Weekend Read: Creating the Windows 8 user experience

| May 19, 2012 | 34 Replies

With Nokia expected to create a tablet with Windows 8 on it, it’s good to know a little bit more about what we’re getting into (perhaps without delving into getting a consumer preview version).

There’s a very interesting Β (and very long) read into Windows 8, titled, “Creating the Windows 8 user experience” tweeted on my feed by @stroughtonsmith.


Amazing blog post from Microsoft about Windows 8; they talk the talk – Windows of yore is dead

At the start there’s a lot of reflection back on the previous versions of Windows – how it evolved with plenty of criticisms (with hindsight) about usability. They mention that all of that was ‘pre-iPad World’ and now expectations of a personal computer is rapidly changing. With that, they tell us about their goals for Windows 8 experience. They offer some criticism about the Windows 8 consumer preview and a forward statement again on the aims for Windows 8.

As Steven said, MS is certainly talking the talk here. Come Q3/Q4 we need Nokia and MS to walk the walk and deliver. Windows 8 tablet/pc and windows 8 phones.


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    From what I got hinted at, at the 900 launch, June will be the month to watch. Also, there were hints that WP8 will be a lot more competitive than mango. Not sure exactly what it means, but its a start. Also was told if there isn’t a Nokia phone with WP8 before Nokia World, somethings gone wrong

    • Viipottaja

      Told by whom? Nokia folks?

      Sounds promising!!

    • john

      “Also was told if there isn’t a Nokia phone with WP8 before Nokia World, somethings gone wrong”

      Sounds too good to be true! Nokia World is in September.

    • dsmobile

      next phone need to be 100% perfect.

      I heard something about the device and in my book it might not be enough to save Nokia. WP design is still the same.

      • myname24

        so a long way for pureview lumia .If WP8 can’t be competitive how nokia can be ?
        what about other’s ? Symbian s40 meego meltemi ?

      • Viipottaja

        Why not? What worries you about it specifically?

        But there will be a lot of new integration/synching and other features in WP8, I would guess. And I suspect there are at least some UI tweaks as well even if not in the Live Tiles that you so dislike.. πŸ˜‰

        • dsmobile

          They just aren’t taking the UI design enough to next level that really would make the device interesting.
          What comes to software it is just too small steps.

          Same old touch keys still there. It will be Lumia 900 but with bigger screen and slimmer and curved screen.
          Yes the camera wont be best out there because it’s slim design.

          Meltemi seems to be VERY slow progress. You will get more interesting devices from Samsung with Tizen OS before Nokia gets anything done with Linux.

          Nokia will die if that “super” wp8 phone is not selling same as iphone. Nokia only have this 1 card for 2012/2013.

          Plan B,C,D is “the end”.

          • James

            “Meltemi seems to be VERY slow progress. You will get more interesting devices from Samsung with Tizen OS before Nokia gets anything done with Linux.”

            “Plan B,C,D is β€œthe end”.”


          • arts

            Is meltimi always been this slow? I heard this project goes as far back as two years ago.

            • James

              Nah despite some claims it’s that old it isn’t…
              Not from what folks in the know at TMO have said.
              Started somewhere between Oct-Dec 2010 at the earliest.

              • James

                I might try reaching one of my contacts to verify exact age, & if there’s any truth to delays.
                I doubt he’ll say anything about the latter, he may say he cant comment at all.

          • Viipottaja

            Well, fortunately the UI/UX is the best part of WP as it stands. It’s more features that it needs more than any radical UI change. Totally buttonless version might be nice of course.

            900 follow up design sounds great, yes.

            Meltemi – not sure how much is know about it outside of Nokia by anybody.. seems as secretive if not more as the Meego/N9 was back in 2010.

      • yasu

        Apparently some operators share your opinion.

        From :

        “(…)The sources are also unimpressed by what they have seen of the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 platform developed by Microsoft that Nokia is expected to adopt for new handsets, though the platform will not be available by the crucial Q4 period this year.”

        • James

          I’d be surprised if it’s not done by Q4 sometime…
          If top-end Nokia WP8 handsets aren’t ready till Jan+ 2013 they’ll need to be amazing.
          Even then I think they’re probably screwed if they’re that late.

