‘Leaked’ XBox 720 document, Kinect 2, Fortaleza Glasses, Cloud Gaming and Unified Ecosystem.

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What you’re looking at is the supposed new Xbox 720 document, which I came across on Reddit and TheVerge.

Nokia is deeply tied to the Microsoft path so this sneak peek might alleviate or raise further concern.

This details a roadmap all the way to 2015, with next generation of Xbox appearing in 2013.

What’s happening on the mobile end?

Well, being able to play next gen games on your Lumia. Not Xbox Live WP8 games, but actual XBox titles.

Not sure how this would work given the touch controls.

There’s another new peripheral – Xbox Kinect Glasses – (Different to Xbox SmartGlass). Think more on the lines of augmented reality glasses, like that Nokia concept or more recently, Google Glasses.

I’d be really interested in the phones/tablets being able to play the XBOX 360 games and maybe stream the 720 games. Think Xbox phone/tablet, wireless HDMI/DLNA/HDMI TV connection, BT controllers.

Not sure when this document was made but commenters have said it looks old (it may be pre-NOK-MS) and shows that certain things have started to play out, like Metro interface on the desktop and SmartGlass.

What’s XTV?

Interesting look at what they predict is coming. Wii2, WiiU, is it in trouble?

Note, pre Win8 metro. At least to me that looks like the HP Slate.

Note Nokia are not on the OEM page (nor ASUS, LG, HTC etc). Note also that this document shows Avatar as the movie entertainment choice (2009).

There’s obvious improvements coming to Kinect in terms of accuracy and handling more people.

From 2015 it seems it’s cloud on up.

The document available here:

Well not long before we here some official news from MS regarding at least the next stage of Windows and Windows Phone.

Source: TheVerge via Reddit


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