The trip to Finland begins!

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Hey guys! Today (Monday 4th, Queen’s Jubilee day too, as well as hopefully some exciting E3 stuff this week) I’ll be flying to Finland. I may (hopefully) be catching some sleep now before an early start. It’s most likely a bus ride to Manchester Airport to Helsinki, arriving late afternoon. I’ll be settling in a bit and doing some exploring.

Tuesday is when it all begins as I’ll be making my way to the one and only Nokia House, the HQ at the heart of Nokia. Packing has been a little more hectic than expected as my housemates and I are also packing up the house as we’re moving out in the next couple of weeks or so (I will be Preston bound next year as that’s my Hospital base for clinical years).

I’ll be tweeting from @jaymontano right up until fastening the seatbelt up tomorrow. Hopefully I might be able to get internet on my phone whilst in Finland – T-Mobile’s highest data plan is 50MB for £10. 50MB lol. 50MB. That’s like a 2 minute internet surf.

In the itinerary you will see various parts of the Nokia team that we’ll have the chance to speak to. If you have questions for those particular people, please leave them here. I will collate them and ask them on the day.

There’s an interesting first session with a name from a team member I can’t mention yet.

I’ll try to get as much on video – though most likely with internet issues you may not see this until I return and process the videos. I’ll at least get summaries written up. Also, given that my recording instrument is my 60D, it has issues with 10minute video limitation and the fact that it randomly decides now and again to shut off recording midway (rather unreliable – must be monitored). I’ll have a back up audio recording at least to jot down the sessions.

Itinerary for Tuesday:

9AM to 10AM – Asha team: [I’ll add the names once we’re done]

10AM to 11AM – Gear: [I’ll add the names once we’re done]

11AM to 12AM – TBD
12AM to 1PM – Cafeteria lunch, also invited [[I’ll add the names once we’re done]], as well as social media girls.
1PM to 2PM – Technology marketing: [I’ll add the names once we’re done]
3PM > People Made design exhibit preview tour
5PM dinner with social marketing team >>
9AM start at Nokia House, 1h meeting with Design
12PM >> sightseeing, at least Finnish Fortress (Suomenlinna), but need to consider weather.
6PM >> dinner
I’ll be leaving very early in the morning, and will be back 9:30am in UK.
I’m super excited, yet somewhat nervous too. I’ve never been to a Nokia related event where I’m the only blogger person there.
Thanks to Vilja, Elina and Nokia Connects for organising the trip, especially working around my Uni schedule in order to make sure I was able to go.
Thank you to the Nokia people who are taking time out to speak with me/us on those dates
Finally of course, thanks to you guys out there the Nokia community, MNB Readers, friends, supporters who got MNB to where it is today. Thanks for voting for us. As a Nokia fan, the opportunity to go and visit Finland and Nokia House is just too surreal. It is an absolute honor and privilege to have been considered, let alone chosen to go. Thanks all!

Again, if you have questions you’d like to ask, please leave a comment below.

Current Question logs:

