CNET UK – “Nokia 808 PureView, best camera phone money can buy…”

| July 4, 2012 | 82 Replies

Cnet UK takes a look at the Nokia 808 PureView, which should hopefully be making its way to UK buyers soon.

From the start, there’s both praise for PureView but an immediate negative tone towards Symbian. I don’t know if that was based on actual use or the years and years and years of constant negative press towards it, in addition to the news that it was no longer the main focus at Nokia. (Note, remember Cnet UK also hated the N8 – thought sucked, PRIOR to anything Elop said for those who want to chirp that same 211 accusations again).

They reiterate the dislike on Symbian again as a downside. The ‘unlovely’ Symbian OS.  They admit Belle is better than previous incarnations, they feel the make over is only skin deep. Dig down and apparently the surface polish rubs off.

Now, I’ve been highly critical of S^3/Anna. Note that Belle is quite different to Belle FP1 and it’s actually super nice now (though I’ve not had the chance to FULLY test it, by way of the browser and possible slow downs/freezing after time that I experienced with N8).

For those that are negative, I wish they would be more SPECIFIC about what actual problems they had with Symbian, otherwise it just seemed to be a superficial nag and whine that could have simply rubbed off by reading other moans from other people. CNet on this instance mentions first that they’re having problems with the browser, which they feel is severely underpowered.

I don’t know how Nokia could have gotten the browser so right in Maemo 5 as to get Engadget to call it Glorious, and have users fawning over it years and years after its announcement, but on the flip side have Symbian with a constantly poorly reviewed browser. What gives?! I just can’t reconcile that difference. How the hell does Nokia both have the best browser ever and , what’s seems to be also the worst browser. Why can’t we have ALL the great things at Nokia ALL moving together in future devices as opposed to always having bits and pieces of a good thing leading to a mishmash of mediocre with hints of brilliance?

On the camera, they’re in complete adoration and acknowledge that this is the best camera phone EVER. “It’s the BEST camera phone money can buy but it’s a subpar smartphone”. In they end, they recommend the iPhone 4S as a better package for smartphone and camera.

I guess by current expectations, by the constantly shifting capabilities for smartphones, the 808 may not meet their particular overall needs (e.g. the apps, or the browser, or the keyboard). But the 808 understands its target consumers. It’s first and foremost for the imaging buff who wants a smartphone but also wants THE BEST CAMERAPHONE MONEY CAN BUY as to never miss that photo/video opportunity.



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