No WP8 hit yet, Lumia sales growing in Q3?

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Another post from Janne. We had a brief look at the earnings call yesterday through Stefan but now the full transcript is available. There’s legitimate fears that with MS’s news on WP8, Lumia sales would crash in Q3. Nokia’s aware of this and will take measures either to maintain or even possible grow Lumia shipments (hopefully not at the expense of giving them away).


We are obviously watching the growth of Lumia sales with high interest, so it was interesting to find a little nugget of information in the full earnings call transcript (thanks to Viipottaja and Zipa for pointing this out).

Q3 is a transitional quarter for Lumia, because Windows Phone 8 was announced in late Q2 and will appear assumedly by Q4. During this time sales of current WP7 devices may be affected, although Nokia will obviously compensate with price-cuts and promotions as well as through the now-wider global and price-range availability of Lumias (especially Lumia 610 and Lumia 900).

Here is what Stephen Elop had to say:

to prepare developers for the new Windows Phone platform, Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8 platform in June. As a result, we anticipate some impact to our Lumia business in Q3, although Lumia activations have been flat to up in the weeks following the announcement of Windows Phone 8. Thus, leading up to the introduction of the Windows Phone 8 products, we plan to introduce tactical measures and promotional campaigns. As we do throughout any product life cycle, we plan to pursue traditional marketing and promotional activities to encourage the adoption of Lumia devices.

Lumia sales have been either holding steady or going up (I assume depending on market) since the Windows Phone 8 announcement. In the month after the WP8 announcement, at least no big drop is yet to happen.

Do check out the full transcript, it is a good read.


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