Lumiappaday #211: Apict demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

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Apict is a super simple application that basically attempts to replicate a polaroid camera. It takes a picture, either a new one from the camera or your albums (can be from anywhere too since the gallery integrates from many sources) to produce a vintage style polaroid pic. So on top of the square aged picture, you get that polaroid-esque paper that you can even add text at the bottom.

That’s pretty much all it does. For fans of the Sepia Cat, this might as well be called the SepiaCatApp. Some people really enjoy this kind of thing.

It’s like a one job instagram, a perfect way to hide your inability to compose a picture or your phone’s possible potato like photo qualities.

I have to say, it does a pretty decent job at making the pictures look old without looking artificially aged. But that’s based on me recently coming across some family pics from the 70s/80s that looked a lot like this. It looks a lot better than the attempts of vintage sepia pics I keep seeing littering my facebook feed.

If you want something a little more versatile, try Nokia’s own Creative Studio app, or if you really want to play with your pictures, go for Fantasia Painter:

For what it advertises and what it says it will do, it definitely meets achieves that.

From the developer screenshot. Yes to sepiacat.

#211) Apict 

Price: £0.79



Developer Blurb:


Welcome back instant camera !

Apict lets you add the unique “instant camera” look to your photos.


• take a new photo or select an existing one,

• crop and rotate the photo to select the area to work on,

• “Tag” the picture (add pencil handwritten text effect),

• apply the unique instant camera effect,

• save the result in high resolution,

• share it on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr directly from the app

Apict can also be launched directly from the Windows Phone built-in photo application, through the “extras” menu.

More info & screenshots on

Twitter: @apictapp


Apict has no affiliation with Polaroid Corporation.


Design: 7

Usability: 9

Performance: 9

Price: 8



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