Press Release: Dutch technology solutions provider Wortell chooses Nokia Lumia 800 for customer management and backend integration

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Another press release from Nokia. This time, Wortell, a Dutch technology solutions provider has apparently chosen the Nokia Lumia 800 for ‘customer management and backend integration’ whatever that means.

The press release says that Wortel’s 120 strong employee base will be getting the WP7.5 powered Nokia Lumia 800. They previously had a bring your own device but the IT department wanted to ensure integration to the company infrastructure. Employees also used various ways to create and store information that made it difficult for other employees and teams to access those documents. We heard over the weekend of a similar situation from Buildcorp where they ditched BlackBerry and the option to bring your own device to have something more streamlined with Nokia Lumia.

Wortell actually provided their 120 employees with the Nokia Lumia 800 back in December. 95% chose to continue using the Lumia 800 as their only device, returning the competitor devices to Wortell. The ability to connect to various back-end systems and integrate to Microsoft’s solutions was extremely important – what with Wortell being a Microsoft Gold Partner and all.

Dutch technology solutions provider Wortell chooses Nokia Lumia 800 for customer management and backend integration

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Dutch Microsoft Gold partner and technology solutions provider Wortell has chosen the Nokia Lumia 800 for its 120-strong employee base to improve its customer relationship management and employee productivity. Powered by the Windows Phone 7.5 platform, the Lumia 800 provides all Wortell employees with seamless connectivity to a variety of applications, including Microsoft SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Outlook.

Wortell introduced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy as early as 2007, where employees were free to select a mobile device of their choice. Despite the autonomy that Wortell gave its employees, there was greater pressure on the IT department to manage the devices to ensure integration with the company infrastructure. Some employees even began using two devices – one for CRM purposes and the other for keeping track of project progress. Additionally, employees were using various online services to create and store information, making it difficult for employees and teams to access documents.

In December 2011, Wortell provided all 120 employees with a Nokia Lumia 800 – just a month after the device began selling in the Netherlands. Employees were given the option to keep the Lumia 800 or return it to the company. A few months later, results showed that more than 95 percent of employees chose to continue using the Lumia 800 as their only device, and returned their competitor devices to Wortell. Primary reasons for the Lumia 800’s success in Wortell were its ability to connect to various back-end systems as well as easy integration with Microsoft solutions.

Luc Joziasse, commercial director at Wortell, praised the unique integration capabilities of the Lumia 800 with business critical Microsoft applications. “We deploy Lync for Unified Communications and presence. With the Lumia 800, we have extended these functionalities to the mobile domain. Everything you see on your laptop or desktop is exactly the same on your mobile phone. Employees also have all the information they need at their fingertips when on the move. This boosts productivity and efficiency.”

“Another example is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which we use to manage our customer relationships. Among other things, the Lumia smartphone can be used to browse all customer records. You can scroll through sales figures, quotations and contact details, but also call a customer straight from the application. That’s very efficient if you’re on the road or don’t have your laptop at hand. We also use SharePoint, which makes it easy to view all your documents when you’re out of the office. You can work on a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file on your Nokia Lumia, and the document is automatically saved in the secure location through SharePoint. It’s even possible to work on files offline and save them again as soon as you’re connected, and then send a link of the file to your colleagues by text or e-mail when you have finished. The integration with Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel really is first class. Everything that you do with a document file on a PC or laptop is reproduced in exactly the same way on the Lumia. That’s definitely not the case with other phones which, for example, completely muddle up an Excel file.”

Joziasse mentioned that Wortell is determined to increase project management efficiency. “This year, we are going even further in our project based processes. We are currently developing our own app which gives consultants easy access to project insights via Windows 8 and Windows Phone. This way, they have a broader overview of key project deliverables such as Project Documentation, Project Time Registration and Task planning,” he said.

Speaking about information security and the ease of device management which the Lumia smartphone brought to the IT department,” Joziasse said. “Thanks to the seamless integration of the Lumia 800 with all back-end systems, Wortell need not worry about security issues. A user only has to register his or her device once, and all regular settings are applied. The phone has also many useful features, including locking and wiping the device through a website. The smartphone is easily managed by the user himself, which saves the IT department time and money.”


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