Elop interviewed at Aamulehti, more PureView, more location, more differentiation.

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Joni emailed in an interview with Elop by the Finnish newspaper, Aamulehti. I believe the online link is here but it is not the full article (I think it recommends to read the printed magazine).

Questions are in bold, Elop’s reply in block quotes.


  • PureView in future Nokia
  • Nokia can bring much more to location than maps and navigation to its products
  • Samsung as an Android competitor may be too strong for Nokia (but some how as a WP competitor, Samsung is not?? :/)
  • Allowing MS to focus on software lets Nokia focus on the ways  they can differentiate.
  • There may be more user end features in WP7.8 unique to Nokia
The way PureView for future devices is reiterated, I can’t help but prepare myself for upcoming disappointment if it doesn’t appear this year on the Lumia phones. Now, we know the original time frame put Lumia PureView for 2013, but we need this ASAP. Differentiate in imaging, location, user experience (vs Droids).
Speaking of droid differentiation, did anyone notice how Android now has the Windows Phone gallery swipe from the camera view finder? It also has improved notifications like Nokia Air promo. This is yet another example of Android’s Borg like integration of features from other companies. It’s how it swiftly adapts to the changing market; what’s good, what’s not good, where to go that keeps it growing. We need to see Nokia and Microsoft be much more flexible and adaptable to the market.

– 2/3 of Lumia development is in Finland
- apologises that Nokia has to make decisions that are not fair from
employees standpoint.

Do You regret Burning Platform -memo?

– It was a leak, so there was more publicity than i expected. Part of
my style is that every employee knows everything possible about the
situation of the company. We had to act quickly. Thousands of
employees had new tasks in order to have the  first Lumia phones ready
in six months. We wouldn´t have current knowledge  if Lumia was a tiny
secret project.

Why Windows Phone is better solution than Android, Meego or Symbian?

– It´s a battle of ecosystems. There is a lot of Android phones in a
shop, but take three steps back and you won´t notice a difference.
Samsung is doing well with Android, but not the other manufacturers.
We estimated that it would have happended to us too.

Why Nokia doesn´t develop its own platform?

– The added value is not in the basic functions of the OS. For example
In Tampere we have developed PureView Technology, and you might see
that technology in future models too.
– Our current operation model is much more efficient. We use to have
thousands of people developing Symbian and MeeGo. Now we can focus on
things, that differentied us from competitors.

About Windows Phone 7.8 and effect to sales figures?

We havent disclosed all the new features that are unique to Nokia.

In Windows Phone 8 everyone gets Navteq maps. How does Nokia
differenties itself anymore?

– I´m more worried about Android manufacturers than WP8 manuacturers.
– We have presented to our employees new features in location based
services, and no one inside company asks this question anymore. If
maps is step 0 and navigation step 1, then in Nokia we know steps from
2 to 5.



Cheers Joni for the tip!


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