Videos: Windows Phone 8’s 2 hour summit and feedback for Nokia on the Kevin Shield’s bit of the presentation

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Here are some videos from the Windows Phone 8 sneak peek for developers yesterday, with a little focus on Kevin Shield’s bit.

The 2 hour presentation can be watched at this link:

There’s a 9 minute interview with Myriam and Kevin at Engadget:

And here’s the video of the Kevin Shields presentation.

Now, at Nokia World, I praised Kevin’s delivery of his part of the presentation. It felt genuine, it felt like he was passionate about what he was talking about and he conveyed his message clearly.

Unfortunately here, it seems he might have just been stepping in for someone who turned ill last minute. I understand that he might be limited in time so these are just pointers for the next time Nokia is at its own stage talking about their own product.

  • Lines are not delivered as slick as they could be, with some error/stutter. When presenting to anyone, unless you’re gifted with being super articulate, you’ll need to pratice and practice and practice everything you say so you don’t rely too much on your teleprompter on what to say, instead just using it as cues.
  • Every time Kevin looks down and read with feigned enthusiasm, it cuts the credibility of what he’s saying. Again, practice, practice, practice. As aforementioned, I’ve seen Kevin do really well before so I expect better.  Head up. Genuine enthusiasm please.
  • When talking about ‘Play To’, that told me nothing. I get that this event was for developers and they’d probably know all this already. But it isn’t JUST developers who are later reading about these stories. What does  ‘Play to’ do? How does it work? Can you show me it working? There on stage or in video? Can you tell me WHY this would be useful? Explain DLNA like I’m 5. Give me a palpable scenario that I can connect to and appreciate this feature that you’re bringing. It’s sad when people take time to create this feature and it’s ignored because people don’t know what it is to bother using it.
  • Nokia Counters – great app. So ok, Kevin gave a little intro as to what it is. Can we see how this works in action? Give me a Scenario (possibly in a video) where, say a character named John is monitoring his data usage, and how Nokia Counters helps him achieve that. What are the things in Nokia Counters they’ll find useful? Not telling me enough information and just simply rattling off some specs or a feature is not much use. It just becomes NOISE to the end user.
  • Nokia Music – fair enough, this has been talked about before.
  • Camera Extras portion – fair enough skipping through the other features and straight into smart group shot. It looked at the beginning that Kevin was unsure how to start it up. I don’t like how Kevin referred to Belfiore (and the guy next to him, I don’t know) as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. Who uses that reference anyways. His wording that ‘you want a mash up of a set of pictures’ NO. When taking a group picture, what you really want is for maybe one person NOT to blink or to look at the camera or to smile etc. Next time, I’d like Nokia to show someone taking a group shot but it’s almost perfect but isn’t quite right due to blinking or people not smiling, but then use this to suddenly and magically turn it into the perfect shot. It’s not simply burst mode where you choose one picture from many which could lead to one person’s face being fixed but another might then blink. You choose to edit just the face portion and only that bit gets changed. It was good that they demoed this live on stage.
  • Avoid long awkward pauses. connecting to the TV out, presenters should keep talking. This bit, I found was presented quite well. Kevin gave us a situation that folks might think maps may only be useful if you don’t know where you’re going. He asked a question, presented a challenge to themselves and then proceeded to say, well this is how we solved it. I really like this way of introducing a feature. Because instantly, the audience can get themselves into a frame of mind where they may have also experienced such a problem. Your feature can then ‘save the day’ and solve that problem for them, and hence, become something USEFUL. It’s no good just mentioning features without getting your audience to connect. Going back to the Play To app, Kevin could have used a similar format where by he says, ” I want to get my music/video onto my TV without wires…how?” or something of that nature.
  • I liked how he gave a summary of My Commute – recap and reaffirm what you’ve just told the audience.
I read some comments in our posts yesterday mentioning Kevin’s delivery style. Some noted that he ‘sounded like he was from Microsoft’, I wonder what you guys mean by that and if that’s a bad thing, how to improve on that?


BTW is it me or is Scalado’s default UI better? Also it seems to be faster.


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