Concept: Windows Live Store (Marketplace, Zune, XBOX etc. all-in-one)

| June 7, 2012 | 5 Replies

So the guys over at 1800pocketpc are at it again with their concepts. This time, they have designed a concept for what they are calling the Windows Live Store. This is a all-in-one store for all of MS services. Right now, they have Marketplace for WP, an XBOX store for XBOX games and services, Zune for Music and Videos, etc.

This concept unifies the experience, which in my mind, is what Win8 intends to do and needs to do.

Here’s what the designer has to say:

The current concept will take us in the future Apollo update of Windows Phone – with bigger and higher resolution screens, that will give us more information and better experience.
My idea is our account to keep all information about our downloads, purchased, uninstalled and refunded stuff. Also all application settings to be kept in the cloud and when you get a new device, only one synchronization divide us from our settings and apps.


Yanko explains each image in his concept in more detail, and it’s a fantastic read so I suggest you check it out. Here is a gallery of his designs.


Source: 1800PocketPC


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