Nokia WP8 proto spotted again

| June 28, 2012 | 54 Replies

This news is coming from the TechEd conference where a Nokia representative is hold a Nokia’s WP8 prototype device.
Well the prototype device is same as we saw at Microsoft Summit on June 20 2012, you can see the snap below if you haven’t seen it:

The snap taken of prototype device at Microsoft Summit:

This is the snap taken at the conference:

At the TechEd conference someone took a picture of the prototype device from Nokia running WP8.

Have to admit that the prototype device looks ugly;  it’s really thick, the curves are not too impressive, overall design is just basic and we don’t expect this design in the upcoming Nokia phones. And the point is still the second screen (the app list) is not shown in the photo, it was just the new start screen of the WP8.



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