Bittersweet: N9 gets PR 1.3, community says goodbye to Nokia’s finest

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I’m trapped in a bittersweet mood at the moment. I am thrilled that the N9 has gotten PR 1.3, but I am upset that the Maemo team is finally leaving. In particular, Sotiris Makyrgiannis, the head of MeeGo developement. He has been around to assist in, and bring to the public, devices like the N770, N800, N810, N900 and N9/N950.

Some of the most innovative things to come out of Nokia, especially when it comes to Linux, has been thanks to this man and his team. I must admit, reading some of his tweets I was overcome with sadness. They are what is left of the old Nokia. The Nokia in-house OS. Now there is no Symbian (taken over by accenture) and no more Maemo/MeeGo.

Here are some of those tweets;

After 12 years at #Nokia is time to say goodbye. Last day but I’m going knowing that we created a legendary phone #N9 and we tried hard.I would like to take the time to dedicate this entire post to the team behind such amazing devices, and wish them the very best in their future endeavors. I am sure it isn’t the last we see of them.

In fact we made more devices, #N810 #N800  #N900 even I was there when # N770 was born. Recruiting top Linux talent from around the globe

From the jungles of brazil, the poor towns of India, the cold city’s of the north…. # Nokia meego people were/are. The best guys to work with

I remember the eyes full of passion, dreaming to be the future of Nokia.  Willing to stay weekends and cut vacations to ensure quality
The funny moments and a team spirit that I could never forget. We learned a lot, #Nokia was a great place to work. Full of ideas.naive maybe
The community that wanted a #Linux powered phone with cool design. A Linux community that I was happy to serve and work with them
I remember 11.2.11 – was in SF – midnight watching the live stream on  the strategy. What a bitter night that was, but also a new start.
Should be told, Nokia meego team was the first to create and publish  windows phone applications. 25 of them in 4 weeks time.Learn fast/adapt
To all of you, loyal #Nokia customers and happy #N9 users. To all #linux  contributors thank you once more. We will be back to serve you!
Special note: do not throw away your #N9 after few years, keep it. Nokia has 120 years of history, in 15 years I predict it would be worth more.

Please use the comment section below ONLY to voice your gratitude and appreciation for Sotiris and his team. There is also a TMO thread for those of you who would be interested

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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]

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  1. Sean says:

    I’ve owned Nokia phones for well over a decade and have never been unhappy with any of them, they just got better. But the N9 is and will always be in a league of its own. Thank you guys for the best phone I’ve ever owned and all the best for whatever the future holds in store for you.

  2. gasbond says:

    what does that mean? No more n9 apps, updates….. Nothing at all? So there is no hope for PR1.4?
    Please someone explain!!!!!!!!

  3. Grazy says:

    I agree, if only they had put the same time they are putting into windows! They would have a new, exciting OS that everyone would want! it just would have taken time and money to get the apps up etc! So they should have just used Windows as a short term plan while releaseing Meego phones and building its reputation! Meego is far better than any other OS I have ever used. If I pick up an iphone I bored instantly! With Meego I cant help but double tap to wake up, pull the front wallpaper left and right watching those icons underneath moving back and forth! It just looks modern! thats what Nokia needed and they have let it pass! MISTAKE!

  4. buzzonme says:

    As a nokia die hard fan…i feel sonmuvhnpain…i wonder how jay feels about all this now.. He must be feeling double pain :(

    check check gravatar ;)

  5. Prasenjit Bist says:

    Hi guys u ppl are awesum and yeah very emotional too…. Its sad ppl r leavin but wats new it was all pre decided and a phased manner in which ppl are fired it was all decided last year isn’t it. And yes a few people and a small team still will be there… Nokia’s board is looking and elop no .onger has the freakin loose run…

    Just be patient … Yes salutes and respect to this awesum maemo developers …. Actually today we were joking in office who is more deadly osama or elop i guess both is there any obama to hunt elop down what a weird freakin bastard….
    But patience patience and u will see why…. Best of luck to those guys who r leaving … Feel really bad as it was so fun to know a few and yes this relationship will live on its beyond nokia and all ….

    • lordstar says:

      Ok, plan b linux os. Yeaaaah

      • Jeff says:

        He often likes to pretend he knows what he’s talking about.
        But he doesn’t have much of a better idea than anyone else.

