MNB RG: Lumia takes Nokia back to #1 in Finland, (+WP 7.53% according to statcounter)


This was more of a tip but Janne had already summarised most of the main content. I’ve added some info on statcounter – very promising news indeed:
According to IDC and as quoted in major Finnish financial press, Nokia is back to 41% in Q1 of Finland’s smartphone market, after dropping to as low as 31% last summer and from the first place… In Q1, Samsung sold 28% and Apple 21% and Nokia was again #1. In this article Finnish operators are praising Nokia and saying the Lumia sales are not only coming from Symbian, but from others as well. They expect Lumia to continue eat into the competition. Recently at Nokia AGM, Elop reported that Nokia had also regained the #1 position in Finland in sales value thanks to Lumia, after loosing it to competition last year.
The article is titled “Finland found Nokia’s smartphones again”:
Also, Finnish operators say the Lumia 900 had a very promising, very good start of sales in Finland:
Statcounter above shows WP now continuing to grow to 7.53%. There is a marked decline in Symbian because statcounter stopped counting Symbian ans S40 as one thing (this only stopped in April, hence a lot of data up to then may have been misrepresenting the Symbian userbase and the rate of decline).
Taking 7.53% in the space of a few months is significant because this is new sales vs all current handsets in use.
StatCounter is a web analytics service. Our tracking code is installed on more than 3 million sites globally. These sites cover various activities and geographic locations. Every month, we record billions of page views to these sites. For each page view, we analyse the browser/operating system/screen resolution used and we establish if the page view is from a mobile device. For our search engine stats, we analyze every page view referred by a search engine. For our social media stats, we analyze every page view referred by a social media site. We summarize all this data to get our Global Stats information.
Finland’s mobile market is small – the whole population is only 5 million so take that into account. However, this is more of an important symbol than anything else, that Nokia can reclaim their own position in their on market and not be on consistent decline with their new line of products.
Windows Phone, via Lumia, is on a very good increase. It might look like there are two peaks of Windows Phone, the first occurring just by the end of 2010 but that’s actually Maemo.

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