Firmware Update: Nokia N9 to PR1.3 available? v40.2012.21-3.001.19, 204.8MB

| July 2, 2012 | 95 Replies


Ooh look here, it appears to be an update for the Nokia N9. This is the PR1.3 that we’ve heard so much about, and in particular, just a few days ago, Michael said would be out soon!

That gives a little bit more credibility to the possiblity of 1.4 appearing. Michael said anything after PR1.2 would be a blessing. Well, there we go :)

The folks below seem to already have it, so it should start appearing in more places soon.

Cheers crisscross for the tip!

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  1. sitengfei says:


  2. 一切源于扯淡。 says:

    这消息是不是真的哦???等到花儿都谢了。(His translation to Google)

  3. 一切源于扯淡。 says:


  4. N9Rox says:

    i haven’t seen anything yet? whats the changelog for this?

  5. anon says:

    Changelog pls. N9 users waitin for ur comments. I don’t c any update on my device :(

  6. Simon says:

    Nothing in the uk so far. Come on Nokia please give an official answer if it’s real or not? Not the usual we love our lumia range rubbish

  7. Silthice says:

    I can’t see for mine…

  8. Zipa says:

    Nothing here, except a mild shock over how laggy the N9 seems after a couple of months exclusively with the Lumia. Oh well, have to check back in a week or so.

    • Shane says:

      Can’t say I experienced the same “shock” after exclusive use for about 6wk.

      • Anthony says:

        Oh yes there’s room for performance improvements on N9. Reaction could sometimes be a little bit faster.

        Hope PR1.3 brings some improvements in that case.

        • Zipa says:

          Yea, mostly scrolling the app grid, some “loading” symbols being animated slowly and stuttering. Nothing major, but stuff like that really jumps at you after the ultra-smooth WP experience.

        • Shane says:

          Well, I haven’t noticed huge differences at all.
          Nothing that affects RW usability in any severe way.
          I’d take more built-in features/utility/hackability (which is what it has) over more “fluidness”.
          Stability -in some respects- needs to improve though.

  9. jeroenhuismast says:

    Well according to Nokia Netherlands on facebook pr 1.3 will be out by the end of this week

  10. Erind says:

    You can find the new firmware in Navifirm, it is even there. I am waiting until I get it from the updater though, I do not want to flash my phone and go through restore etc.

  11. Raj says:

    i have N9 White finland version. I dont have anything yet OTA. Last time for PR1.2 i had gotten it pretty fast. So if it is out i think should be able to get the update fast.

  12. OLI says:

    my wazapp for nokia n9 just received a message from the whatsapp server asking me to get a new version of whatsApp messenger from their website, after i press the link provided, there was no Meego devices support on their website, wonder if whatsApp is working on the offical one for Meego OS

  13. nathan.fake says:

    PR 1.3 on Navifirm!!


    only few product codes for now…

  14. Eric says:

    I just installed PR 1.3, and I can’t find one difference. It did have eight other updates to go along with it, but they disappeared after I installed the main update. How can I make my phone relist the other updates?

  15. Oscar says:

    From Peru, with a N9 flashed, i’m installing de new PR. 1.3.
    The actualization appear today in the morning.
    Best Regards!

  16. Perxx says:

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