        • Janne says:

          I guess the only really timely question is, what are or were the Smarterphone guys doing – and is there any merit to related speculation. I don’t claim to know.

          Anything else major, barring the ousting of Elop and a strategy change (which likely won’t come unless WP8 clearly fails or Nokia gets bought), is probably too far in the future to know.

          • Shane says:

            What’s happening with Smarterphone died with Meltemi…
            Some aspects I guess may be usable with their S40 initiative.
            But I suspect the longer-term agenda is to get rid of it, it just won’t be the soln LT that Meltemi would’ve been.
            Then the transition towards Nokia being little more than a glorified MS OEM* will be complete.

            *hw & services -to a much lesser extent

        • Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

          Hello all first apologies if u guys felt i was pretending bt thats not true and not the intention. I am just a nokia fan and a daily reader of mnb. The only fact is knowing a few people on frequent trips and geting to knw some stuffs and yes the truth i knw s that theres stil a smal num of linux devs there nothn compared to wat they fired bt a very few.
          Also plan b wil play only wn plan b fails and sm house cleaning s done bt do they hav so mch tym thats too an interesting point bt u wil see wat i said smthn diff soon and thats too complement wid lumia line bt then again wid disclaimer i am nt a nokia employee and jst shared wat i hrd frm frnds or colleagues who may have or bn close to that company.

  6. atom says:

    Great great phone, especially considering the circumstances…only hope PR 1.3 comes my way soon.

    • rueaka says:

      you probably have an operator branded device : 1.3 is released (I got it yesterday), but the operator might delay it a bit.

  7. rueaka says:

    Got my N9 2 weeks ago. Great hardware ; amazing software.
    Thanks for everything to all the Maemo Team @ Nokia. Thanks for the dreams during the NXXX era, thanks for managing to make such a great device when maemo was over in Nokia, thanks for releasing 1.3 while living this difficult times.

    Best luck ! I’m waiting for your future creations !

  8. kornofilo says:

    that is just… sad.

  9. Janne says:

    Many thanks to the team. I’m sorry Nokia did not appreciate Maemo more back in the N770 days but wasted time on their in-house religion and later with whatnot. They should have appreciate you more and earlier – and the world (and Nokia) might be different now.

    • jiipee says:

      Also the open source/Linux guys should have understood from the beginning that they are developing consumer devices in the end..

      Even Jaaksi himself admitted – at the same time when complaining Symbian being religion – that they were at first to keen on using Linux as mobile OS instead of thinkinh what customers need. This is also something that Ive heard from former Nokia employees. Code was before consumer.

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

      where were u guys that time… During the days of first mameo devices itbwas not supposed to be mainstream and not even replacement will any one of u show any official document that said maemo will replace symbian and symbian will replace s40 no they never said so….. Maemo was always meant for new segment with connected desktop like experience… Nokia 900 is an example of that and so is n9 with more polish yes…..

      Symbian was religion and it deserved it it was perfect in those days this os realised the dream of a smartphone and it was awesum… It was the os to make great phone with additional computing but first and foremost were telephony abilities… Series 60 with keypad was cool sexy elegant userfriendly powerful and sleek and prove are 7650, 6600 n73, n76 , n95 e90 9500 and the list goes on and on so where did nokia loose in the ui war the god damn company that spent millions on ui research lost when ios introduced capqcitive touchscreen nokia was in denial shocked and then the f*****ing response was series 60 that was notning compared to ios smoothness although it lacked features and still does. A flagship with resistive screen in n97 was a shame and added to nokia’s shame … I guess a capacitive screen wud have saved some grace… It was not symbian’s fault it was human error in judgement commited by nokia and when symbian 3 came out android and ios brands have grown so strong…. But symbian was greatest and Elop is right it had so many issues as the code has grown so much over the years and so much fragmented and one day the same will happen with android ios windows phone blackberry meego maemo tizen any os if it managres to survive more like symbian that survived for 2 decades.

      Nokia’s software R&D had so much overhead in symbian and meego … Symbian was sucking it out omg 10000 god damn f*****ing engineers .look at apple google msft sap adobe oracle all software giants.

