The Verge: Apple patches Siri, no longer says Lumia 900 is ‘best smartphone ever’

| May 16, 2012 | 46 Replies

After the widely reported story that Apple’s Siri was crowning the Nokia Lumia 900 as the best smartphone, Apple swiftly remedied this with a patch.

I’ve no comment really for Apple. I’m just happy to see this Nokia smartphone keep appearing in the news. Some great exposure once by accident from Siri and now again because Apple got embarrassed and had to change the results to be more pro-apple (as if it needed it).

This is actually front page Reddit news. Both this and the original story appeared there. You know how much I love Nokia stuff getting on Reddit 🙂 Way to go, Nokia. Being on Reddit NOT for the indestructable Nokia meme 😀

According to Reddit, if you asked what’s the fourth best smartphone, it will also say it’s your iPhone. :s

Nokia apparently joked that if Apple didn’t like Siri’s answer it would be edited. It was already mentioned by various commenters that people would try to go around the answer my manipulating Wolfram Alpha.

As mentioned, there’s no significance to what Siri recommends or doesn’t. It’s just some nice publicity either way, and now twice thanks to Apple 🙂


Cheers Kaizer Allen, mamos and Reddit for the tip!


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