#N9Hacks: Post to Facebook and Twitter from StatusBar

| June 16, 2012 | 32 Replies

MAG is at it again. In the latest addition to his hacked Status Bar, he has brought us the ability to update Facebook and Twitter, similar to what we saw with iOS6 early on in the week.

Quick status updates is a status menu plugin that allows you to post Facebook and Twitter status updates from the status menu (not many statuses there )

To install this, you will need to be running in Open Mode or at least have Inception installed on your device. The second requirement is that you have installed the Status Bar “unlock” hack.

Facebook lets you add links in separate fields to the status itself, while Twitter is simply the update. It’s not very feature packed, but it is really simple to use, and builds upon the simplicity of the N9.

Source: TMO

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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at]outlook.com or tips[at]mynokiablog.com

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  1. benjimola says:

    That is so kool now this is why the N9 is the best phone.

    • James says:

      WTF… Are you schizophrenic or something? ;-P
      One minute you’re all hate & the next you’re in love.

      • benjimola says:

        Lol. Honestly I don’t hate anyone but the way the fan bois behaves makes me join them cause I can’t beat them. Anyway am mocking the n9 fans because its hacks like this that makes then buy the phone and when ask what’s special about the phone they will brag how the almost brick the phone just cause they want hack like this.

        • James says:

          Why listen to braggers, enjoy what you use & don’t join in on the infantile posts.
          Nine times out of ten if you actually do you homework, hacks like these aren’t an issue.
          Only folks who aren’t clued-up & just want to brag that they’re l337 h4x0rs have issues.

  2. nokia destroys itself says:

    i did a look at nokia belle store, to my surprise, many great n9 apps are also available for 808 pureview,

    808 pureview has many great apps like cutetube, gravity, vimeo, fmobi, nokia internet radio, nokia play to, nokia big screen. Etc

  3. nokia destroys itself says:

    i did a look at nokia belle store, to my surprise, many great n9 apps are also available for 808 pureview,

    bring qstardict or mstardict to nokua belle, any developers here

  4. weirdfisher says:

    Hi Michael, I have problem regarding installing the theme you posted.

    I’ve read steps here http://leimu.drupalgardens.com/content/themechanger

    “Create your own theme dir
    Themes reside in this path on your device: /usr/share/themes
    Your theme will be new directory in that path, let’s say it “mythemedir” in this example
    you’ll create following dirs:

    I cannot create folder in /usr/share/themes/
    I have developer mode on. I dont know what to do now.
    How can I fix it?


  5. James says:

    Man this guy is a freak/legend.

  6. flopjoke says:

    F-ing A! Man, this is brilliant! Thanks for this! Still wondering why the status bar was locked in the first place.. It’s kind of the main “hub” of the phone from most apps.

    Oh, I kinda missed the hack for the power save mode, bluetooth, flash, etc. in status bar.. where did you get that from?

  7. NokiaFan says:

    Does anybody know if i should still expect pr1.3 update for n9 after Nokia announcement two days ago ? thankx

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      TMO has a post from the dev of CuteTube saying regarding an email they sent him saying there is a serious bug in his app on the newest N9 fw, posted yesterday


    • James says:

      They announced PR1.3 two days ago???
      I know it was rumoured to be coming about now.
      But I was hoping they’d take their sweet time.

      I wouldn’t care if it didn’t come till October.
      So long as there was a decent count of features & all the nastiest bugs were fixed.
      But I guess that’s not an option any more… :(

      • James says:

        Saw the thread, thanks…
        I hope they’re allowed to take more time to get fully solid.
        It’s very hard to make speedy progress with such a skeleton crew.

      • NokiaFan says:

        No no no. What i meant is if we should still expect pr1.3 update after Nokia financial announcements 2 days ago. They are cutting back on everything (expect wp). So who know what has happen to tiny MeeGo department at nokia. :(

        • James says:

          That thread suggests it’s still coming, we’ve had plenty of other hints.
          It well advanced so I doubt they’d pull the plug on it entirely.
          It’ll probably be rushed out ASAP now, whether it’s properly polished or not.

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    • amoshydra says:


      • James says:

        Yup. It’s weird shit nowadays.
        Have to kill it with fire…

        • incognito says:

          We should hire Elop, I hear that he’s good with a torch…

          • James says:

            LOL incognito’s in epic troll mode lately, at least it’s creative ;-P

            • noki says:

              can we censure incognito to be unhappy about the soon to be dead Nokia? And the man that brought this into the company that pretty much invented the business? that was number 1 wen he entered, with increasing numbers of devices sold, that have good profits?

              can we?

              • James says:

                Hey I’ve no problem with him venting…
                I was only joking, he can vent all he wants.
                I’m quite the fan of his venting, & usually agree with much of it.

            • incognito says:

              Nah, more of a – huge amount of work on the plate lately, hence the sane solution: procrastinate. Sadly, I’m most creative when procrastinating… Scumbag brain, I say…

  9. Really no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other people that they will assist, so here it happens.

  10. Edgar says:

    hi, hey dude i was wondering if you could tell me where did you get that theme for status bar, i see you got the bright, battery saver mode, bluetooth and other stuff in there that is not available by default in the phone :)

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