Microsoft Unveils New “Surface” Tablet Line Running Windows RT & Win 8

| June 19, 2012 | 187 Replies

Earlier today Microsoft held a launch event for what you see above; the new range of Windows tablets FROM MICROSOFT (Not a 3rd Party OEM); Microsoft announced two tablets under the new range called “Surface” one of these tablets runs the default desktop version of Windows 8 while the second runs Windows RT which is the tablet/touchscreen liter version of windows, Windows RT is probably the closest thing to what to expect from WP8 and so far things look promising.

Just check out this awesome Promo/Teaser video:

The Surface tablets also come with a killer feature which is the cover that’s much more than a cover, one cover (both snap on magnetically like the iPads smartcover) has a fully functioning keyboard with keys that sink down when pressed on, while the second cover is basically a gigantic trackpad.

The color choices of the keyboards remind me of the Lumia ranges colors

The trackpad cover is less than 3mm thin… that’s crazy.

Both tablets have an integrated kickstand that pops up ninja style.


Surface for Windows RT tablet
  • Processor: NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM chip
  • Weight: 676 grams
  • Thickness: 9.3 millimeters
  • Display: 10.6-inch ClearType HD capactive touchpanel
  • Battery: 31.5Wh
  • I/O: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Software: Windows RT + Office Home & Student 2013 RT
  • Accessories: Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case & Stand
  • Capacity: 32GB / 64GB
  • Availability: “Around” the Windows 8 launch (fall 2012)
  • Pricing: To be determined
Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablet
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge)
  • Weight: 903 grams
  • Thickness: 13.5 millimeters
  • Display: 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD (1080p) capactive touchpanel
  • Battery: 42Wh
  • I/O: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Software: Windows 8 Pro
  • Accessories: Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case & Stand, Pen with Palm Block
  • Capacity: 64GB / 128GB
  • Availability: “Three months after” the Windows 8 launch this fall
  • Pricing: To be determined


On a Nokia related matter what does this mean for Nokia? Will Microsoft start to make their own phones as well; competing with their OEMs? (Microsoft has no problem pushing 3rd party manufacturers away as they recently banned HTC from making any Windows RT devices simply because “they weren’t dedicated enough”). Hopefully it won’t be long now until we see a Nokia tablet (can’t help but think of the “Coffee tab“) although design wise the surface tablets aren’t bad looking.

Here’s a handson video from Engadget

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  1. GS65 says:

    I think Elop is sitting in a corner in his white painted room, crouched and tearing his hair mumbling and crying “You promised me Ballmie, you promised me Ballmie”. Microsoft just screwed another company. You can all see the Microsoft Surface Mobile in happy colours infront of you. They don’t even have to buy Nokia, they probably know all Nokias “Future eruptions” already and they can hire the few people they need. Unless Nokia has something very special in their sleeves right now I can see the end. Just hope they get well paid for NSE, Navteq and their patents. OK, who said Android would be a bad choice, my guess is “Ballmie”…

    • JD! says:

      You are wrong. Elop must be dancing tonight and pumping his fist high… As he has succedded in the target of Killing Nokia forever.

    • krustylicious says:

      The tablet is proof that the Nokia and microsoft is “cracking”. And guess what nokia is now in a bigger mess than anyone ever really realised.

      Microsoft DID want to buy nokia, for an own “microsoft” phone. Nokia said no, so the microsoft and nokia partnership was born.

      Simplified version of events.

      Elop was the merger guy again, but this time its failed with the biggest mobile phone maker facing death and breakup/buyout.

      Elop i think you may start to need to love symbian AGAIN and wheel out that dual core symbian phone thats been sitting in dust for 3 years.

      • Janne says:


        “The tablet is proof that the Nokia and microsoft is “cracking”.”

        I think a lot of sane things, good and bad, can be said of the Surface announcement.

        But that is NOT it.

  2. Amanuel says:

    Yeah! There must be something that forced Nokia to bring dead symbian to US.

  3. Thomas F says:

    Nokia should launch a N10 Harmattan pure view and Harmattan tablet, with support for Android apps… i will use my normal laptop pc for the rest….

