Vodafone AU testing a WP update ‘MCR3’ Update: Confirmed to be Tango

| June 7, 2012 | 10 Replies

I was on Twitter and noticed Vodafone AU posted a blog update with this week’s news on software updates.

As usual, it is full of Android FW, but to my pleasant surprised Nokia was featured. Apparently the Lumia 800 is getting a FW Update known as MCR3. Their other WP 7.5 handset, the Trophy 7, is also having the update tested.

What could it be? Is it Tango?

I asked both Voda and MS about it but MS say they have no info and Voda is yet to respond. Hopefully Voda hurry up with the testing and push this update to handsets fast, unlike other Nokia updates that tend to take 6 months.

I will keep you posted.

Update: Here’s a comment on their site, with a reply from a staff member

From that it’s confirmed to be Tango. You may ask how I know for sure? Reading “Mango Commercial Refresh” triggered my memory of 900/610 launch. They used that exact name when announcing what FW version the two devices would run. Finally we will have Tethering and more features. GET EXCITED! TANGO’S COMING!

Update 2: Just some more confirmation of the Update. Sheeds from WPDownunder got confirmation that the MCR3 update will have tethering, which further confirms that MCR3 will be the Tango refresh. Hopefully this appears soon, especially as many still don’t have the 12072 update.

Source: Vodafone AU Blog


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