Nokia Suite 3.5 Beta Released! N9 users rejoice!

| June 20, 2012 | 56 Replies

Dear MNB readers,

Our Nokia loving friends over at Symbiantweet have given the heads up that Nokia Suite has been updated to version 3.5.14 Beta! The new suite provides the usual bug fixes and improvements but in my opinion the BIG update is the added Nokia N9 support!


New functionality in 3.5 release:

  • Copy content between your Nokia N9 and your computer
  • Get important improvements and fixes for many problems

I don’t have a N9 to test what level of support has been added so if anyone would like to share their thoughts on the new update and N9 connectivity, please let us know in the comments section.

As always, thank you for choosing MyNokiaBlog!

Source: Symbiantweet , Nokia Beta Labs


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  • reptile

    Nokia’s been working really hard lately..

    • Deaconclgi

      I agree!

      • Jill

        I could only agree to this .. if they release a new Nokia Social App for Symbian fully integrated with the OS in Qt 🙂

    • a3x

      you mean Accenture right?


    While I don’t have an N9, I’m genuinely happy for you N9 users. 🙂

  • the_game606

    nice, never is so late,is better late than never…

  • Do you sense a MeeGo comeback?

    • Marc Aurel

      No. Nokia just wants to show that they honor their promises of supporting Meego.

  • Shane

    Holy crap!?! Nokia I love you again! ;-P
    For the longest time they were clearly saying they have no intention of adding support for the N9.
    Which was utterly infuriating given it was their marquee handset until the 900/808 arrived.
    This has come completely out of the blue, they’ve managed to keep it entirely secret.
    I hope it offers the same level of support that the S^3 phones have!
    Can anyone please confirm, I currently don’t have a Win 7 install.

    • jiipee

      “Sorry, but it seems this application is not compatible with devices listed in your Profile. You can update the profile here:”

      And I already have N9 registered as the sole handset.

      Need to try again later.

      • Fuzzillogic
      • jiipee

        Works ok with some limitations
        – mms’s are not synchronized
        – contacts cannot be sync’d, it warns that I am already syncing with exchange
        – Nokia store cannot be used to install programs to N9
        – messages takes some time (still waiting)

        • Deaconclgi

          Great feedback! Check out the beta labs post and supply feedback if possible!

        • Shane

          Thanks for that jipee!
          Lets all provide as much feedback & kudos to them as possible!

  • Shane

    They were saying until recently that Nokia Car Mode is still coming.
    (The S^3 version (beta) has been available since January FFS!)
    I’d pretty-much written that off after all the recent developments.
    But this gives me renewed hope that maybe they do still plan to release it.

  • JiiHoo

    Whoohoo! What next, end of the world? 🙂

    • Deaconclgi

      Now, if Nokia was to announce the 808 for ATT and T-Mobile for $49.99, NO mail in rebate, $10 unlimited internet AND a free lense cover and tri pod……THEN I would be worried….. 🙂

  • Install is quick – and all the features work, music, updates etc… its some good stuff

  • J-J

    I guess I can finally jump from 3.2.100 to the latest version.

  • ok features that don’t support the N9 –

    Store (can’t buy and transfer apps from Nokia suite to you N9)
    Contacts (Can’t sync contact groups)
    Conversations (Can’t Sync Multimedia Messages and Group Chats)
    Phone Tools (Cant show you purchase history, cant show you installed apps)

    Done that’s all the limitations everything else works flawlessly
    Hope this helped
    Enjoy 😉

  • Izuan

    Woohoooooo!!! Can’t wait to check this baby out!
    I kinda suspected this would come out with N9 support, since Nokia Link dev went kinda quiet (after so many poor reviews and complaints).
    The right choice I hope.

  • nathan.fake

    I was very happy to uninstall Nokia Link from my PC 🙂

    as far as Nokia Suite 3.5b goes… here’s quick tabs walkthrough:

    Contacts – can’t sync contact groups (N9 doesn’t support groups – only favorite contacts), otherwise works OK.

    Gallery – all OK.

    Messages – all OK.

    Music – all OK.

    Store – doesn’t work with N9!

    Maps – all OK.

    Software updates – appears to work fine, can’t test it since there are no updates for N9 (I’m running PR1.2), only reinstall option.

    Support – backup woks OK, “Installed apps” does not.

    • Deaconclgi

      Great feedback! Check out the beta labs post and supply feedback if possible to help make N9 compatibility even better.

    • Shaun

      I got an error about editing playlists not being supported on the N9.

      I also wonder about the Software Updates. Are they getting this out before the PR1.3 update? PR1.3 was allegedly supposed to be a June release but lord knows what kind of schedule Nokia are on now.

      • nathan.fake

        thx for feedback, haven’t tried to sync any playlist… only albums…

        gues it’s similar “feature not supported” error as contact groups 😉

        I’m just glad to remove Nokia Link from my PC 🙂
        It was just zero features crapware, barely ever used it 😉

  • Sefriol


    • Epsoo

      Behave please…

      Its perfectly natural and perfectly normal to be excited over seeing the support being continued for the iconic device, the last sign of Linux love from Nokia, the true symbol & philosophical essence of “People First”. But please mind the language.

      Thank you so much.

  • Zhi

    Maybe they’re going to do another u-turn and fall back on Meego or Symbian, seeing what Microsoft has done?