      Next, the memo yeah that was error … Elopcud have managed to give a pr twist saying we will from now on have twonplatforms and both are critical and we r commited to both and slowly pushed symbian development to end slowly and that wud have saved nokia from gnis hara kiri …. But same problems wud have even happened ifu write same memo replacing wp with meego because symbian was nokia’s all tym best software asset… Atlst wid msft nokia hav a rich frnd to help bt meego who wud hav hlpd and the platform wud have failed no matter what. Elop guilty Yes he is for the meml not for choosing wp.

      Lumia upgrade issue… Its epic failure from nokia msft idiots it was a easy answer no tom dick harry consumer knows wat kernel means they care apps, updates buzz…. Nokia could have simply said which is technically true that all lumia phones will upgrade to 7.8 and bet all features for windows phn 8 that are not hardware dependent that every one will understand that how can u have a feature if u don’t have hardware for that like say nfc etc…

      Windows 8 one simple comment it will rule the planet microsoft has a real ios android and all shiit and crap killer and ot will rule business entertainment allsectors…
      Nokia at all costs must stick to microsoft if it wants to be a part lf the winning ecosystem wats the point in so much sacrifice if u leave at the end when its the final round of KO be rocky …

      So , some one said all meego team is leaving yes… Some one said wid meltemi smartphone dream is crushed no….

      First answer my question wat was meltemi… Can any ex nokian have the dignity and grace if he really worked on meltemi project swear by god that it is really wat it is…. Meego developers after 2011 fiasco mostly moved to a short term project called meltemi but was it to be a new low end os really omg no please no ….

      “Nokia’s low end anwer meltemi started under opk’ some one commented wat a joke no it did not …. Sonic was elop’s idea of incrsd investment on series 40 and so was meltemi a temporary project for meego developers as it was a linux initiative but the bigger term is clipper program….. As i had said to my eaflier comment and mails ulm was working on a mere fork a mere fork…

      Nokia is putting a lot of beg on series 40 and those lofty dreams will materialise in future but nokia sud last that long and if it does u will be surprised…. Believe me surprised… Why don’t u guys take out some tym and think wat those smart phone guys including tmat founder are doing wat is skillma doing … Think think if u can’t find answer just get some solace by searching on linkedin… They are still in nokia and working on xomething elop will not tell u now.

      .. That whole team is working and working to surprise u ….count on them maemo is nothing the future is lowend cheap smartphones witn unique capabilities and Mr. ELOP has played his cards ryt tnere kicked out some ppl and acquired two assets smarterphone as and scalado. Dont be surprised to see a new avatar of a old trusted platform with devices at amazing price points.
      You will start seeing ghe evidence very soon…. Just in few months… But windows phone 8 will be at nokia no matter wat untill it fails really that bad.

      Will meego or marmo return who knows the code base os secured at nokia and nokia is not going to sell its proprietary parts … In future R&D very hard to say the remaing number is too small wat kind of research will they do but wat abt nokia’s kinetic ui concept heard nokia taking it seriously as it graduated out of nrc but does nokia has so mich money if tney can not sustain in present how will tney live in future to show u all these but the greatest contribution of Elop is his determination and intelligence wid which he cut down useless research budgets under previous ceos it was more like a govt university ‘ppl wasting tym and money on useless r&d and i did not say tht it was said by one old guy an ex.

      Under elop r&d is focussed and smthin that holds business value after all nokia is business not sm charity wats point in wasting money on ideas that may be utopian but have no business value for nokia or jst because a few freak fans loved it.

  10. Mace says:

    Big thanks to whole Nokia Maemo/Meego team! You created the true mobile Linux, not cheap Java VM rip-off like Android. Old Nokia was a pioneer in open source and Linux. You will be remembered.

  11. Cod3rror says:

    Smart, abandon the sinking hopeless ship.

    They should go to a company that will appreciate their skills and puts them to use, like Apple.

    • Janne says:

      Oh the irony. Suggesting Maemo people go to Apple.

    • Jack says:

      troll. Apple is the reason Maemo died. Proprietary design and apps business model that the world bought into, rather than the free software, zero-recurring-revenue model that passion alone could not sustain.

      • jiipee says:

        Not true at all. Android killed Nokia: how can one compete against softwate that costs nothing to create hardware on and the owner has completely different earnings logic.

