Rumours: Nokia Lumia WP8 for Verizon due September 5th? Slates incoming?

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There’s been plenty of rumours flying around that I haven’t got to yet.

First up

Anywhoo, insideris reckons that Nokia may be launching their WP8 device as soon as September. They say that back in March they were tipped off anonymously about the Verizon Lumia WP8 handset appearing September 5th. But how could it be if WP8 was to be released in Q4?

They’re trying to connect the dots that due to today’s WP8 launch and Nokia World being rescheduled early, there’s a possibility that Nokia may be, the most unlikely thing you’ll hear combined in a sentence, ahead of schedule.

Cheers  BrownFinn for the tip!



Slates are coming. Not tablets as such just large screened phones. I don’t know how large but I’m expecting something like the Galaxy Note (5.3″) if we’re calling this a slate.

Remember, Nokia was said to be bringing some ‘hybrid’ device. Something between a phone and tablet.

Someone called Matthew Thornton seems to believe this device will have PureView. I don’t know if he is just rattling off the rumoured specs or if he knows something. They’re pretty much right on the expected WP8 specs (though they were much rumoured, public info too).

In 2013, Nokia are supposedly launching a thin QWERTY WP8



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  • Peter

    “We know of 2 higher-end WP8 devices from NOK for 4Q, both are slates with 4.3”-4.5” displays”

    Sounds interesting. I don’t know if they classify as “slates” though at that size? I personally hope they’re not bringing something with the size of the Note. Simply way too big for most people.

    4.3″ is perfect if you keep the bezel minimal.

    • Keith too

      The Titan II with its 4.7″ is nealry the same size the the Lumia 900. As stylish as the 900 is, Nokia could have done better on the form factor. I would like to seem them put a 4.5″ or 4.7″ display with a form factor no bigger than the Titan II.

      • migo

        Problem with anything other than 4.3″ at 800×480 is you don’t get an RGB display, and Nokia seems set on using Samsung’s AMOLED displays rather than anything from Sharp or LG, and I have to say I prefer my Lumia 710’s CBD LCD display to the Lumia 800 AMOLED display.

        Samsung hasn’t announced Super AMOLED+ for 720P, so at the moment, Nokia seems kind of screwed there. I know a lot of people rave about it, but AMOLED colours aren’t true (down side when it comes to photography), and the Pentile pixel arrangement is really quite distracting.

    • Keith too

      PS. I wouldn’t want a 5.3″ but the Note with has sold 7 million and counting so there is market for them.

      • migo

        There’s a lot of people now who rarely use their phone to make calls, it’s only data/PDA features. For them the Note is actually quite ideal. Certainly I find the 7″ of the PlayBook to sometimes be a stretch when the app was designed for a phone and has just been blown up to the larger size, rather than moving some of the controls further from the centre. With the 5.3″ that the Note has it just avoids that problem.

        Also, if Nokia releases a 5″+ device, that means they’ll be using some form of LCD instead of AMOLED.

  • rudy

    A 4.5 inch device similar to the galaxy note would be nice. HD screen with s4 processer would be a must buy for me.
    Especially with an improved Nokia camera.

  • Keith too

    Verizon in September has been rumoured for quite a while and I sure hope that it is true. Though Microsoft did say “fall” today and that doesn’t begin until Sep 22 though they seem to be on a roll lately so it is certainly possible and would explain why today’s news was given this early. Another persistent aspect of the Verizon Lumia phone in September is that it would come with PureView (if so likely a PureView lite?).

    The day we see a flagship Lumia on Verizon is a day to celebrate. Quadruplely so if Verizon pushes it like AT&T has. Of course we need AT&T to remain committed as well.

  • Dave²

    What surprised me is Nokia and Verizon. Verizon being CDMA, and the largest operator in the USA.
    I can’t even remember the last time I was reading something like this!

  • viktor von d.

    They need to bring the devices fast to market, especially now with the news that current lumias won’t be upgradeble to winphone8. People in the u.s will stop buying current generation devices so they need the next generation to come fast.

  • dss

    Well, at least those people will know that they will be getting all the updates.

    I feel bad for the current lumia 900 owners. Nokia and Microsoft waited just long enough, to where those first buyers can’t return their phones anymore.. They should have been honest from the start. This is not how you retain your user base..

    • shallow ocean shoal

      This industry is moving light speed, they couldn’t afford to wait

    • Extraneus

      A few things to consider…

      The average lifespan of a phone is 18 months. Average! Meaning that lots of devices are replaced a lot sooner, say after 12 months… Plenty of time for users to enjoy their WP7 Lumia before the WP8 devices arrive.

      The average consumer is not as insistent on having cutting-edge technology as people commenting on boards like this; they’ll be perfectly happy with a WP7 Lumia phone for the foreseeable future, and will likely not even register the launch of WP8.

      • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

        Most of the people who bought the 900 will be on a 2-yr contract. So, the average lifespan doesn’t apply here..

  • Reonhato

    One thing Samsung got right in the USA is releasing GSM/SIM based and CDMA based phones at almost the same time. If Elop is just truly concentrating in US market for the sake of other countries, he must realize this.


    the best news is that several finance research companies are now recommending nok as a hold, or positive, or buy, or accumulate,
    its great that wall street is starting to see potential in nokia’s future…….even as some self proclaimed fans don’t.

    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

      The same “finance research companies” that didn’t see the double recession of the last 6 years which led to losses in trillions, the ones who recently made Nokia’s status as junk and were slated by some here?

      Wall street is as fickle as fickle can be. They don’t see the real value of any company. Nokia’s value according to the Wall street is around $10B but Nokia’s total value is north of $30B. There are other companies who are similarly undervalued and there are others who are overvalued. They more often just go with the hype or rumours.


        an analyst is never always right
        an analyst is never always wrong

        the stock markets around the globe are just casinos

        the financial companies are sharks that prey on gamblers

        but the bottom line is, who else do investors listen too ?

      • Johan Krüger Haglert

        Nokias value is what you can sell (or buy, with spread that is ..) it for.

  • masood.alkhter


  • They’d better get their production and distribution act together!

    • Bloob

      This. The 900 and 610 distribution has been terrible. This is a device almost 6 months old, and it is still not released in all markets.

      • viktor von d.

        it has to do with them moving all the factories in asia.takes time. but this reminds me of the sony xperia ion and xperia p. they were anounced 6 months ago and they berely started selling them this month in the us and internationaly

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