Video: iOS/iPhone style theme by Pizero on Symbian Belle/N8 – iStyle

| May 17, 2012 | 13 Replies

This is an interesting looking theme. We’ve seen plenty of iPhone style themes and skins for Nokias but I think this is one of the better ones – it’s also nicer than a ‘skin’ because it works with the actual phone UI. It’s just coloured/themed to look more like iOS. Now that might make some instantly wince at the thought of iOS on their Nokia but others might like it.

There’s some custom effects done (part of the custom firmware) otherwise, it looks pretty nice.  The zooming out to minimise is much better than the random spinning one.


This video shows a very high quality “iphone like” theme for symbian belle devices. My device is running on a CFW (AminKing v9) but it will look almost the same on any symbian bell device. My device has some Widgets and some theme effects that are not available on regular firmware phones.

You can read more about this nice theme at:

And the theme is available here:

Thanks for watching my video. Peace.




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  • Paul Grenfell

    They look good, but are battery hogs.. I use black themes to preserve battery life.

  • poiman

    I’m using iBelle at the moment. Almost the same as this one but uses the Anna icons.

  • Good looking theme =)

  • Weirdfisher

    If you make your UI looks like iphone then why dont you guys just buy an iphone

    • This is just a theme, but the phone itself will not be an iphone. This is for people who might think that IOS looks great but still dont like the IOS. Like me.

    • Guest

      iPhones UI is perhaps the only thing you like about iPhone.

      • Not me really, its way to static with no widgets and no customination at all. You can only change the background and group apps in folders. That feels a little to limited for me. That way i like the Symbian Belle and even with the official firmware you can still do many things to make your phone feel personal for you. I also have the Lumia 800, it´s a little static but that UI on the other hand is much nicer looking than the iOS (in my opinion.) Peace.

        • Yeah, BTW i might get u wrong. If the UI is the same thing as how the phone looks, then YES. Thats the only thing i like about the iPhone. =) My english is a little dull. Peace

  • someguy

    Looks horrible.

    I really don’t like the dull, sad and gray theme of iProducts.

  • Felipe Figueiredo

    hey, is there anyway to change the original keyboard of symbian^3?? The keyboard is too small in portrait…


  • To be honest, looks bad. Fonts sucks, graphics too, and animations are a bleh
    It doesnt look like an iPhone theme at all. But anyway, why the hell would I want an N8 to have an iPhone theme?

  • ithemesucks

    come on.belle looks way better than of iOS is ugly and cheap.