Clove UK’s Nokia 808 PureView pushed back to mid-late July

| May 25, 2012 | 32 Replies

Apparently those who pre-ordered the Nokia 808 PureView in the UK from Clove will have to wait a little bit longer again. It was already moved from May to June. Not sure what’s going on.

Here is an email that reader, stylinred got:

You recently placed a pre-order with us for the Nokia 808 PureView, thank you.

We have today received information that the 808 will not be available for sale SIM-FREE through Clove until mid-late July.

We understand that this is not the news you want to hear, as stock was expected in early June but we are sure this phone (or camera with a phone) will be worth the wait.


At this time, unless we hear otherwise we will retain your pre-order and contact you when we have more information.

The Clove Technology Sales Team

Again I am not sure why but could it be related to this: Steve Litchfield says Nokia has not produced any retail Nokia 808 PureView yet. Well, there are already Nokia 808 PureViews seen by members of the public in UAE.

Creator of Gravity for Symbian, @janole asked Steve if he was sure. Steve said:

well I know they’re still tweaking the camera algorithms, video especially…

So UK stock is probably of least priority if other countries officially assigned will have to wait too.

Cheers Stylinred and Gerii for the tip!


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  • nn

    Repeat of N9. Elop just doesn’t like anything that isn’t WP.

    • Jay Montano

      This has taken 5 years to make. The N8 was delayed from April to October. Pretty much all major Symbian devices have been delayed because they were ‘tweaking the software’.

      • Janne

        Bye, bye, Symbian.

      • nn

        Except that Elop was supposed to fix that, you know, changing the clock speed at Nokia and all that PR crap.

        • Jay Montano

          He is. We saw Belle on time and FP1 was demoed in Feb.

          Consider the speed of Nokia before, when they had 6000 developers focused on ironing out bugs first instead of trying to refine the features into a polished, easy to use UI? Their time was spent fixing rather than creating. How can you speed Symbian development up when previous Nokia heads spent billions upon billions but moved so slowly?

          As part of that increased ‘clockspeed’ Nokia are producing phones that take less development time. 800 was announced and shipping same day. I was not at all pleased with the 900’s time to market but still better than previous performance.

          • nn

            How you can’t speed up development of Symbian phones when you killed the line and the 808 is last major project? Yeah, Lumia 800 was fast and the result is clearly uncompetitive product. Lets see how WP8 phone will end when half of the thing (i.e. SW) isn’t even under his control.

          • swain

            Nokia are back to the track of infinite waiting. I think they are making strategy to fail symbian badly in favor of WP. Shipping on same day for Lumia(800) and 5 months(may be more) waiting for Symbian. Actually I never heard the shipping of any symbian devide within 1-2 months of announcement. Well done Nokia. You are on right track to terminate symbian.

          • j

            well for the 800 the bug fixes came after the release.

        • Janne

          nn: Elop was supposed to fix Symbian by getting rid of it.

          Like Stalin used to say: No Symbian, no problem.

          • nn

            He said he will sell 150 million more units, that wasn’t small number so I would expect him to take care of Symbian to make sure it will deliver on time and on features, improving Nokia reputation. But yeah, it could be said he just killed Symbian and MeeGo with one stroke of pen and then went to his WP corner and let rest of the Nokia to slowly disintegrate.

            • Janne

              nn: Of course he tried to sell 150 million Symbian devices, botched it and failed. Sure, we agree there.

              As for increasing the clockspeed of the company, I don’t think he ever said he’d fix Symbian’s clockspeed. Instead, they said Symbian was too far gone to be fixed. I concur.

              Still, despite of Symbian, looking forward to the 808.

        • Pdexter

          We have seen quite of a huge improvement on it.

          Like Jau said, do you remember the N95 days or N8, those where crazy. Not to say Nokoa doesn’t need to improve this, because they need.

          Some might also ask, why is it always Symbian phones getting delayed, and don’t give me that Elop argument because Symbian phones where delayed even longer before.

          Windows Phones where made in 8 months and available after a bit over month from announcement.

          • Pdexter

            Ipad plus fast typing makes no good pair. ๐Ÿ˜€

            • HappyN9User

              Ipad makes no good.

              There, I fixed that for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jari

      Nokia is running out cash, they can produce only limited number of devices and when they are sold, they have the money to produce some more, thats the reason why some countries are not getting The 808 in the first batch. R.I.P Nokia.. Gonna support them one last time.. and if Windows phone is their only option in smartphone category they are so gone:-( No Micros**t device here.. Never ever. I think I am not the only one who thinks the same way. Nokia N9 is the best Nokia phone ever, 808 Pureview maybe The 2nd best.. Those marginal Microsoft phones are not for the big masses.. Ms is too hated company.. Their Ceo is rated as the worst Ceo in the world in 2011 and Eflop is not far behind Balmer = total catastrophe. Good job Nokia! ๐Ÿ™

      • James

        N9 was a big let-down in many ways, esp. hardware-wise….
        But also bugs/issues, & to a lesser extent feature limitations.
        Hw would’ve been addressed with the 3rd & final Maemo6x ph before MeeGo proper (U8500 or OMAP4).
        W/o question it would’ve been on shelves in some countries by now…
        And w/a team that hadn’t shrunk almost 100%, there’d have been far less bugs & slightly more features.
        But that’s all wishful thinking now, instead we have to place our hope in WP8x, here’s hoping.

  • Janne

    From that tweet it sounds like they might still be finalizing the software, so that they can flash the devices before packing for retail? Symbian delays striking again?

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  • Mapantz

    Ok, some people may be disgruntled about the release date getting put back. But on the other hand, have many of you thought .. actually, the team behind this beast may not be 100% happy with the final product, so some more tinkering is to be done to perfect this beauty? I’d be inclined to go with that option, in which case, i don’t really mind.

    • Lord US

      Perfecting the 808 would require serious new software and hardware. And a new reputation for the Symbian OS.

      Seriously, the delay could be caused either problems with the Symbian software or something in manufacturing the camera module.

      The users of the Nokia devices should be used to these delays. They were originally introduced back in the days of Kallasvuo and this is just a continuation of this long lasting tradition.

  • Ole

    The only thing Nokia is quick with seems to be bullshit.

  • zymo

    Oh man, how I missed those days where Nokia announced a device and released it 6 month later. Seems like the good old days are back!

    • Lord US

      That happened with the N8 because it was so hard to get Symbian working properly. At the time they even had to ditch some of the S^3’s features for the initial release.

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  • stylinred

    It would explain why they asked the journalists not to use the camera and why they got topolino70 to remove his video

    but it doesn’t make sense considering the videos look fantastic…

    I asked clove if there was any chance at all the phone may turn up earlier and they said nope -_-

    Guess I won’t have my 808 during my summer trip this year sigh

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