        In 10 years time a lot of the Western world will curse Google for giving away a lot of IP for free creating a manufacturing ecosystem of hyper-competition where everything must be cheap. Nokia themselves were supporting the evolution of Foxconn, who now are serving Apple et al. (and driving employees to suicides)

        Oh the wasted opportunities. If only had Nokia hired external software management expertise well on time instead of having lawyer as CEO…

  12. Damien says:

    Forgive me if this is a bit long, but this news got me emotional…

    Saw the N9 owned by a friend, instantly loved it.
    The real world might think different, but IMHO N9 is better than the iPhone.

    Sad to see Nokia dumping such a class act.
    I’m a WP fan, but f *** platforms – Nokia had the dream engineering and dev teams.
    Just look at their optimum usage of processor power, battery, camera optics, ergonomics….
    About the only thing they were lagging in was UI and experience.
    Sad, but that it’s a huge price to pay!

    Would love to see them join the Firefox mobile OS team and take the fight back to Apple/Google/MS

    I know a lot of people would say it’s MS and Elop who are killing Meego and Nokia in general.
    I don’t think so – the first strike of death at Meego & Symbian came from Apple, then Google.
    iOS is a sugar-coated OS and bloated Android is the other extreme of Meego/Symbian
    What an irony!

    Now I’ll definitely buy an N9, to honor the Meego team.
    Maybe also a GS3 or another high-specced android phone, ONLY IF there’s a way Meego could be riding it.

    One final word – to those who say Nokia should have gone with android, I’d say it’s an insult to the team behind Meego and Symbian!
    If Google cared enough, it should have taken over these platforms and given them a fighting chance.
    Why did Google have to start on Android, when they could have joined hands with Nokia 4-5 years back? A smartphone generation before MS came to Nokia?

  13. max says:

    a great os meego is my favourite os , best hardware and awsom look of n9. so good luck meego team for feture creations. really i like the nokia n9 which is i planned to buy in next week, and i will buy it because of great look and swipe ui.I will wait for your next meego phones.

  14. noka luma says:

    Iam sad to hear this if nokia continuing meego and release the meego 2.0 it would be great but elop only wants wp,meego is more flexible and friendly but why elop kill it I want another meego phone in this year and I can’t find N9 anymore I verry sad I hope meego team works in great place
    And I wish elop out from nokia and meego alive

  15. lalaland says:

    im really devastated about this news!!

    first, i would like to thank the meego team for bringing a wonderful OS!!!

    i fell in love with N9 the first time i saw it! its is just a remarkable phone!!

    second, i really hate the NEW NOKIA!! im a huge fan of nokia’s innovation but what the heck is it now? ELOP is such a bastard!!! i hate him so much!!! even though i kinda like WP but they should continue the support to MeeGo!!!

  16. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    okay a small typo in prev comment it sud be wn plan a fails… I was wondering on a funny thing every one is crying last meego phone but wat is technically meego the os was not even complete rather wat we fail to appreciate is maemo that is complete fresh and recently updated …. Cool also it was funny sm big tech glog suggested android bt sudn’t msft tear off nokia into pieces Tomi says nokia will promise msft that they will return the money cmmon is it kids play ???? Any alternate has to be nokia solution else nokia be prepared one gentleman however said smthin convincing… Part of patent transfer yeah may be msft values that but nokia is now financially sucked out. So patent transfer makes sense… It cud b cheap asset sale like naveteq that actually makes no sense for nokia plz dont give elop’s loc based bull shit its all only on powerpoints for msft tobuse later….. 2012 is surely going to b a great year …. Lots of drama ahead..

  17. Reonhato says:

    Really sad as I too thought Maemo was the future of Nokia since I got the N810 tablet years ago. It was great back then and still is now even though I have several androids. I still browse with the N810. Who would ever though Internet tablets were the future. Nokia did but way too early.

  18. cropas says:

    Thanks a lot for a great OS.

    And “special” thanks to mr. elop.

    • Jeff says:

      Err, why would you be thanking him…
      Keep it on-topic & instead of trying to subtly troll.
      The thread is about paying tribute, pure & simple.

      • Lord US says:

        Are you a chat police?

        It seems that most of the time you are complaining that the people have wrong opinions.

        • John says:

          He only pulls up people with misleading “opinions” like you.
          Although in this case it’s hard to tell if it’s justified.

  19. ricegf says:

    I own and dearly love my N770 and N800, and I still use my N900. Totally amazing phones. Once, when my wife and I were lost, we raced to bring up GPS, find ourselves, and map a route home. She had Android; I won.