  4. Amanuel says:

    Guys! Look how fast msft is copying lumia designs

  5. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    I am not sure why you guys are crying… Nokia Microsoft announcement and deal is specifically around windows phone and if you remember Elop he has always said interesting options around tablet they will evaluate….
    Nokia can very well come with an even more amazing hardware package so will other OEMs where is the problem…. it’s just a tablet ref design from MSFT like Google nexus.. rather u guys sud be happy thinking windows 8 can be a real game changer and boost Nokia volume sales…

    another point try and be patient u guys know Nokia faces challenges and every thing needs time to give birth to a baby u need 9 months similarly Nokia needs time to sustain before they show further disruptions… u can not expect a company loosing market share to regain it and at the same time show u magic products that is not practical can not be done … even apple did not do it and Nokia too can not let them focus on specific R7D gr8 that will help differentiate and sustain next step after sustaining is to go for that kill…

  6. captcom says:

    MS have designed a turkey. It looks awkward as a keyboard as you would not use this on your lap, and why would anyone want a cover as a giant trackpad when we all love the tactile interaction with content through touching the screen directly. Obsolete before one unit gets sold. Terrible disappointment and I hope Nokia are still bringing out a W8 tab.

  7. Jay Montano says:

    Not sure what to make of the tablet itself but I really like that video.

    Wonder what’s going on with the whole Nokia colour schemes there.

    • noki says:

      And the sound theme, the industrial tablet design seams more RIM, but the coloring is Nokia…

    • Jan says:

      Its not Nokia color-scheme but Windows Phone 7 / Windows 8 color-scheme.

      • Janne says:

        And of course the fact that Apple already did the magneted, colored tablet covers thing is ignored.

        Microsoft obviously copied the color from Nokia’s Lumia design that has nothing to do with tablet covers and looks completely different and has no magnets, but still.

        Yes, I that must be how it happened. Why was I such an apologist that I didn’t see that?

  8. monkeyandweasel says:

    “Will Microsoft start to make their own phones as well”

    Only once the Nokia share price slips so low that Microsoft feel ready to buy.

    Personally, I think the keyboards look like a great idea, but how they feel / work will be key.

    It’s just a pity that it’s going to be so long until both of these hit the market.

    • Janne says:

      Yes, acquisition is a major risk for Nokia now that the stock-price is so low – and has been for months now. If someone bets for Nokia, Microsoft will bet too, that is very likely.

      Obviously the fans are hoping Nokia can manage to stay independent.

      • john says:

        The only problem is what do Nokia really have that others dont ? If MS can produce their own tablets, I would say producing a phone would be easier with all the chipset work done by other companies.

        Would it just be patents + Pureview ?

        They dont seem to have an edge on manufacturing at all anymore.

  9. Janne says:

    One more thing:

    I think people are missing the Xbox Surface angle. Microsoft is also positioning these efforts as an attack on the living room and I expect to see tablets play a role in the Xbox ecosystem as well.

    Again, not so much as a Nokia point, but a Microsoft observation. To the cry-choir, I am not making a statement that this is good for Nokia, so no need to attack me for discussing the topic of Microsoft Surface. :)

  10. Janne says:

    Reading this thread it has become obvious to me, that you really have to be an extremist to have a conversation here these days. It is all so, so black and white. I don’t feel like any other kind of message has a chance in hell of getting through the noise. You will get labeled in either camp no matter what.

    Either the position must be super-positive and super-negative, there is no in-between, because people will be judged that way anyway – no matter if they are in-between or not. Either you are an ass-kissing-all-apologising Elop fan, or you must think Nokia-is-dead-and-without-special-relationship. Any message will be strictly interpreted on this scale of 0 or 1.

    Being anything else and having a conversation is simply pointless. But still, let me say that I find the Microsoft Surface product interesting as a technology fan. Kudos to Microsoft for bringing something new to the table (e.g. the keyboard innovations). It looks nice. I think Windows 8 is shaping up to be an interesting product.

