Videos: Nokia Camera Extension (Group Shot and Pano)

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We just posted about the camera extension app. Hopefully these will be features integrated into the main camera. Ah, Simon below comments it IS already deeply linked into the camera app. Nice 🙂 

First up, panorama. The UI is different to Creative Studio by Nokia.

Next, smartgroup. If you take a picture of a group of people and someone blinks, you can go ahead and just edit that person’s face to the point where they’re not blinking or have a better facial expression, without editing others.


This works by taking burst shot and then taking out the best part of each shot to combine into one picture.

It looks slow and it doesn’t work well with large movements.

This is like the Scalado rewind app, which BB10 seem to have incorporated.

More info at

There’s still burst shot and self timer left to demo.

The pano looks quite good. Seems to do a good job in a relatively difficult environment to pano. It might be better than Creative Studio’s pano.

Source: via  wmpoweruser

Cheers Arts for the tip!




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  • Indeed, the Camera Extension App is deeply linked in the Camera App. Therefore, you can use the above functions directly in the Camera App that we’ve already been using for a long time!

    • Jay Montano

      Hi Simon,

      So does that mean it’s already integrated into the Lumia and not a separate app?

      Ah, that’s awesome to hear. I thought it was a separate app, and as cool as separate apps are, I think features like this would be better integrated.

      I’ll update 🙂

      • You’re right, it’s installed as a separate app, but integrated deeply in Lumia’s WP original photo taking Camera App!

      • Ritesh

        @Jay, is there any such app like scalado for symbian?

  • Rebbe


    • twig

      Double great!!!Nice looking store!!! Great business function that pano.

      Girl on the left is so cute at the store.

  • Duffeldof

    I lolled for the title. Pano is in Finnish equivalent to word fuck in the meaning of having sex etc.

  • Jesse

    They all look slow, which is weird because the same extentions on the HTC devices are so fast. Hopefully it is just in debug mode and final version will be fast.

    • Rebbe

      It only takes a second for the HTC to stitch a panorama. Having a special partnership with MS I can’t understand why Nokia can’t do better?!

      • Jay Montano

        The Nokia Creative Studio app stitches a preview image pretty much instantly, but not always so accurate with the blending. Not sure how good the HTC one is.

        • Jesse

          HTC panoramic is much better than the Creative Studio version, although I think it is probably due to the better camera in the Titan too. Creative Studio is actually pretty worthless, you can’t even switch to the front camera for the effects.. : (

  • Grendell

    Cool! Now all they need is to improve the camera imaging itself and it would be great!

  • James

    Bummer, that’s two things integrated into the native camera app that N9 doesn’t have now.
    Groups Shot and Panorama….
    I hope Nokia brings it into the native app eventually…
    Once the next top-end Lumias come out, it’s understandable if the N9 fades from the radar.
    But until that’s true, it should be treated as their marquee ph, alongside the 900/800 etc.

    • KjM

      There’s a Nokia Panorama app for the N9. It’s a lot like the one for the N900, and works very well.

      Group shot’s not there, as far as I know.

      • James

        Yeah I know about the app, the UI’s pretty fugly but it works okay.
        Integration would be nicer/appreciated though.

  • Awesome !