Accessories: Leather Flip case for Nokia Lumia 800 (Luxury Alpha)

| May 25, 2012 | 9 Replies

Update 29/05/12: This case is fragile. The two tabs at the side will break if it falls. If the tabs break you can’t keep the phone in the case. I’ve glued mine back on.

We have more Lumia 800 accessories to check out – thanks again to MobileFun. I wanted to find a similar product for the N9 but mobilefun was out of stock so that’ll have to wait some other time.

There are a myriad of cases available for the Lumia 800 but this is the nicest one. The flippy part connects to the magnet the moment you close it. In other ones you have to fold the flap that has the magnet to catch the magnet at the base to keep the case closed. It’s also quite easy to just flick it open with a finger.


I wasn’t usually a fan of such cases but what I like about this is that it’s always on. When i have a pouch, the pouch ends up going on an excursion and isn’t seen for a couple of days.

So this is great for me as it will protect both the screen and that metal strip at the back – both the weakest points on the N9/800. They won’t break as such but they will get minor hairline scratches from dust/pocket lint. Knives/nails/concrete – ok but place it on a table that isn’t smooth as a baby’s bum and it’ll get scratched. :/ You only see the scratches when the screen is off or if you take a picture of it with flash on so for those who want to be using their Lumia but keep it pristine, this is a good option and a great case for that.

Durability wise, the only thing that concerns me is the plastic stubs on the side that keep the Nokia Lumia 800 held in place. Steve had a similar case where in the sides broke as he kept taking the 800 out too much (to show other folks how nice it looks) and had dropped it.

The N9 fits this case as you’d expect but the flash would be in the wrong position.


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