Nokia 808 PureView beats all in GSM Arena’s blind camera test by huge margin of votes

| June 18, 2012 | 49 Replies

The contenders were revealed a few hours ago but it was not yet clear who the mass public preferred, based simply on the quality of the photos.

By a huge margin of votes, the Nokia 808 PureView wins. GSM Arena previously stated that some people found it difficult to distinguish between the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone and the micro-four-thirds, Olympus.

Now in this test, the blind nature means people were choosing the best picture, as opposed to merely voting for their favourite phone out of bias. Without knowing what camera took what picture (for definite) people were choosing based on which camera performed the best and produced the best photo for them. Thus the voting is not like all the other times we might have asked to to go vote for a Nokia, just because it’s Nokia. This was voted based on quality and performance – no ties to any brand.

As I noted before, I liked E the best as it was the clearest and most natural looking to me but I did think at one point that it was the dedicated micro-four-thirds and not the phone, 808 because I was expecting the micro-four-thirds dedicated advanced compact to be the clear winner.

It isn’t the case.

The numbers are quite clear – Nokia has really managed to create something special with the 808 PureView. Matching the Micro Four Thirds camera in terms of image quality would have been impressive enough, but beating it is simply stunning.

We did expect the Nokia 808 PureView to trump its smartphone competition quite easily, but the fact that it was voted best performer by more than twice the number of people that chose the the E-PL2 was a bit surprising even to us.

Anyway, we are busy putting the monster cameraphone through its paces and we are still on track to giving you its full review some time this week. Stay tuned!

Let me add Damian’s reaction tweet again:


N8 coming just above the OneX is a surprise. Perhaps it’s because the N8’s pics were down sampled to 8MP.

(Update: Ah, it appears they just counted pictures of number 1 preference, hence why quite rightly N8 did not get as much votes as 808 or E-PL2. But it doesn’t make sense why folks had voted the clearly worse pictures at the top :/)

Cheers Aymen for the tip!


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