    And that’s all I have to say about that. :)

    • noki says:

      Janne, can you blaim people for being sad about Nokia current situation, and correlating that with the incompetent management that went “all in” with Microsoft?
      Do you still believe Nokia will survive as an independent company.

      People here like to play the game of “what if” what if Nokia did not enter WP, what if nokia keeped on sealing Hartman devices, what if this what if that….

      The only fact remains, NOKIA like many others enter an preferred partnership with Microsoft to die shortly after.

      • Janne says:


        I think the tendency of taking things to the extremes has destroyed our ability to have a discussion here, especially one rooted in something other than an extreme view of the matter.

        I have no problem with disappointment or even saddess, heck, I have plenty of both myself considering the overall Nokia situation. I have no problem with disagreement and good, solid discussion stemming for it.

        I dislike the extreme positions people hold – and expect others to hold as well.

        But then, what do I know, I’m just an Elop apoligist who thinks Microsoft releasing Surface is good news for Nokia. (Not really, but that is how I’m perceived no matter what I say.)

        The only solution, personally, I see is would be take an extremely anti-Microsoft, anti-Elop, anti-WP-strategy perspective. That is something that gets accepted here.

        But to me that’s a pretty pointless conversation. Not only because it is an uninteresting conversation of self-congratulation, but because it really ins’t rooted in the complex realities that actually exist.

    • Surface says:

      By your own account, you are the only sane person in the whole forum. What a modest person you really are :)

      Well as a raving lunatic myself, I will say just one more thing.. in the mobile world with the extreme volatility there is no in-between state. I gather that is why Elop is going all-in with MS. … and guess what MS did not reciprocate .. That much is black and white.

      • Janne says:


        “By your own account, you are the only sane person in the whole forum.”

        There are many sane people here and I’m not even sure I am one of them. Their voices are simply lost (and misinterpreted) in all the extremism.

      • Zipa says:

        “I gather that is why Elop is going all-in with MS. … and guess what MS did not reciprocate”

        Why people need to keep lying to find outlets for their hate of all things Microsoft is beyond me. If you think MS sucks so bad, why not go and hang out at TMO or Ahonen’s blog. I’m sure your lies will be much better received over there.

        • krustylicious says:

          Microsoft has got a very very long history of corporately killing competition (as in other companies)

          • Janne says:

            Again, here is a prized example of what I was saying.

            Microsoft has also an extremely long history raising companies to great heights, including success stories such as HP and Dell. They may be struggling now for reasons completely unrelated, but of course the extremist view will conveniently forget all the successes.

            And yes, now it is finally proved that I am not sane, when I’m once more trying to explain this to an audience that is not receptive.

        • Janne says:


          “Why people need to keep lying to find outlets for their hate of all things Microsoft is beyond me.”

          This is exactly my point. Why the need to resort to lies and exaggerations far removed from truth?

          I’m quite a bit willing to agree with many criticisms, but not when they are shrouded in crap like “there is no special relationship” (there is as evidenced by MS low-end announcements, platform support and location plans), “MS did not reciprocate” (they did, e.g. they have announced replacing Bing Maps platform with a one from Nokia).

          People take one event, in this case the Surface announcement and extrapolate wild things from that, and ignore all evidence to that would suggest a truth a little more complex. And then they have a hard time with people trying to point this out, labeling them as apologists.

          What a jolly nice place this has become. You have to hold the One Truth to be accepted here.

          • bjes says:

            and elop took the surface into account for his grand strategy is not a lie?

            • bjes says:

              you stretch the truth as much aa anyone else here but you say your opinion is more valid somehow.. other people are making conjectures like you do but only in the other direction. i think you are the more creative one in spinning the facts.

              • bjes says:

                personally i think not reciprocating to nokia with the view to tablet looks like the more vanilla truth than saying that elop knew about it and thought it was kosher as you seem to claim in your twisted mind

                • bjes says:

                  but maybe you are elop himself and therefore knows exactly how his mind operates?

                  just jocking. . let’s chill man. dont get too carried away ins silly arguments.

