Nokia Lumia 900 Rolling out from Argentina

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In addition to the Nokia Lumia 710 (produced in Brazil) the Nokia Lumia 900 is now being manufactured assembled in Nokia’s own factories in Argentina. This is part of Nokia’s move away from the initial manufacturing produced by Compal (the only way Nokia could get Lumias out quick enough as their own factories were not yet equipped for it).

Source: Celularis

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Cheers Janne and Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • zlutor


    When they announced reductions in Mexico, Finland and Hungary the main reason was moving close to suply chain (~Asia, mainly China). It was explicitly stated that cost of workforce was not a deciding factor.

    How come Argentina into the picture then!? 🙁

    • Janne

      Argentina imposes very heavy import duties on foreign made electronics, as I believe some other South American countries do as well. This is to get around that.

      • Mariano

        That Lumia is made in china, in Argentina they put the battery and the box…. and the stickers sure (made in arg.)

        Its a politic thing

        • Janne

          Actually Lumia 900 is not made in China originally. It is manufactured in Nokia’s Korea factory.

          But you may be right that the Argentinian setup is something smaller scale to comply with the local regulations.

          I think many sites are incorrectly reporting it as a Nokia factory. The setup is different there.

          • Leandro

            Hey guys! I’m from Brazil and I can tell you, in some countries from South America the taxes for imported products are really high, to protect the local industries, here we usually pay 2x the price of eletronics from other countries like USA or EU. And cars are even more expensive: almost 3, 4 times more. Products get government incentive if they are at least 70% manufactored in the country. Here in Brazil, Nokia has a factory in an industrial pole in Manaus, the greatter city in the middle of Amazonia, where many phones are assembled. To get competitive prices, the pieces are produced in many countries, memories from Taiwan, Korea, lens and other stuffs may be from other countries and industries too.

      • Viipottaja

        Brazil is a prime example of that. Electronics (and most other foreign goods) are incredibly expensive there.

        Anecdotally, Nokia was at some point in the top 10/dozen exporters of Brazil. Probably not anymore though. 🙂

        • Janne

          Yeah. In Brazil Nokia actually has a factory of their own.

  • Janne

    This may be slightly inaccurate. Here is how I tipped it:

    “Nokia’s move away from the initial Lumia manufacturing by Compal in China is progressing.

    In addition to making the Lumia 710 in Nokia’s Manaus, Brazil factory and Lumia 900 in Nokia’s brand-new Masan, South Korea factory, the latter is now confirmed to be manufactured in Argentina too.”

    I am not exactly sure what Nokia’s manufacturing setup is in Argentina – I think some news may incorrectly report it a Nokia factory. Definitely it is a response to the tough duties imposed there, and Nokia has been reported as having set up their own manufacturing line there, but they don’t actually list a whole factory in Argentina. So there probably is some partnership in place there for the manufacturing facilities. In Brazil and Korea Nokia has their own smartphone factories, now making Lumias, but the Argentina setup is probably a little different.

    The biggest impact of this Argetina news is that it will see Lumia 900 enter the Argentinian market, one of the places including Arabic countries, many South American and African countries, yet to see the Lumia introduction. Expect the latter half of 2012 fill out those grey holes on the Lumia momentum map as Nokia finally gears up for almost global Lumia availability.

    • Jari

      Lumia line sucks a big time.. Lets see Nokia Q2 reports tomorrow, Q3 will be even worse. And Q4, with M$ WP8, all will be gone.

      • Janne

        Well, at least the sucky line will be globally available this latter half of 2012! 😉

        Global sucktion.

        • Jari

          Gonna suck a big time.. Big masses gonna buy anything related to M$.. It has been seen already, WP8 wont change anything.. Joo tuo Ms liitto ei vain toimi.. Ikävä kyllä Nokialle.. 808 varauksessa, ja valkoisen N9:n ehkä käyn Gigantista Noutamassa. N9 Black 64GB käytösä täällä. Tnx Janne fot your professional comments here on MNB:-)

          • Janne

            Jari, enjoy your unicorn N9 and 808! I’m sure you will. 🙂 Now is definitely the time to pick up those beauties and keep them well. Legendary devices.

            As for the Lumia doom and gloom, Q2 and Q3 will surely be hard. Here’s hoping for a turn-around around Q4.

            • viktor von d.

              the thing is, it was announced months ago that q2,and even q3 results will not be good. but when the official results will come, everybody will react like it’s the first time they are hearing about and start with the same things said in the last 16 months. i can see it already 200 comments on the post about the results from the same 8-10 people,some of them with a couple of accounts, declaring for sure how nokia is going bankrupt, gonna be bought by microsoft,ahem m$, in a giant conspiracy orchestrated by elop

          • Viipottaja

            Big masses ARE buying a lot of things related to MS.

  • More than manufactured, they may be (or surely be) ensembled here in Argentina. It would be great if we had the technology for actually making these awesome devices, but the reality is that we don’t. But well, I guess having ensemble factories is better than having no factories at all!

    The bad thing is that I dont think this would drop the prices, so basically it doesn’t change any aspect for the consumers at all.

    • ED

      In order to be able to have the technology to build the whole phone in Argentina (something I find very unrealistic in this global world), you have to have the assembly plant in the country as first step. Then, you should try to produce the other parts of the phone. However, today almost every memory, battery, lens, every part of cell phones are made in China or Taiwan, shipped to plants in Brazil, Mexico, or in this case Argentina, where the pieces are put together.

  • manu

    so when windowsphone 8 devices comes will the current lumia’s will be pulled out of the market??
    I read an interview of greg sullivan in which he mention they are not planning any mutual wp7 and wp8 will be only wp8.

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