Video: Nokia Reaction, very intuitive NFC Bluetooth Headset announced – demoed with Nokia N9 #earDetection

| June 14, 2012 | 14 Replies

Well, well, well – the much awaited Nokia Reaction bluetooth headset is now official. Much awaited as its name was leaked a few times on Navifirm.

I was hoping it would be a successor to the bH-905 (though there was a small possibility it would be instead part of the 904 earpiece family)

This bluetooth headset is NFC capable, BUT it has something cool called ‘ear detection’ where if you decide to pick up the phone instead, it will automatically accept the call through the phone. LOL, I’ve had a few instances in the past wondering why I couldn’t hear the caller, forgetting the BT headphones were active.


Contains 3 integrated microphones and volume control – helps you hear the world talk without raising the volume.

Advanced always ready feature – the moment you take it out of the holster, it connects to receive calls. Whilst in the holster of course, it stays powered down.

I like it – it’s a very intuitive bluetooth earpiece.

I love that chair. That’s a bluetooth Luna headset right? :p


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    I like the chair too. Very Luna-esque. Still not sure why there is FW though for the headset

    • Chris_Skylock

      I think the firmware is for the automatic volume controls such features. It has sensors that you can just answer the call just by lifting it near your ear. firmware updates are needed to make the sensor accurate. I think that’s the purpose on top of my head.

    • Mariano

      She is HOT!

      • gasbond

        Ommmm…let’s see….. Oh yeah! Yes she is:)

        • yeti

          Saw the title, looked at the pictures, saw the girl…

          …(5 minutes later)

          Oh, there is a nice bluetooth in the ad!

  • noway
    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

      Not unexpected…. The last couple of quarters showed this would happen… I just want to see how long would it take..

  • jiipee

    Nice, does not work with WP except the cheapest one…

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  • Chris

    Looks pretty promising. As easy as BT headsets sound on the idea level, there’s always a level of fussing about when you’re on the move and come back in for a second.

    However, most of my problems with BT arises from erroneus ‘connected’ reports, with sound continuing to come out of device speakers.

    Hope NFC will turn out to be more reliable.

  • JD!

    So, WP headsets still doesnt work with it? Why show a dead N9? Only Elop knows! He love fires :p

  • SirraH77


    The headset seems pretty nice especially when demonstrated with such a beautiful phone 🙂

    ps. Did you post the answers to our questions for your Nokia visit?

    Did I miss it? I am most interested about the future disruptions part (Linux/Qt phones).


  • Sher

    Will it support connecting 2 phones at the same time?.

  • Silthice

    So we have to keep bluetooth turn on?