    • incognito

      Too late for that now – they don’t have the resources anymore, and who in his right mind would go back to work for Nokia after being royally screwed? Developers are like all other people, we do hold grudges. Nokia doesn’t have the money to gather all that talent back.

    • Partyintheback

      that would be very nice, especially since MS pulled the rug out from Nokia by saying that none of the current devices will get the WP8 update, basically damning all the current Lumias to an early obsolescence

  • benjimola

    lol… when one app or the mention of N9 the N9 users will sing and rejoice in the name of the lord… Hahahahahaha desperate murder fuckers…

    • Shane

      Will you stop being an absolute tool… How old are you?
      Are you that insecure that whenever there’s a story relating to the N9 you have post such shit, give it a rest already.
      We’re all bloody Nokia users/supporters you idiot, it’s not a hard concept.

      • benjimola

        exactly… I don’t hate meego… I use to be a sony ericsson fan… when smart phones are mobile phones are poor. I mean the w900 hardware and how nokia is to dominate with same poor hardware… now things are changed… HTC has always been at the top in hardware making till Samsung surpass them… Now nokia that use to be the top too cant compete in that area… My Symbian E71 won me… I used it and like it. I waited for nokia to release a windows phone… and I bought it. Its the best phone ever. Now am waiting for Nokia windows phone 8. I don’t hate meego but I want it to die. Nokia should embrace android instead… its free. megoo and meltimi cost nokia so much without doing anything good… Now why I behave like this is because of the fans here… they just like bullshit… so am giving them that bullshit they give others…

        • Shane

          You’re an idiot…..
          Others behaving badly is NOT a excuse for you to act like a tool.
          You’re in control of your own behaviour, not other children.

    • Shaun

      Roll on WP8 and all you WP7 users will be clinging on to announcements supporting your abandoned platform too. 😉

  • Lucien Vernon

    Linux is current and future growing standard for private and part of business life for many millions people at this plannet. like a time ago the Symbian was. This is like electricity after steam era. MeeGo is one of the best solutions for people looking for quick and one of the easiest systems, far far ahead from competition. Leaving this area unused in terms of money making is (after Talleyrand) “worse then a crime, this is stupidity” – I am delighted to hear Nokia hasn’t lost basic values and awarness of customers needs. There is still long long long way to get back where the Nokia was olny a few years ago. I hope this will be one of the firsts steps. Linux is a future, and linux is a source of money for everyone. This is highier step in IT evolution, then closed systems from grandma and grandpa. C U.

  • Anthony

    wow great news, never expected this will happen.

    …just downloading…..!

  • Findus

    GREAT THANKS to everyone who helped to make this happen!

    I just have a Nokia E72 but I would like to buy a N9… how about

    – notes
    – calendar
    – tasks?

    And what does “can’t sync contact groups” mean exactly? Can single contacts be synced?

    Sorry for my noob questions but as I said until now I have a E72 (with Nokia PC Suite) and would love to replace it with an N9 – given that I can sync my local Outlook via cable.

    Thanks folks. 🙂

    • incognito

      Since the N9 doesn’t support contact groups (putting separate contacts into an unifying group) it’s only logical that it’s not supported by the Nokia Suite.

      For the rest, I’d have to check, been some time since I’ve installed the Nokia Suite – I prefer to sync and exchange data the natural, crossplatform and hassle free way, no cables or proprietary software.

      • Findus

        Thanks for your answer. 🙂

        Yes, I would like to use the N9 without an Exchange account: E-Mails via POP3S/SMTPS and my outlook data as described above via Nokia Suite/USB.

        Any info about this are welcome!

        • JiiHoo

          Calendar + tasks sync with Outlook/Exchange seems to work as well as it did with 3.2.100.

          • Findus

            Hm, yes, I know about the last workaround with the PC Suite 3.2.100. But wasn’t here a problem with syncing back (PC/Outlook to N9)?

            And please take a look to, Thread: Nokia Suite 3.5 Beta officially supports Nokia N9!, “No luck with Outlook contacts, calendar or notes”.

            It’s really strange.

            • Shane

              Hey thanks for a link to that thread, looks like a good one to follow.

  • JGrove303

    Hey, this is cool! I’m not a N9 user, but I know how bitchen this must be for those that are. I’d bet there’s some off the books teams supporting the MeeGo/Harmattan and Symbian OSs. Holders of the code

  • GS65

    Crashes every time when trying to sync contacts. Other sync seems to work. It prompts you to turn of Exchange Sync but it really doesn’t help. Crashes anyway. MMS sync and group in contacts doesn’t sync, but that no issue for me.

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  • n9user

    This is great news! Thanks, Nokia, for working on this. Now, we can use the latest suite version. I was just about to install 3.2.100 to set up syncing between my PC and my N9, now I can just use this.

    To those who mentioned that the N9 doesn’t support contact groups, it indeed does support it. I actually have a few groups in my contact list. To create a group, press on the menu icon on the lower right hand corner then select ‘Add group’, then enter a group name and proceed with adding the group’s members. Then, you can send a group message/email from here.

  • Shane

    I hope there’s also a beta for OS X, Nokia Link was at least available for it!?!
    Then again if they have to focus on 2 platforms, I guess they wouldn’t have enough resources to make Nokia Suite GREAT for the N9.
    So I’m prepared to run Win 7 in a VM if that’s the case, reluctantly 🙁

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