Nokia N9 PR1.3 Changelog

| July 3, 2012 | 58 Replies

Today PR1.3 was made officially available and it is making the rounds on update availability to you guys.This seems generally more to streamline and polish your N9 experience.

The developer page isn’t really a changelog as such despite the mention of over 1000 quality improvements. That’s all really that it says


Change log of the Nokia N9 40.2012.21-3 (PR 1.3) firmware release (release date: 2.7.2012):

  • Over 1000 quality improvements including Mail, Facebook, Twitter, minor network & connectivity improvements.

Here’s an extended version – I think user generated.

  • video decoding got improved (1) (2) (3)
  • UI feels alot smoother now (1) (2) (3)
  • Beep profile has an Icon on status bar (1)
  • It seems that wireless networks are found much faster than before. In addition the device sees more networks than with PR1.2 (1)
  • Fix for GNOME Bug 662125 – Sharing uses 100% CPU if a client requests a lot of small slices from a media file, most visible symptom is choppy video playback (1)
  • Compatibility fix for XBox360 (GNOME Bug 664184): Previously showed a single song up to 5 times in the “All Songs” list (1)
  • better NFC support with C7 (1)
  • Inception 0.1 security hole got fixed (but there is Inception 0.2 already) (1)

Thanks Mariano for the tip!


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  • DKM

    Its faster like a Ferrari right now, app launches very fast no lags.

    Some reason Skype stopped connecting for me any one out there with the issue.

    Yes it is a very valuable update.

    • OrderX

      That happened to me, but with Facebook. The only way I could fix it was by erasing the entire phone from the settings.

    • hello
      can i have viper for nokia n9 on the new update pr1.3 ?

      • Shane

        Hi douche,

        1.3 came out about 1yr ago, it was the last such release from Nokia, it wasn’t a major PR like 1.2… Even if it was, it’d make little sense for Viber to be included in such a release, because 3rd-party apps generally aren’t what those PR’s are about. Nice (rude) necro….

  • Jill

    Plan B ?
    Nokia .. I am ready for it.

    • Edmund

      count me in… 😀

    • Edmund

      Plan B… ‘B’ for back to original plan haha.. sorry for double post. but yea, wishful thinking sigh.. the meego team is almost dissolving zzz…

      • lordstar

        Yep just read some tweets of the Nokia employees that created the N9 sad to read their goodbyes.

    • skyfall

      Plan B must be some Linux based kernel with strange name of os consisting of N9’s swipe ui and of course ability to run Android apps

      • Thomas F

        + Purewiew….. i would by that phone…..

  • preetman

    where is PR 1.4

    • Jay Montano

      1.3 just came out.

    • John

      Why would you even “expect” it?
      Have you not been following everything closely?
      The chances are extremely slim.
      Your problem if you were “expecting” it, should’ve done your homework.

  • D

    I’d buy the N9 successor with quad core and PureView over the Galaxy S3.

    Windows Phone sucks!

    • jvardon

      Amen to that, I’d love that phone!!

    • the_game606

      I want it

    • Jay Montano

      Don’t you ever get tired of your trolling? This post is about the N9. Stick to it or stop commenting please.

      • Gill

        why is it always when someone post something on a n9/symbian post you want them to stop commenting or you call them trolls? but when WP boys here bash symbian/n9 on WP post you are nowhere to be seen?

        PS I love your blog but this is unfair

        • Jay Montano

          No where huh? Well that’s un unfair statement too. Although I am not everywhere at all times, I will try for all sides to get the trolling toned down. You may not see it either but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Why should I settle for a completely good post about the N9 to be ruined by people arguing about Windows Phone when this is not even the subject of my post?

          I am NOT against people disliking or complaining about any aspect of Nokia. I’m very much pro free speech. I’m totally fine with people disliking WP/Symbian/MeeGo/Nokia as long as it’s in the right post and they’re discussing it appropriately. However, I do really dislike it when people derail the comments by spamming or going off topic, or constantly whinging and moaning.

          This guy is a prolific spammer on the blog. All the time in the most random threads he will try to start a flame war or spam his useless phrases. It’s unnecessary and completely disrespectful. There’s about three or four people that keep doing this, masking as different users.

          • John

            I’ve been trying to get you to do something about a thread I emailed you about for 10-days, but you’ve been non-responsive.
            Two users popped into a N9 thread and totally hijacked it with troll-ish/child-ish statements.

            • Jay Montano

              I get several thousands of emails a week, many that I never see unless I stumble on it again in a random search. You wouldn’t be the first person who’s emails I’ve missed.

              Here is a thread about the N9, here I am wanting N9 users to be respected and to enjoy the N9 by NOT having it hijacked by idiots who want to use it as a spawning ground for hating about an unrelated issue.

              I had a look through the comment that you flagged up for deletion:

              One by Benjimola talking about n9 apps.

