Accessories: Nokia Lumia 900 Soft Case cover (CC-1037)

| July 2, 2012 | 16 Replies

The last accessory to share with you today is another case, this time for the Nokia Lumia 900.


It’s a ‘soft case’ cover, like the silicone one you’d get with the Nokia Lumia 800. This is black which may suit a black Lumia 900 better than the white one as you can see a little border appears. There’s a gap at the bottom because I stretched the case a little too much when putting the phone inside.

We got this from as well, they have a wide range of phone covers available.

BTW there’s a really nice Nokia Lumia 900 leather case that I saw back in Helsinki though it seems to be non existent in shops.



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  • Ravi

    did u find the same case in white …. i have the same black case ..but my phone is white .. the phone looks super gorgeous and dont want a black case covering that …. atleast i want a white case.
    if u have any info about white case let me know please

  • Aliqudsi

    Really wishing a black bumper existed… dont want to cover up the beauty but the metal plat on my stormtrooper is horrendous.

    • twig

      Nokia collection just got the 6 Flags Parks app….exclusive in the U.S. Downloaded it through a link at windowsphonemetro. It has the Chicago park there, nice looking app as always on the lumia.

  • twig

    I really like these Nokia covers as I use one for the N9. Gives that nice grip feel. Leather? As I looked at the cover for the 808, I thought a nice strip of leather would be nice on the back.

  • Himanshu

    @Jay- good news for nokians..

    Nokia Store attracts 15 million downloads every day, 120 000 apps and more…

    • jnokian8

      i don’t think this is good news though…

      nokia saying nexus tablet is infringing on some wi-fi patents… all these lawsuits are getting really annoying

      • twig

        Only if we lose.

  • JGrove303

    Google is notorious for dodging licensing fees or out right stealing code. Ask MS or Oracle. It’s Nokia’s right to collect on those patents that they gained through innovation. But enough off topic

    the softcase for the Lumia 900 fits excellent. I’ve seen they installed properly, they fit around the screen and ports perfectly and adds almost nothing to the girth .

  • Raja

    I still don’t understand why Nokia is giving a black cover with the white lumia 800 it spoils all the beauty of the handset I am just using it without cover.

    • Janne

      Probably because white silicone case would get dirty very fast. Unless they sort out the material somehow of course.

  • g

    I will only put the cover when outside. Its like a phone being covered with a garbage bag.

  • Janne

    One thing to note about this 900 cover from Nokia is that it covers the side keys, unlike the 800/N9 case equivalent from Nokia does which leaves them visible. The 900 version thus protects the keys but also hides their metal-colored detail on the key side. There are visible bumps for the keys and they remain fully operable, but visibly the phone gets significantly more silicony with this case than the 800/N9 case which exposes the keys.

    Also, on the screen side this 900 case does leave a tiny bit of the phone around the sides of the screen exposed, unlike the 800/N9 case which better hides the phone color below (other than the speaker/USB holes on ends of course). You can see a sliver of white around the screen in those photos too. This means the 900 case is slightly less useful in turning cyan or white phones to something else for example. Black phones this is not a problem for, because a sliver of black left visible just blends in with the screen bezel.

    I use one of these on my 900 and like it for the function a lot, but the 800/N9 version of the case is probably all in all the better design visibly.

    • Jay Montano

      True. I think N9/800 case molded to the phone better, almost as if it was the original shell (especially since the metal buttons on the side jutted out). I really like the feel of the keys covered up though, they’re still just as functional if not more (by feel).

      The slight sliver of the previous colour is a shame. Quire rightly as you mention, N9/800 made it look like a different phone (as evident by folks getting confused why my ‘blue 800’ didn’t have a camera button when it had the n9 case. The case was most often a mystery, is it there, isn’t it?

      There are better cases available. There’s an amazing black leather one at Nokia that is also a stand. Official nokia accessory but no where to be found.

  • DesR85

    I wonder why Nokia can’t include the silicone case into their Lumia 900 package considering that both the N9 and Lumia 800 have them.

    • Janne

      I guess the big question is why Nokia included the case with N9/800 in the first place? I don’t think they usually do that with 99,99% of their phones. So the N9/800 were the exception… Normally Nokia sells cases only as extras.

      Why? Good question. I think the extremely curved and protruding screen is another exception, and another reason shared by N9/800… but notably not shared by Lumia 900 which has a bezel slightly above the screen… Something that might make a lot of difference in durability.

      I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing a little too many cracked and scratched N9/800 screens amongst my peers that haven’t used the cases and/or screen protectors.

      • DesR85

        “I guess the big question is why Nokia included the case with N9/800 in the first place? I don’t think they usually do that with 99,99% of their phones. So the N9/800 were the exception… Normally Nokia sells cases only as extras.”

        Come to think of it, no case was provided for previous Nokia phones I have like the X3 and the 6700 Slide. Even the Sony Ericsson W200i I have for 4 years didn’t come with one. I did try out a 3rd-party case for the 6700 Slide once but it was rubbish and ditched it after 2 weeks.