash of a simple OS. Nokia Belle would have been the better if not the best choice here, and a gutted N8-00 internals with a lesser autofocus MP and an LED flash, of course with almost same features and specifications of Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace.

    • lalaland says:

      i agree with you! if they will put Symbian belle on this low end phone it will make more sense! S40 is just not suitable to compete against other low end device like galaxy y and ace! if they wont put Belle here atleast they put meltemi or smarterphone!

    • manu says:

      agreed a 2mp camera,and 3 inch screen with a cheaper built like galaxy y can do the may not be able to outsell y but still can be better than it in lot of area.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      The Nokia 500 already exists and you seem to suggesting a slightly improved version of it. Too bad Elop has decided to phase out Symbian as quick as possible, so I’m not sure there will be an updated 500 even if one was probably planned before the Q1 results.

      The Galaxy Y has very bad specs even compared to the Nokia 500. Galaxy Ace has very similar specs as the 500. Better camera (with reservations for proper use; EDoF really is better form people who can’t use AF), larger screen but inferior resolution. Other specs are largely the same except of course for the fact that the Ace runs Android and does not suffer from the Elop effect.

      • lordstar says:

        A Nokia 505? Hehe actually the only thing that sucks with the 500 is the absence of a gpu. For its price, it’s worth it.

  11. vikas patidar says:

    without multitasking no one would care to buy these devices. At least people are willing to buy a phone which can browse internet and do messaging,call or change music or read new incoming message. And allows 2-4 apps in background like ebuddy, whatsapp, opera mini etc. That’s it.

  12. t t says:

    I think that 311 looks very nice. Is there clear black display in 311? Hope that it is also very unexpensive.

  13. Rebbe says:

    305 looks like a full touch version of X2-02 and
    311 looks like a full touch version of C2-02

  14. Pegasus says:

    LG have better touchscreen phones with top battery life.

  15. Justin says:

    Somebody has labelled the pictures “Taiwan, PRC”. Cheeky. Taiwan is not China.

  16. Guest says:

    Nice Noki! a touch phone operating system with just two buttons, crap Google Android must have three.

    In other words, this operatingsystem is better suited for touch screens than Android, Google Android was initially designed for Blackberry wannabe phones.

    And this S40 use multi-tasking. The music player can run while the other applications are running.

  17. Waqas Ahmad Khan says:

    Ugly looking phones. Atleast look should have been given some importance.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      Wait for the official product shots taken by a professional photographer and they will look a lot better… Does anybody remember the leaked E6 photos, which made it look quite ugly? In reality it wasn’t so bad.

      Most phones look less than appealing in “plain” documentation photos but great in official product photos. The reality is usually somewhere in between.

  18. James says:

    Good start…..
    Now way more facts about Meltemi please.

  19. dsfsdfsdf says:

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    articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test once more right here regularly. I am reasonably certain I’ll be informed lots of new stuff right here!
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