    I also remember taking my N770 to PyCon Dallas in (I think?) 2007. I had a Bluetooth folding keyboard, and took all of my notes on the N770. I had to draw maps to Frys in Arlington for two people who wanted to buy one when I showed Python running PyGame and PyGTK+ apps on such a compact device; best Python-compatible device in show, if only unofficially. And the Python apps I wrote ran equally well natively on Ubuntu and Windows, a feat still not possible with today’s mobile devices.

    You guys did a fantastic job, and I will never forget your engineering excellence.


  20. Francis says:

    In my opinion, Nokia end up at this very difficult situation, this Meego Team should held some responsibility too !

    They are too slow, not act fast enough to develop Meego in time. They just delivered half cook OS, and not matured interface, until lately N9, which barely achieve the minimum grade to deliver to mass public. But they too late in the game and poorly execute the task given to them. I still remember the “oh shit” moment, when the head of finally realised in what situation they are, when asked by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia.

    May be many will not agreed with me, but I’m one of amongst the first user to bought N9 64g last year, having enought experience in this Meego OS now. Although the interface in right track, but the feature and ecosystem is far from mass public usage, as compared to iOS and Android. I also not sure this Meego OS whether it is scalable to various hardware, model and price range for Nokia to compete in open market. Someone please enlighten me.

    • Shane says:

      The ISSUE was that they got started late & heavy resources for the project started later still, so there was some question as-to-whether a entire “ecosystem” could be built-up quickly enough, whilst Symbian market-share eroded.
      Management supposedly did the best analysis they could at the time, & concluded that they couldn’t.
      That doesn’t mean it’s gospel, it just means they felt it was the trickier path to take.

      ["They are too slow, not act fast enough to develop Meego in time. They just delivered half cook OS, and not matured interface, until lately N9, which barely achieve the minimum grade to deliver to mass public. But they too late in the game and poorly execute the task given to them."]

      Oh really, & you totally ignore the fact that the team’s been downsized almost 100% now over the last 16mth+.
      Featureset has been very solid (esp. compared to WP7.5), stability & UX “fluidness” have been the big issues over the past 9mth.
      The latter two still show a bit, even with PR1.3, but it has improved heaps.
      Given the extraordinarily difficult situation they’ve been in, everything they’ve achieved is nothing short of remarkable.

      ["but the feature is far from mass public usage, as compared to iOS and Android.]

      I use Android/iOS/Maemo6x/WP, & read “lots” about them all.
      Maemo6x is about as feature-packed as iOS5x, slightly less than Android 4x, & far more than WP7.5.
      It’s also eminently more flexible/hack-able than iOS/WP…

      [" I still remember the “oh shit” moment, when the head of finally realised in what situation they are, when asked by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia.]

      And that “oh shit” moment subsequently lost lots of credibility, as part of it’s underpinnings was that hw couldn’t be prototyped quickly enough for MeeGo.
      Felipe Contreras, one of Nokia’s leading engineers totally refuted it, & mentioned a argument he had with Elop about it.
      Elop was accidentally or deliberately misleading about that…

      ["I also not sure this Meego OS whether it is scalable to various hardware, model and price range for Nokia to compete in open market. Someone please enlighten me."]

      Of course it is, that was some FUD that was started either deliberately or accidentally shortly after the burning platform memo, it was refuted some time later:

      Anyway, don’t disrespect this thread man, there’s plenty of other posts for the sort of debate you’re trying to have, this is meant to be tribute thread, nothing more.

  21. mistersoft says:

    does this new update confer N9 with any aptX capability?? [so N9 can pair with Play 360's and other aptX peripheral's to their 'fullest level']
    ………that would make N9 into my dream phone.. just about

  22. mistersoft says:

    does this new update confer N9 with any aptX capability?? [so N9 can pair with Play 360's and other aptX peripheral's to their 'fullest level']
    ………that would make N9 into my dream phone.. just about.

    • Shane says:

      There was plenty of talk about that coming last year, even in some chatter from 3rd-parties (not Nokia), but I suspect licensing agreements died-off in wake of the new strategy.

  23. A. T. says:

    It is all good that you keep spreading info but why you haven’t checked facts and mistyped surname of Sotiris? Ever heard of quality?!!

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