#LumiaLounge: Media Preview for the Lumia 900 & Lumia 610 in Australia

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Sorry guys, the first post had some issues, and posted itself as a blank article. I’ve tried to rewrite everything, but apologies if I missed something.

So earlier this evening, I attended Lumia Lounge, Nokia Australia’s event to introduce the Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 to the Australian media. I got to play around with the 610 and 900 all night. I am really surprised at the size of the 900. Initially I thought it would be too large for me, but I think it fits quite well in your hand. However, any bigger, would definitely be rather uncomfortable.

On to the devices. The Lumia 610 and 900 will both be arriving in Australia next month. Upon launch, the 610 will be priced at AUD$329, and available with Boost Mobile, and later on with Vodafone in July. No comment was made regarding this 610 having NFC, so assume it doesn’t. The Lumia 900 will launch on Optus, next month, retailing for AUD$699. The Lumia 900, sadly for those wanting to get it on Telstra, will not support their 4G network. Although, it has HDSPA+ Dual Carrier support, compared to the Lumia 610 supporting HSDPA.

Colours of the Lumia 610 will range from glossy white and blue, to matte black and magenta. I like the way the bezel on the 610 is coloured to match the device. The Lumia 900 of course comes in glossy white, matte black and blue, with no confirmation of magenta. The matte black had a textured feel to it, very different to the 800, and seemed to be a lighter shade in my opinion.

After using the devices throughout the event, I found the Lumia 610 to be a little bit snappier, compared to the Lumia 900. Both of these will be launching with the latest update, “Tango”, and have WiFi tethering out the box. Great news for those who have been complaining that the Lumias are missing this feature. They both also have the new “Nokia Marketplace” logo.

The general feel seemed to be rather positive, especially towards the affordability of the Lumia 610, and impressed by the beauty of the White Lumia 900. At the event, there was a DC-16 charger getting lots of exposure and heaps of positive feedback. Hopefully we will see that come here, in the near future.

I should be getting a Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 fairly soon to review, so I will hopefully have a detailed video comparison soon.

If there is anything you want to know that I’ve left out, just comment or send me a tweet.



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