Gartner Q1 2012 estimates.

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This is Gartner’s 2012 Q1 results. Above is for mobile phones which there is about a 3.4M difference between Nokia and Samsung. As summarised in their title:

Gartner Says Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 2 Percent in First Quarter of 2012; Previous Year-over-Year Decline Occurred in Second Quarter of 2009

Whilst there’s still massive amounts of units being shipped, the overall sales of mobile phones is in total decline. Less smartphones were also sold but that’s in comparison to holiday Q4 season. It’s still more than Q3 2011.

All the OSes have sold less than their holiday season (Q4 2011). In total, about 4.6M less smartphones from Q1 2012 than Q4 2012.

But more so than Q3, except BlackBerry and Symbian. Symbian is at least expected 12m+ sales

  • Android has decreased from Q3 to Q4 but increased from Q4 to Q1 (though still less than their Q3)
  • iOS has increased from Q3 to Q4 but has decreased from Q4 to Q1 (2012)
  • Bada has increased from Q3 to Q4 and increased from Q4 to Q1 (2012)
  • WP has increased from Q3 to Q4 and remains steady from Q4 to Q1 (2012)
  • Blackberry decreased from Q3 to Q4 and decreased from Q4 to Q1
  • Symbian decreased from Q3 to Q4 and decreased from Q4 to Q1
  • The total sales of ‘others’ in Q4 only amount to 0.9M. What is ‘others’? Where’s MeeGo/N9? Is can’t be lumped into there right?

These tables could quickly turn on their heads if Nokia simply made S40 refresh into what is technically a smartphone by all current fuzzy definitions. That would at least ease some pressure from Nokia to try and arbitrarily get back the smartphone crown and focus on making great devices.

Q2 sales should improve across the whole front with Lumia 900 available in USA and 610 hopefully making that expected assistance in numbers, along with possibly the 808 helping towards end of May/June.

Source: gartner

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