              If I had seen this thread earlier I would have liked if the comments actually talked about the app. However, looking at it now, at least they are talking about the N9/MeeGo where as this dude is trying to bring up something else just out of constant spite. I see that you and “Benjimola ” had a disagreement. This is no grounds for me to ban or delete posts. There is a specific policy here that unless it’s spam, it stays. An opinion, just because it’s disliked, does not get deleted. However, if I am there to see those comments I would at least try to pacify them to keep them back on topic. On the whole I think it has been working well that most readers are mature enough to hold mature conversations and self moderate. I don’t want to be policing comments, I don’t have time to.

              As to the article that got pulled, that was the choice of the author to take it down, not me. I mentioned that I would not mind it going back up but left it at his digression whether to put his post back up.

              • John


                Please delete this response (& my prior one) & check your email for an email titled “post deletions”


              • John
              • John

                Wow that’s classy Jay…
                Just totally ignore my emails & posts.
                Truly impartial I see…

                • Extraneus

                  Maybe because you’re being a whiny, demanding pain in the ass…?

                  • John

                    Nah, you don’t know the full story, only part of it’s highlighted in this thread.*
                    It actually gives quite an inaccurate perception of everything that occurred.
                    (hence it appearing the way it may to you)
                    One would be extremely presumptuous to draw conclusions in the face of not having all the detail.

                    *much is in email correspondence so as to not litter the blog with OT chatter.

    • Tej parker 2.0

      keep dreaming like many others in this blog !

    • dpr

      I Would buy n9 successor no matter what the configuration is.MeeGo Hartmann is so good.

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  • Pingback: Nokia N9 PR1.3 Changelog, as reported by the Users/Community()

  • Siazshuakme

    Currently dl pr1.3(40.2012.21.3) via nsu. I guess it available already in Malaysia.
    30 minutes to go..

  • Eric

    Yes it feels faster, and i will add to the list small changes on music, now loads all the cover when in list mode, and the music buttons on lock screen now have a shadow when pressed

    • viipottaja

      Wow, cover art finally working? 🙂 Boy did it drive me crazy on my N900…

  • keef

    just installing now. What I’d really like is for the in-call earpiece to be louder (it limits me using it as a phone because it’s hard to hear the person I’m speaking to), the camera to be better (I also have an n8 so I’m spoiled!) and for my contacts to sync with my parrot in-car Bluetooth system.

    • incognito

      You are aware that the N9 keeps volume settings for each of the speakers (including BT and headphones) separately, right? I was astonished how low was the earpiece volume in the original setup, but it was only set at 40%… While in a call, use the volume up / down keys to adjust the volume, or just drop down the pull-down menu from the top and adjust it there (it will be green color in that setup).

      After setting it to 100% it’s quite loud, at least it is like that on my unicorn N9…

  • NokiaFan

    I am very happy that nokia has released this update. I thought we wouldn’t see it after they made all budget cuts. I just hope we would have skype video call, this would make my N9 perfect for me… achhhhh dreams

  • Edmund

    wonder if it’s been overclocked slightly. since ppl have been talking about higher idle power consumption and snappier performance overall.. :/

  • jajai

    still doesnt support vid call (except gtalk)…

    • John

      Are you surprised by that given the overarching strategic priority?

  • Oliver

    Did anyone in Europe/Germany already get it?

    • Duffeldof

      I have it available here in Finland but I will install it when I get back home in few days.

      • Thomas F

        Denmark to

  • Jorge

    WTF? Why does mine keep getting slower with each PR update??? Does anyone know how to reinstall an update again without need to flash the phone?

    • jajai

      by using nokia software updater

    • Andrew

      Did you try restarting after the update? Mine was really stiff before restart,
      did that twice and behold – the phone just got wings all of sudden.

    • John

      There is an indexing period, and a lot of other shit going on in the background initially.
      The vast majority of comments so far are pointing to slightly improved “fluidness” for the UX.
      Nothing drastic though AFAICT….

  • Danello

    Available also in Romania. It runs really smooth!

  • lordstar!/melsop74

    –> You guys thank that guy on twitter he’s the director of applications for Meego

    Sadly, he tweeted that “After 12 years at #Nokia is time to say goodbye. Last day but I’m going knowing that we created a legendary phone #N9 and we tried hard.”

    He also mentioned that they’re starting a new business

    • Kitto

      Sad to see him leave. His team at Nokia surely created the most beautiful phone ever. I hope he continues to help the N9 community as a hobbyist and give valuable suggestions so that we can continue to enjoy this amazing phone. And I wish him all the best in his new endeavor.

  • jix

    this is a post for the N9 like many many other on the net…this shows popularity of this jewel…its time for plan B nokia…the future is here its meego, symbian and android, not all the closed operating systems out there in the market…

  • luke

    will meego and windows merge?? lol

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  • how much i have to pay to make n9 androaid?

    • John

      What a retarded necro-post.

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