Accessories: Nokia 808 PureView CC-3046 Eye Patch camera cover.

| July 2, 2012 | 30 Replies

We’ve got Β 3 accessory posts today. The first one sent in by Janne who owns a Nokia 808 PureView. This is the cover that also acts as a lens cover. It works like an eye patch, sort of, to prevent those smudges that would otherwise wreck a photo – even by 808.


Janne says:

Got this recently, here are some pictures. Black and red versions are available, I haven’t seen the originally published red-black dual colored version anywhere. The cover is harder than a silicone case, but still I’d call this a soft case. Looks and feels good

It’s like a scabbard (sheath) for the mighty Excalibur (808).

This is a must have accessory for those serious about taking snaps on their 808 and not having to keep wiping the camera glass on their shirt (which itself is bad as you should be using some form of microfibre cloth).

Cheers Janne for the tip!


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  • Shriek

    Awesome will get one for my phone.

    Question to all fellow 808 users. Do you guys feel the screen is too dim. Sometimes (especially indoors) i feel the screen is dimmer. I change the brightness to max its ok.

    I noticed that in the screen brightness the second and third (middle) level the brightness is the same.

    Is there something wrong with my phone’s ambient sensor or something wrong with my eyes,

    Also i feel the photos come and little dull. Could be my wrong selections of settings though

    • Janne

      I actually feel mine is quite bright indoors, so can’t share that observation. I haven’t really thought about it one way or the other though.

      What is your previous phone? I’ve had several ClearBlack AMOLEDs so I’m used to how they look. Might that explain the perception difference?

      • hi,

        where did you exactly bought that from? Just finished the calling to local nokia distributors, and at least it is not available from Finland?!

        Thanks in advance.


        • minttu

          I bought mine from Nokia flagship store in helsinki. Also available from and probably from major operators..

    • A

      The screen has auto brightness enabled by default – the sensor for that is on the screen side of the phone by the Nokia logo. If you hold the camera in a way that covers the sensor, the screen will darken because it thinks the light levels are low.

    • OtterBoxed

      Have you hacked your phone? I have the very same issue with my N8 after hack, when I restored the issue disappeared, only to come back again after repeated hack.

  • Jordan82

    Yes I have the black one, it’s perfect to protect your Nokia 808. However, the problem is that is also covers the loudspeaker! A bit boring to hear your calls (you should also take off the lens cover when using GPS or listening to music or video)… :-s

    • Jay Montano

      Hey, thanks for sharing and letting us know about some downsides to this cover. I would have thought Nokia would have created something (A port/hole) perhaps not to muffle the loudspeaker :/ Also is it that bad at affecting GPS performance? :/ Hmm.

      The reason I like cases like this is that I never have to keep taking it on/off (like a sock).

      • Jordan82

        In fact, you still hear the loudspeaker with the lens cover on it but the sound seems muffled. The sound is much clearer and much louder when you take the lens cover off.

        • Janne

          Good point there, I forgot someone uses the 808 as a phone. πŸ˜‰

    • Jordan82

      Just to add that you can detach the lens cover. So if you have the red & the black, you can exchange the lens covers (black on red & red on black)!

  • Paul Grenfell

    Where can we get these for import to Australia?

    • Steve Miller

      I would like to know as well. Really want some of those accessories including the case but no one is selling them. The case & HDMI cable should of been included in the standard sales package. My old N8 came supplied with the HDMI cable and my N9 even came with a case.

    • Adam

      Guys, I live in New Zealand and ordered mine from
      but they are an Aus company so maybe from there. I received mine 9th July πŸ™‚

  • Aliqudsi

    All red looks kinda ugly, think the contrast red/black looks alot nicer…

    • Janne

      I agree, the dual color is still on the shopping list if it it ever comes out. But for now the red looks great especially with a black phone. Should have taken a top photo too, oh well. πŸ™‚

      • Ali Abdulla

        how much did it cost btw ?

  • wat

    Since I wear glasses I always have a cloth that can be used to wipe them, and consequently can be used on the camera lens as well.

    So I’m in the clear for such products πŸ™‚

  • twig

    My 808 ships in 7 days,4 hours and 33 minutes.

  • Sam

    Can anyone who has bought an 808 pleeeease tell us where they bought it? I’m in the UK and still can’t buy one even though it was supposed to have been released already. I can’t even ship from, and the only international Ebay sellers have poor feedback.

  • Cameron

    I would use this case but remove the patch. there is still enough protection around the recessed lens area yet the phone is ready for any snapshot moments. no fuss to unplug and replug the lens patch. best still, no big bulk in the back.

  • apo

    Anyone know where can you pick this case up?

    • Mokia

      yes purchase it online

      • =_=”

        why I lived in finland, but I cant buy it in market?

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  • legendster

    Anyone has a in the box sealed* cc 3046 black ?? I’d be interested. Get in touch through my fb.