  • Wonder if Nokia will continue using the Lumia name with any possible tablet offerings, I’m guessing Lumia 1000. Also looking forward to WinPhone8, believe Nokia will bring out departing like the N950 with a full landscape keyboard for that. Lumia 950 perhaps.
    Exciting times, and I’m seeing more and more Lumia’s in peoples hands.

  • D Harries

    The size will be interesting. Whoever said a phone must fit into your pocket…. Designed to be worn on the belt, or messenger bag style is more practical. Some phones are very good at being small, but will the tablet still have a phone on it, or perhaps the tablet will require the phone as a partner device…

  • Keith too

    I’m excited about the prospect of Nokia W8 tablets. Though I hope they launch with at least mid range and high end models to pick from and have Intel and ARM choices.

    The only thing im not sure about is how well Nokia will make their first tablet going up against experienced tablet makers like HP, Samsung, Dell etc but I do they know being a frontrunner with W8 tablets will have a profound effect on their WP sales and the synergies between them will drive them both higher.

    Nokia is very hungry but not panicking and that is a potent motivational force. It would not surprise me at all to see Nokia be the number 1 W8 tablet maker. Though Nokia’s current stock is assuming complete tablet failure and that surprises me.

    • Viipottaja

      Frankly, how much is there into making a tablet? Isn’t the main thing about design, desiding which ports to have, picking a screen etc.? :p Ok, I am sure there is a bit more to it but I guess Nokia can outsource the design of the internals. And Nokia has fantastic wireless and cell phone radios and antennas know how that might give them an edge over others.

      • Viipottaja

        Plus Nokia Maps, Drive, cameras, Nokia Reading, Nokia Music, Nokia TV etc.

      • nn

        Outsourcing SW, outsourcing manufacturing, outsourcing design, …

        • Luisito

          next step outsourcing the whole Nokia

          • twig

            Headquarter in the lowest corporate tax country?

            • Luisito

              Why not… Or just move away to the place where their belogn now… cof cof *Redmon* cof cof…

        • Viipottaja

          Yeah, every OEM should do everything themselves, right?

          • James

            yeah you already addressed that post with an earlier one, sheesh.

            • Viipottaja

              I know, sorry about -I just forgot I had and there is no delete button. πŸ™‚

              • James

                Cool thanks for explaining & sorry for getting cranky.
                Just dislike unnecessary noise….

      • Pdexter

        In that logic, what is there to design on phones when it comes to any manufacturer. πŸ˜€

        • Viipottaja

          πŸ™‚ I would wager though that there is A LOT MORE to designing a smartphone’s innards thant there is to designing a standard laptop or even a tablet innards.

          Having said that it’s silly (to use a polite term) to think that every OEM should design everything themselves (and no one does) like N.N above seems to imply. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Francis

    WP8 might be too late to save Nokia. Furthermore, the momentum of “Nokia’s WP” excitation seem already over. Nokia WP will only gain user base very slowly (surely will grow), but gain definitely will be much less that what lost due to sunset of Symbian OS.

    I hope Nokia will be allowed to drastically change the UI and make it Nokia Only WP ( i remember reading something about it not long ago). Of cause those like current WP UI still can use back original UI, but with this Nokia’s WP UI may be better hope to attract current Symbian user, which they want some specialty of using Nokia’s phone and not OEM WP’s Nokia Phone nor WP is good as claim by Jay.

    • Doffen

      To attract the Symbian users at least most of the functionality of Symbian needs to be included in WP 8. I think most Symbian users can come to accept the WP interface but limitations such as no BT file transfere and no SD card needs to be removed along with being dependent on Zune and a computer.

      This is my opinion so do not bother to ask for documentation or a link to support the statements.

      • Luisito

        You’re right… I say before, and I say now… I can live with tiles, but not without the pletora of funtions and conectivity options Symbias has..

    • Pdexter

      Nokia is, but it’s not going to change the UI drastically like already hinted.

      What we will most probably see in Nokia actually integrating it’s services (not apps) in to WP8 and some cosmetic changes to make Nokia more appearant in the UI. Store and camera UI likely candidates for those changes.

  • James