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Here’s a gallery of some Nokia 808 Photos I took whilst in Finland! I wanted to upload it ASAP but the pictures wouldn’t fit on my blog. They actually won’t upload due to the file size limit.

Anyway, I’ve decided to put them up on Flickr. I don’t use the service much but I guess it’s time I did.

You can take a look at the photos here:

I don’t know how the flickr community works regarding subscriptions/following etc.

The Nokia 808 PureView was really fun to use! was lucky enough to try it in dark, dreary, cloudy, rainy and sunny conditions as Helsinki tried to show me the full range of weather that day. Unfortunately no night shots as the sun stays up until very late and the 808 was already returned by then. I wish I did have a chance to test out super low light with xenon as I know, like the N8/N82, 808 will knock your socks off.

I didn’t tweak the settings at all. Some are in PureView, some are in 38MP mode. I couldn’t quite work out how to use the camera properly anyway (e.g. how to take macro 38MP. I went back to scenes to switch to 38MP but it ended up becoming 5MP pureview again).

Anyway, most of the shots there aren’t composed. It was just, “oh that looks nice, snap” and the 808 camera is fast enough to deal with that. Especially if just left off.

Repeat: All the pictures here are just screenshots of the actual picture. This means that the pictures you are looking at on this page are no where near the full quality. I did that just to make it easier to write this post. Go here for the photos on flickr.


Here’s our flickr group:

update: It seems I haven’t managed to work out how to put the full resolution image on flickr. Sorry about that. Anyone know how to enable this?

Update 2: The ads on the side of flickr answered. I’m going to need to get the $25/year subscription to pro I think to get full resolution access. Bear with me for a second whilst I activate that. Hopefully it means existing files and not just future ones.

Update 3: Full resolution images now available at Flickr.  Click the + magnifying glass symbol and then view all sizes to download the original.

The pictures I’m embedding in the blog are screenshots and are no way indicative of the full photo.

Mölkky! Nokia’s Vilja Sormunen is the Champion of this game.

After the rain I failed to notice a little smudge on the top left corner. You’ll notice it in the full size image.


Now these pictures above – they’re actually just crops.

I really like that they’re high quality enough that you can just find pictures in a picture.  Even when you’re using PureView mode at 5/8MP, you can still make crops and have high quality.

In the photo below, my DSLR was scaring the bird. It was big and it was noisy. I thought I missed the shot. It came back and with the 808, boom.

This was at Nokia house. This was the coolest looking vehicle entrance. I’m half expecting a Transformer to roll out.

Original (7152 x 5368)

lemme try a flickr link.

PureView MODE: Original (3072 x 1728)





Mooar boats.

Those last 6 pictures?

Actually it was one picture.

Here’s the pic on flickr.

Original (7152 x 5368)

No need to talk about specs. Quality and performance speaks for itself. There is no other camera phone that can rival what 808 can do right now. Just see for yourself.

I’m super excited about the Nokia 808 PureView! I’m really excited that such Nokia greatness is getting into consumer hands! I can’t wait to try this again some day.




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