  • news about the “next billion” strategy (meltemi, qt, new class of devices)
  • if they’ll also put the amazing microphone to the next Lumia models. Is Nokia going to have a suite of good picture and audio quality also in the WP range. Hopefully so, as those things are a synergy plus when put in to the same product. This hasn’t been discussed or mentioned earlier. What I’ve heard is that Lumia is ready for the PV technology some day sooner or later, but as the HQ audio capturing is not a part of PV, will it come with the WP devices too?
  • what is happening on the tablet front (if anything).I’d also like to hear about the higher end of the Asha range
  • Batch of questions also available from here:
  • I want to know is why they cancelled the Nokia 600 and practically removed all traces of its existence. Not that it was a good device, but still. That stuff doesn’t go unnoticed. Also, why don’t they have global releases for software updates? Its the thing that annoys me the most. Especially since in Australia, many are still waiting for Belle
  • Could you ask if there will be more updates to the N9 after PR1.3?
  • – Try to get some confirmation, even if semi-official, about the upgradeability of the current Lumia line, at least the 800 and 900 to the upcoming WP8 – they should already know it by now, so put your +5 Diplomacy, +3 Appraisal hat on and try to get something other than `no comment`.
    – As mentioned above, try to get some info on what should we expect from Nokia tablets, especially what system will they run on – Win8 full, WindowsRT, WP8?, some other OS?
    – Do they plan to do inductive charging – imagine an N9 without even an USB port (and no buttons, no moving parts, nothing but a single piece of polycarbonate)!
    – When, if ever, do they plan to update their Maps to include countries that were once covered and then ditched by the Navteq purchase – specifically Serbia in my case but there are a great many number of countries that are still off the list. This is more on a personal note, but it’s a shame that my N95 did better navigating job in my home country 5 years ago (until Nokia suddenly changed the maps provider and then it stopped working, despite being still locally advertised as full Maps & Directions solution), and after all there are maps of Serbia, albeit a bit outdated, on Navteq’s site.
    – Do they plan to release a FCam-like API for the 808 PV so that us developers can tap into the awesomeness of its processing?
    – Do they have some new designs in pipeline for both WP and non-WP phones, as so far they have been reusing the N9′s and to an extent C7′s design.
    – Do they plan to create full-QWERTY smartphones, regardless of the OS in the future?
    – Will we be seeing their aqua-phobic coatings on their devices anytime soon? What about stretchable electronics?
    – Do they plan to implement the stand-by low-powered screen on their upcoming WP models (provided they are equipped with AMOLED screens, of course)?
    – When is PR1.3 coming for the N9? Rumors say mid June, so they ought to be able to confirm or deny it without risking over-promising.
    – Do they plan to expand on the PV tech by introducing either light-field sensors, or mountable/replaceable optics?
    – How about pico-projectors?
  • Where’s the Nokia charger mat?
  • Someone could ask about a PureView camera with an optical zoom. It would be great to be able to get one without the phone.
  • Ask about future Symbian Updates considering that 808 will go on sale at almost all places .. ? Also one very important thing .. How are they going to make use of the existing ecosystem of Symbian in future i.e. The App Store ? Any plans of putting Meltemi on 701, 700 & 808 in future
  • Would it be possible to put Meltemi in the belle phones???
  • why the 808 is not being released in Australia even unlocked.
  • why nokia 600 cancelled ? , what will be done with meego , next billion/meltemi , about future of symbian after donna/fp2 update and why there has been no more symbian devices released?
  • Nokia tablet
  • want High spec meego
  • Are lumia’s upgradable to WP8, What is the price of PV,where is the nokia tablets,is nokia will make another symbian phone after PV,when FP2 update available is FP2 is the last update in symbian,
  •  ask about future smartphones, and to up the spec sheet when compared to rivals.
  •  CTOOffice work for the next billion or future disruptions?

Ive noticed that they have hired Linux experts to Oulu not for the Mobile phones division, but CTO Office function.

Regarding Qt: are they happy with the reception of developers towards Qt5. Why is Intel still contributing? How are they going to manage the app situation/availability for Qt as the next billion? Will there (some day) be hero Qt device, not only low end? The following wojld be nice to know, buy it would be politically incorrect to ask: did they have dual core Harmattan in the pipeline before Feb11?

Regarding Harmattan: did they really create
create Swipe from scratch in 8months!?! Givecredits to the team.

Ask what mr Skillman is working on

  •  When will Lumia Maps and Drive be integrated.
    Drive -not everything has a postcode or searchable address. Say the south entrance of a building, mall or park. need to be able to set to drive anywhere, save locations and routes and sync online.
    preasure MS to allow customised default map app and search.
  • Nokia’s involvement with Linux in general and how the future looks on that part.
  •  somewhere down the line I saw that Nokia store will be intergated into marketplace,operater billing in marketplace,when should we see maps to be nokia maps or vice versa.will the key missing features of Symbian will be for exclusive nokia or not,and when will the full exclusive apps for lumia be available worldwide.
  • Meltemi, new harmattan devices
  • umia pv prototype with curve glass that we saw a while a go
    …. The one that looks like a shaver .
  • is the 808 pv the last symbian device? Will there be more symbian devices after it?
  • Can nokia consider augmenting the audio recording capabilities of our phones perhaps software wise as well in the already highly audio capable phones like N8 and N9 via downsampling similar to the pureview principle? Because if we could encode audio clips at much higher sampling rates like 96kHz, we can downsample it to 44.1 kHz to reduce noise as well. I am guessing that Rich Recording uses that idea and hope that it can be implemented to older devices
  •  ask about nokia carla and why the naming change and what happened to the new keyboard for symbian carla and is there any E6 successor in the timeline
  • dual OS tablet win8 & android. Is Nokia working on dual phone? You know Samsung will now.
  •  ask Nokia people how Nokia is reacting to current situations(what exactly Nokia is doing or planning to change things around)

To Do/To Get:

  • Panda chocolate
  • Salmiakki Koskenkorva
  • Fazer stuff
  • Moomins

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