Windows Phone 8 Officially Announced, 1280×768, multicore (up to 64 cores), SD storage, NFC

| June 20, 2012 | 49 Replies

Image via Engadget

A flurry of news is coming in that Windows Phone 8 is now official. A quick round of specs:

  • Screens up to 1280 x 768 (so standard 1280×720 available)
  • Multicore processors (engadget says up to 64)
  • External Storage on SD card
  • NFC
  • C++ native code
  • One platform for desktop/tablet/phone, porting apps from one device type easier than before. Full fledged NT kernel for coherent ecosystem.
  • Wallet function
  • IE 10, double HTML5 performance over WP7.5
Hopefully, Nokia decides not to be Nokia and tries to push the specs and not go for the standard bare minimum for the next gen Lumia.

Source: Engadget


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  • BellGo

    I was not blow away, but at least WP 8 fixed some of the many issues I had with WP 7.5.

    Also, up to 64 cores? Lol that will be enough for a pretty darn long while.

    • BellGo

      blown away*

  • BellGo

    Oh, also will this be available as an update for current Windows Phones?

    • Chris_Skylock

      no. atleast on the sd part

    • BellGo

      Just in; “Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7.8 for legacy devices”

      So much for no fragmentation. I always thought it was silly that people used this as an argument, every software will obviously be fragmented eventually

      • Raj1402

        win 8 wont be available to current win 7.5 mobiles but they can get win 7.8 OS

        • Deep Space Bar

          last time i read 7.8 doesn’t equal 8 LOL

          • Harrrumph! Well at LEAST it does HAVE an “8”, don’t it? LMFAO!

            Why is (Windows Mobile) Six afraid of (Windows Phone) Seven?

  • rishabh

    what did you say 64…. now it feels like nokia is also having some cool card to through

    • DreXter

      I SAY 64-CORES. 😀

  • Marc Aurel

    Any info on lower than WVGA resolutions supported, he any? Nokia would need them to compete with Android in the sub-$200 segment.

    • KF

      don’t worry nokia will make a lumia 510 running wp tango with 128mb RAM that can’t run apps or recieve sms or make calls :S

  • KF

    I have a feeling nokia will use the good enough specs, maybe a snapdragon s3 at maximum

    • Stound

      s3 or s4 ?

      • Riku

        Actually, Snapdragon S4 Plus ie. MSM8960.

  • Marc Aurel

    Any info on lower than WVGA resolutions supported, if any? Nokia would need them to compete with Android in the sub-$200 segment.

    • Raj1402

      WVGA resolutions is max supported resolution!!! bit suprised max resolution fixed at WVGA resolution but multicore fixed at 64 !!!

  • no multitask? flop

    • Rejei

      not even Bluetooth file transfer 🙁

      • Jay Montano

        Nokia will have an app for this.

        • Rejei

          that’s not confirmed though, right?

        • Reonhato

          I hope it is free unlike the ones in cydia for ios $10usd for that feature @_@

        • Grendell

          Still not the same as with it through file management system. USB OTG, HDMI out, Pureview and FM Transmitter would round out it out perfectly. Get these out and Nokia has me back on board. Despite the tile interface. I have to admit this looks very promising for Microsoft. I have to feel bad for early Lumia adopters though, specially the ones that were so vocal towards Meego. It seems they’re on the same boat now. It’s really sad Nokia thought nothing of shafting its new fans on WP7.5 as it did it’s old fans on Symbian and Meego/Meltemi.

    • Jay Montano

      Oh totally. flop flop flop. Check out that flopping iPhone.

      • KF

        you are talking about the new iPhone??? well it will brakes records in sales just like the ‘crappy’ iPhone 4S (it was crappy after all this hype but at least it sold like hot cakes)

        • Jay Montano

          Yes, the ‘flop’ that sold 30M in one quarter.

          • Deep Space Bar

            you obviously underestimate the power of money and peoples stupidity

            • No they don’t. They support Elop, his board and the current strategy.

              So, no. They don’t underestimate anything. They’re on it all along.

      • yeah, totally
        I dont care about icraps and droids

        • viktor von d.

          it does multitask. multitasking is open for all devs

          • incognito

            No it is not… Specific type of multitasking, yes, but you can’t multitask full apps.

  • Law

    Hell ya, finally dual core, 720p screens and memory card support. Thats all i really needed from nokia/msoft. And with pureview tech to take care of the camera we will finally have a worthy phone that nokia fans can be proud of

  • Reonhato

    any word on bluetooth file transfer and no zune software required to operate?

  • Kan

    SD Card is a massive fail. People will put in sub standard cheap cards and then blame the phone.

    No need for SD card- memory is cheap. Phones should ship with 32 or 64gb as standard. The whole industry is stupid in aping Apple who gouge their customers with 16gb, 32gb, 64gb models. Lumia should never have been 16gb.

  • lordstar

    So if you’re a potential Nokia buyer, would you get current lumia devices or wait for windows 8 handsets?

    • i’ll just wait for windows phone 8…… wih pureview in it!!

  • Gokul

    wp8 comes in september So Nokia will face though quarter . Last chance is q4 .if wp 8 fails no Nokia in 2013.

    • most likely!:-)

    • Stound

      wow a whole two months of inactivity, would like to see the consequences

      • It would serve them well to crank up the factories and distribution for Nokia 808 PureView in the meantime.

  • Titanium

    Native C++, so Qt on WP8 is technically possible. On both WP8 and S40. It depends only from Nokia to do it.

    • incognito

      You will still, probably (they haven’t explained), have to utilize their UI layers and APIs if you decide to code native, and you will need to pass through Q/A on the Marketplace which does state that your app should confirm to the UI guideliness, so even if you port Qt you won’t be able to do much with it.

      • mee-gone

        @incognito: you are a certified WP hater, trolling every article, your symbian and meego is dead, go cry a river 🙂

        While Android domination continues and even WP is looking better with shared core,kernel,drivers with Windows8.

        • incognito

          Where can I get that certificate? I’d like to hang it next to my MCPD…

  • Paul Grenfell

    No mention of pureview? Will it it even come close to the 808?

    • Stound

      its a microsoft event not a nokia one

  • rstyle

    Now I’m really excited for the next Nokia phone…

    All I want is

    Dual core/ quad core
    Pure view technology
    720 4-4.3” Screen
    N9 design or similar.

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