Lumia 900 Finland Launch Party + Nokia TV Launch

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As we previously suspected, the Launch of the Lumia 900 in Finland was at hand; Nokia Finland just announced the Lumia 900 Finland variant a few moments ago, as expected this is the ROW (rest-of-the-world) variant meaning it lacks the LTE support- which of course is not an issue considering Finland doesn’t support LTE as of yet.

Alongside the Lumia 900 also debuted the Official launch of Nokia TV as a Beta for FINLAND ONLY- Nokia has not yet confirmed whether or not this service will spread to other regions (I assume it will take some time considering the amount of licencing agreements required to carry out something like this), the Launch of Nokia TV adds it to the other great Entertainment services from the awesome Entertainment team which Currently Include Mix Radio as well as Nokia Reading.

Nokia TV is a rich hub experience where all local broadcasters stream their content to Lumia 900 (and Lumia 800, who will have to DL the app from the marketplace). Nokia TV app focuses on local catchup TV, i.e. what was played last night or the night before. Content is normally hosted for about 2 weeks but could be up to 30 days, really depending on the content provider. Nokia TV app complements the already existing distribution channels that the content provider has in the market- Nokia TV app hosts the meta data the actual content is streamed direct from the provider; enabling the provider to show relevant adverting before a show.


Update (Jay, cheers Janne for the tip!): Here’s some more info from NokConv Finland:


The new Nokia TV application brings Internet content Finnish TV-Snow-Nokia smartphones.

Nokia TV-application through Snow-smartphone Nokia entertainment of Finland, Nokia is expanding music service, television services. Application deployment is easy and does not require a login or registration.

Users can watch YLE, MTV3, Channel Four, URHOtv’s Voice, and programs. Capacity will grow in the future in other domestic and foreign program suppliers.

Janne confirms and says:

I’ve now seen multiple reports of people getting their phones, so it is definitely out in Finland in all the three colors and sporting “Tango” with the Wi-Fi sharing and better MMS settings and so on. Also Nokia TV is installed standard, as is Tango Video Calls (unrelated WP “Tango”). The silicone cover is not in the standard package it seems, so that is extra (it is on sale and stock too, both the back covering and bumper style). The USB cable is white like the charger.




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