              • Janne says:


                “you stretch the truth as much aa anyone else here but you say your opinion is more valid somehow.. other people are making conjectures like you do but only in the other direction. i think you are the more creative one in spinning the facts.”

                I’d like to think my motives and methods are less sinister than that. :) But I guess it is also quite useless in trying to explain myself again. And of course, it would be just my subjective opinion.

                I don’t think my opinion is above that of anyone else, but I do think I rarely exaggerate, which many others unfortunately do. From that stems at least an attempt at balance, which I think is always important.

                I have felt the heat plenty of times from both the clearly pro-Elop and against-Elop persons while trying to do this. I don’t think Nokia’s situation is either black or white, but many people do think so. That I disagree with.

                • bjes says:

                  while you maintain your beautiful balance Nokia is sinking faster than the piece of shit down the flushed toilet hole. just saying.

                  • Janne says:

                    Yes, you guys keep saying that.

                    I think Nokia will be bought before it goes down the toilet, but neither scenario sounds very pleasing to me.

                    I’m not blind to Nokia’s predicament, nor have I ever been. I just don’t think it is an excuse for some people to spread bullshit exaggerations that very little to do with the reality.

                    Let’s keep the shit real and follow it at the actual pace it is going down, and not go ahead of it. Mm’kay? We are just bystanders here, all we can do is watch with clear, open eyes as we should. Instead of through a black welding mask.

                    We’ll get the numbers soon enough, is Lumia gaining traction or not? Trust me, if it sold 2 million in Q2 as well, I’m with you calling it a failure.

  11. Twig says:

    Hope eveyone realizes the Surface brings people to metro and more to windows phone. The colors match Nokia so you can go all Cyan…which help phones ,play 360, headphone,headsets. Profit without having to take the chance in the tablet wars. Win,win.

    • Grendell says:

      Agreed, the Surface has the potential to significantly increase the viability of the Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8 as a serious contender. It will definitely provide opportunities for Nokia to capitalize on. Whether they take it or not is entirely up to them.

  12. lordstar says:

    I really liked the ad!

  13. Keith too says:

    Surface is looking like they will own the high-end and they are going to be quite expensive. They have also kicked up the W8 hype machine and that will only grow from here on–wait until we start seeing them showcased with content and Smart Glass functionality. So they will be great for promoting W8 and for OEMs looking to sell low and mid-level tablets. OEM’s should actually sell more W8 tablets with Surface leading the hype machine but they will be in very tough if they try to compete in the high-end with them.

    This would only be bad for Nokia if they have been working on high-end models and hopefully there was enough in the special relationship that shied them away from the high-end–at least for the first round or two. If Nokia can get some solid results in with mid-range tablets I’m sure they have the smarts and the mojo to take on the high-end as well later.

  14. xxx says:

    Nokia shouldn’t do any tablet until they starts selling well their smartphones. They have no money to promote new products. It’s very risky. I prefer tablet with Meego\Meltemi\[any fucking linux]. WinRT has 0% market share. The big software machine is working for ios, android, x86 systems. Nobody will start developing software in new Ms dedicated IDE and language if there are no profits. WinRT probably becomes dead system like it’s brother WindowsPhone. Developing software for WP doesn’t exists. There are no advanced software at all. The best thing I can imagine is dead end of Ms and Nokia partnership. Nokia doesn’t need WP, meego is better system.

  15. No longer first time poster :-) says:

    I can only see this launch of Micr

  16. john says:

    I think this is a stunning development, this dosnt step on anyones existing toes as no-one has developed anything like this before. You have a tablet OS thats a full pc or running Metro\office along with a keyboard.

    The iPad is going to start to look very limited in a few years.

  17. Zeih says:

    So, this has become MyMicrosoftBlog? :|

  18. jagger says:

    Im just playing on my mind that an E7 would look like that, that a Surface like tablet phone like made by Nokia (That iPhone like body in a 4 inch thin brick plus a surface keyboard), wouldn’t that be an iPhone Killer? (I hope they will make some for Nokia Carla, I just really don’t like WinPho)

  19. ozimyj says:

    Nokia is in the big trouble if this tablet is produced by someone else

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